[Update] Did a WiFi-Only Motorola XOOM Just Hit the FCC?


What’s this, Motorola? A wireless tablet with embedded WLAN that only has bluetooth and WiFi radios inside? What other tablet do you have beside the XOOM? Following the news that Verizon may be forcing folks into a one month data contract to unlock the XOOM’s WiFi functionality – which hasn’t been confirmed or denied at this point – the FCC gives us hope that you’ll be able to grab a WiFi-only model soon enough. Keep your fingers crossed that it comes out around the same time as Verizon’s version. [via Wireless Goodness, Thanks Melantus!]

[Update]: Looks like the filing has since been changed: it’s no longer a “wireless tablet with embedded WLAN” as originally described in the FCC documents. Instead, it’s a “Hand Held Device”. We’ll hang on to our WiFi-only XOOM suspicion regardless.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Holla!

  2. I hope it has GPS too.

  3. Good, now I can sell my nook color

  4. I hope it cleans my house

  5. is there hope that a reasonable priced Xoom might come out?

  6. Please let this be true!

  7. For $800, it better wipe my ass too!!

  8. I’d rather run through my sliding glass door at full speed naked and then hang myself upside down than spend $800 on a tablet.

  9. Hmm.. It seems they’ve changed the Product Type to Hand held device.

  10. Hell yeah this is the best news I’ve heard all day and its a smart move by Motorola. Even if it cost a lot as long as its not tied to shadey Verizon then they can have my money. ^_^

  11. I’m interested if $500. No way for $800.

  12. Dont be getting my hopes up.

  13. Wow… after HP’s TouchPad announcement today just about had me switched, I may have a glimmer of hope for the XOOM afterall…

  14. Excellent news!!

  15. I’ll go ahead and predict that it will be sold at $700, and still exclusive to VZW.

  16. I doubt that gunner I think this will be the 599 tablet, and for those that want 3G/4G will pay 799

  17. XOOM, here I come. I am about to setup a SmartyPig goal for my birthday!

  18. Though this is good to hear though I still find it interesting how viewsonic pulled off the wifi only g tablet for $380. I know the zoom has better specs but not enough to justify even a $300 price difference.

  19. If this is the zoom for around 500. Im good money.

  20. If this is true and it sells for around $600, then I’m definitely getting this bad boy shipped to the great North

  21. 600 is still steep but anything higher is nuts

  22. I would hope so, but I have a feeling that Moto/VZW isn’t seeing the light when it comes to pricing. And I do believe it will remain exclusive to VZW, initially. They’ve got to bring it down to the $500 range to be competitive. Your avg Joe w/ is going to just go ahead and buy the Wifi iPad/iPad2 for $500.

  23. Until the carriers allow us to share unlimited data between our phone and tablet, wifi only is the only option I’m interested in.

  24. Why would anyone think that a WiFi only would be that much cheaper? Wishful thinking. A little cheaper maybe, but never $300 cheaper.

  25. The Wifi only IPad is $130 cheaper than the 3G version so we should expect about the same. Bringing the Wifi Xoom in at about $670.

  26. If android wants to hit the tablet market hard they need to come with a better price then $800. To really take some market share away from apple is going to take a killer price point.

  27. For $800,am not touching it with a barge pole.What do they take us for,a money making machine?

  28. It’s significantly better hardware than the IPad so it will cost more. I understand the Xoom will have 32gb of memory, the 32gb IPad with 3g goes for $729, not much off the Xoom and there is other hardware to consider like the dual core processor.

  29. Let’s just wait until it is confirmed and the price meets the 400-500 range.

    Don’t forget quad cores are coming at the end of this year. Tegra 3!

  30. @Tim, perhaps for the next month or so…but certainly the iPad 2 will have comparable specs when it launches in April. And knowing Apple the price points will remain the same. So unless Motorola plans on slashing the Xoom shortly after launch I just don’t see it being a huge success. It looks great, and I want one…but not for $800 or even $700. Give me a wifi only version for $599 and I’m in!

  31. Awesome looking device and I want one, but way too expensive if it is indeed priced at $800.

    You have to give it to Jobs and Apple with the pricing/marketing of the iPad… they start at $499.

    Yes, tech spec’s on Xoom blow the current iPad out of the water, but your average consumer is not going to pay that close of attention to those details; they will just think to themselves “Do I want to spend $499 [on a very popular and proven] iPad, or $800 on a new Xoom?”

    Come on Motorola; in addition to the compelling hardware/software, give us a compelling price point.

  32. Hey guys, I put this in the forums as well, but:

    Name your price here, an average of the submissions will be published on the site on release!

  33. Hopfully pricepoint is right…

  34. Where the heck is Verizon.When are they going to release the Zoom Tablet. Verizon had not told us when they are going to release it.

  35. I won’t be able to do squat until I return home from overseas in August. But the bottom line is this:

    whether or not the Xoom comes with a wifi only version will determine whether I buy a Xoom or an iPad 2 (which, my guess is one will come out before August).

    End of story.

  36. Okay, while these Motorola products get me SUPER EXCITED, I simply cannot allow myself to buy them. I read this article that claims Motorola supports illegal activities and war crimes and I dont want to support a company that supports that kind of thing.

    You can check out the video here:

  37. @Tristan, go away troll. Do you honestly think that even *you* are free from corruption? Hypocrite.


  38. 600 bucks will be a reasonable price for it.

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