Gartner: Android Goes From Dead Last to Second Biggest OS in the World


More number crunching for you today. In a year-over-year report that doesn’t surprise us, Gartner reveals Android’s market share in all of 2010. How’d they do? They ranked second, with Symbian still holding the lead by a good margin.

They had 22.7% of the market share in 2010, with Symbian owning 37.6%. In 2009, Android was dead last – they owned 3.9%. (Not counting the dreaded “other” category here.)

The trend has been RIM, Symbian and Microsoft steadily declining, iOS remaining stagnant, and Android growing beyond building 44’s wildest dreams. Gartner expects Android to be the number one operating system in the world by 2014. They accurately predicted that Android would be second before 2011 back in September.  [CNET]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Android FTW….again.

  2. Why have a company column when only 2 are listed by company names and the rest by os names? And does microsoft just cover both os’es?

    But anyway seem like it’s going one way for android currently :) im looking forward to seeing, what ms and nokia(hopefully) can do together. There is no doubt they both need to do something.

  3. 2014 seems like they are being conservative. End year 2012 send to me like when its going to happen. By then the fragmentation should be done with.

  4. Second biggest mobile OS. Windows is still #1

  5. ^^ thats nokia’s os.
    just fyi.

  6. @Sonelone we all know I meant in the context of the smartphone world.

  7. Wow…worldwide numbers…
    And to all the Android haters saying the iPhone on Verizon spells doom for Android…
    From what I hear, the iPhone is on more than 2 carriers around the world…
    Time for some of the haters to give credit where credit is due…

  8. Android!! Whoop there it is!

  9. THE WORLD is choosing android. Once again Open>close …. Jobs fails to take over the world and the world has spoken…. Give me options.

  10. jroc hit on the nose!

  11. Android is number 1 today already, they sold more than symbian worldwide in 4Q2010 which means Android has overtaken symbian for good. How can Gartner not understand this?

  12. Gartner’s reports are 80% accurate.

  13. …and it all started with a geeky little G1 on t-mobile.

  14. Even if iOS is behind Android, Apple is probably making a lot more money with their smartphones than any single manufacturer with their Androids. I mean, which single high-end phone sells as much as iPhone? I don’t think iOS can ever be #1 unless they start offering options – some people want cheaper phones, some want phones with physical keyboard etc., but still they are doing very well.

    Even still, way to go Android! I’m sure it’ll be #1 in no time.

  15. Android is bigger than the chart say. Many handsets in Asia including China and Korea have android but not official one because they not license from Google. Android taking over world and frreing up the world from US domination of the tech industry. I only buy Android so I get my cheaper but better hardware to crApple and BB. I can root and get free games/apps and install whatever I want on my phones. In 2 year times Android will be replaced with new OS but based on Android which will free all non-US companies from patnet and data sniffing control. Go Android forever!

  16. @qwer
    U are exactly right, I wish like hell I had stock in Apple…LOL!!

  17. ^ ‘making more money’ is my all time fav senseless argument around the web). more, so what?
    it’s a very wrong belief that all people want Apple’s phone and like its design.
    In a globalising world a lot of people just want a ‘global phone’, phone about which almost everyone knows. While you can hate glass and metal bands and industrial design, you will love to have a gadget which you don’t need to describe. Globally recognizable gadgets- is the key of Apple’s success.
    I love HTC smartphones, for example. Almost everyone knows HTC now.

  18. I see Android as the future right now. It’s not for everyone agreed. I push my less techie family and friends to iOS, the rest I push to Android as I know they’re capable of operating it without calling me at 1am looking for help ;) Loving Android right now

  19. I’ve seen plenty of Chinese devices that *look* like they’re running Android, but on closer inspection are just running a normal junky Chinaphone OS with an Android theme (they pull this with iPhone clones and other devices as well). I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the more expensive options in China, and most phones in Korea (Samsung sells Android phones), are actually running Android though.

  20. That being aimed at 15…

  21. Wow… MS seems to be the only one to actually have LOST sales (and halved market share).

    To set it straight: Apple is far from stagnant, they doubled their sales 2009 -> 2010. Market-share wise, they increased 1.3 percentage points. Nokia also increased sales quite a bit, but not as much as others, and lost market share significantly.

    Of course, all of this pales in comparison… Android increased sales 10-fold, and market share about 6-fold.

  22. It’s always bad to be locked into anything but people will have to learn the hard way.
    Think about all those developers who picked directx over openGL. It made sense at the time; everyone uses windows so why not take the easy route? Now they are completely out of this new smartphone/tablet market where MS isn’t even a player. And all those iPhone-only developers are making the same mistake.

  23. Symbian is on the way out. I can not imagine anyone purchasing a dying OS like it unless they simply want a phone and it happens to have Symbian on it. Nokia bet everything on it and failed. Now they only own the low end.

  24. Symbian doesn’t count.

  25. poor ole M$ lost market share instead of gain even with new OS….bye bye M$

  26. no offence 2 nokia but they really need 2 make better phones if they want 2 stay in the lead i mean seriosly the n8’s screen?

  27. “iOS remaining stagnant.” Try as much as they do, they really aren’t going anywhere, their glory days are over as more high end phones are being released. They still make tons of money at the expense of the loyal followers though, which is probably the only thing they really care about. Mindshare is indeed a difficult thing to change but Android is achieving it as Google repeatedly steps up its game.

  28. why isn’t nokia smart enough to see whats going on. Pick ANDROID instead of the dead microsoft windows os.

  29. This is my prediction:

    2011 2012

    Symbian 5 0
    Android 38 45
    RIM 15 12
    Apple 20 24
    Microsoft 15 9
    Other 6 10

  30. @sonealone no, you still sound like an idiot. Microsoft is clearly labeled. Man I bet you wish you could erase you insolence but alas you’re an idiot. Also Symbian will be around for awhile. Americans have a notorious narrow minded view of how the world works. In phones,music, pretty much anything.

  31. RIM will be taking them all soon… Just wait! They were the first ultimate smartphone and they will return, when everyone is tired of playing with the others…

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