Sonos Controller Soon Available for Android


Sonos, the multi-room music system, will soon have the Android application users have been clamoring for. Set to demo the app at next week’s MWC, the public will get their taste this March. With the app, you can use your Android smartphone to control your Sonos system from wherever you are with the ability to assign functions to your Android buttons and even use the volume rocker to control your music’s volume. Sonos has also built in voice search functionality.

The Android app has taken so long to craft due to the variety of Android devices available, and still won’t work on every handset. You need Android 2.1 or higher and a screen resolution of HVGA 320 x 480, WVGA 480 x 800 or WVGA 480 x 854. Check out the video below for a quick overview.

[via Sonos]

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  1. Impressive system, just have to check into how much the stereo system costs. This is supposed to have more features than the IOS version, it’s nice to see the pendulum swing to the Android side.

  2. “The Android app has taken so long to craft due to the variety of Android devices available, and still won’t work on every handset”

    I just don’t buy that for this type of app. The only thing this should really be dependent on is the device buttons, and that’s easy handle.

    Their specific screen size requirements wreak of them using AbsoluteLayout, which is getting removed from the API soon.

    Sometimes you just have to admit, “We went too far down this path and didn’t realize X in time.”

  3. Slightly off-topic but I would like to say how extremely happy I’ve been for the last half year with Squeeze Commander, the app that works miracles for Logitech Squeezebox devices. Anybody with a squeezebox should treat himself with the app.

  4. Finaly – Andronos has been out for ages because Sonos took so long to get their ass in gear

  5. @Kevin… agreed. Sounds like they went with some newb Android programmers on this. No reason an app like this written at this point in the game should have these types of delays or limitations. They are going to get torn to shreds by the Galaxy Tab owners.

  6. Andronos is a very nice product, especially after the latest updates. I have both the iOS sonos products on my iPod Touch and iPad and Andronos on my Captivate and think Andronos is much easier to load music more quickly. If the sonos product is not markedly better than their iOS product, I’m sticking with Andronos.

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