HTC Desire HD Now Available through TELUS


After much waiting, the HTC Desire HD has officially become available on TELUS in Canada. The phone is now up for purchase via their website for prices ranging from $149.99 on a three-year contract to $499.99 off-contract. The 4.3-inch heavy-weight with Snapdragon processor is sure to please many Canadian Android users looking for an EVO-like experience.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. Quick question, if i unlocked this, would it get Tmobile 3g in the US? Im deciding on either getting this or the inspire and unlocking it. Wish tmobile would step it up and get something with a 4.3 inch screen with htc sense. (im a huge fan of the evo) Something like that would be great.

  2. @Clint, nope all three of the major Canadian carriers (Telus, Bell, Rogers) use the same 3G frequencies as AT&T. So it’d be EDGE-only on T-Mobile.

  3. Sad face.

  4. & still T-Mobile is without one.

  5. whats with the bing adds? thats like going to the apple website and seeing banner for windows or xbox

  6. i think this phone is great.i,m looking forward to have this phone soon

  7. that’s cool

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