T-Mobile Providing Incentives to CLIQ XT Owners After Android 2.1 Update Axed


Here is something interesting: T-Mobile is providing a special offer through their Customer Loyalty reps in order to prevent the loss of subscribers ticked off by Motorola’s abandoning of Android 2.1 for the CLIQ XT. The leaked document obtained by TMoNews calls the offer confidential and doesn’t provide any details on what it might be.

Our best guess is an early or discounted upgrade to an Android 2.1 device, but it really could be just about anything. If you are a CLIQ XT owner and get in touch with one of these Customer Loyalty reps, let us know what the deal (both literally and figuratively) is.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. I wished I had that phone just to call up and find out what it is myself. So curious!

  2. I really like t-mo. I think their relationship with motorola will be a costly one for them, with moto abandoning the XT and now the charm.

  3. Tmo is already giving away all smartphones for FREE Feb 11 – 12, might as well extend the offer to Cliq XT owners, resign them on a new 2-yr contract. HA!

  4. This should be a warning for everyone interested in the Cliq 2, don’t buy it.

    I purchased the Cliq last spring, but then got T-mobile to switch me to the Mytouch Slide after filing a BBB complaint.

  5. Maybe the phone can’t handle it. I had the mt3g and the 2.2 update bricked the phone. I now only buy a phone for what it comes with, not “expecting” a future update. I went with the motorola defy. Great phone! Has 2.1 which is all I need, water resistent, scratch resistent and rugged.

  6. Nice customer service move by T Mo.

  7. I agree with srlnclt somewhat..
    If it adds some nice features, like going from 2.1 to 2.2 to get Flash …then I want that update.
    Its a fine line about just being happy with what you have and wanting whats available to you.

  8. And I guess, once again us Behold II owners can go Eff ourselves.

  9. I just got off phone with customer retention and got nothing. Was told they would only send me a new xt. And only if one I have is defective

  10. I called customer service and they said they would discount a newer phone. I asked about the mt4g and they said they could give me $200 off, which still puts it around $260ish which is $160 more than you could get one for if you were just starting with them. I have been with t-mobile for 8 years and maybe they adjust their generosity more for longer standing accounts

  11. [quote=”Paul”]I just got off phone with customer retention and got nothing. Was told they would only send me a new xt. And only if one I have is defective[/quote]

    It is,1.5, motobleugh and moto. Any one of those means it’s shit.

  12. I’ve posted a Cause on Facebook on this issue. If you’re affected, please join. Motorola users are not the only one affected by the lack of updates on devices with bloatware and manufacturer UIs.


    Please sign up. The more visibility, the less Motorola can hide.

  13. I know I whine a lot on this forum, but coming from an early Moto orig Droid user I loved that phone, heck the samsung Intercept was also nice compared to my Evo which is irritant du jour. And yet the Evo is a nice phone. But the issue is the inconsistency in updating the IOS’s for Android. I feel is is terrible to shut out users who have paid in excess of $300.00 for their handset to be told sorry Charlie no (insert silly food name here) update for you. Then we get lovely gems we did not ask for, such as SMS bugs, and SD vulnerabilities. I am happy Android took off so well.but they are doing some seriously stupid moves on these upgrades on the phones and with all these bugs and nasties that are cropping up. Please Android fix them…. I do not want to have to change carriers or phones again over this… I seriously do not want to go back to Blackberry being all work and no play.

  14. Maybe I’m just ignorant but the heck is an IOS on android?

  15. @Weedalfo
    ROFLMAO!!! I just busted out laughing in the middle of my office cubical. It’s so quiet in my office and then all of a sudden I bust out laughing out of nowhere….LOL.

  16. I just rooted my Cliq XT and installed the new ROM Android 2.1, it works way better than the phone ever did and so much more.

  17. I also rooted the XT and installed a 2.1 ROM. It is great! The phone is extremely responsive. It is well worth the effort (and it is not that hard.)

  18. I feel for you Cliq xt owners, but you are part at fault also. With fragmentation being an android problem and with so many models of android phones flooding the market, you must do your homework prior to buying a phone. Moto is slow showing the android update love to non high end phones. What does that mean u ask? If it doesnt say Drooooooooid moto leaves you behind!!!! If they took off all that motoblursh*t u might can get an update!!!

  19. Phone Model*

    BACKFLIP MB300 Upgrade to Android 2.1 now available here.

    CHARM MB502
    Will remain on Android 2.1

    CLIQ MB200 Upgrade to Android 2.1 now available here.

    CLIQ XT MB501 (T-Mobile) Will remain on Android 1.5. For info, click here.

    CLIQ XT MB501 (Wal-Mart)
    Will remain on Android 1.5

    DEVOUR A555
    Will remain on Android 1.6

    DROID A855 Upgrade to Android 2.2 is complete**

    DROID X MB810 Upgrade to Android 2.2 available (Menu > Settings > About phone > System updates)

    Will remain on Android 2.1

    Will remain on Android 1.5

    Will remain on Android 2.1

    Will remain on Android 2.1

  20. We got a mytouch 4g for the published price. Tmobile was awesome and ready to work with us! It was great. They did not want to lose us at all!

  21. I don’t know what they had you pay but what they told me was the kicker offer was a free bluetooth, um that doesn’t help my phone situation. What they said they could do is an early upgrade to a mytouch 4g for 268.99, to me that sucks because I payed for this phone not even 6 months ago and they have made it crap by no update.

  22. I know a lot of people are unwilling to root, but if the carrier is screwing you over update-wise, there’s not much you can do except root or settle for what you’ve got. Of course, I have a T-Mo G1 and they’re easily the most lax about rooting out of all the carriers. In any case, if you really feel your carrier has screwed you, I’d say root and try a custom ROM. Even if you have basically no technical knowledge, there’s a tutorial out there that can help you. Or a one-click root app, of course. That’s just my two cents.

  23. This was just a publicity stunt by T-Mobile… they’re actually not doing a single thing to fix this situation. In fact, they’re telling customers to just buy another phone. In other words, “so what if we misled you and falsely advertised the phone to you, but just buy another phone so that we can reap the profits off your loss”

  24. This is BS. They are offering a replacement at the full cost. No discount for the pain this has caused. I am paying $30 per month for a data plan that is only being used for 90MB. This is because email no longer works!!! Motorola SUCKS!!!!
    And T-Mobile is not helping at all.

  25. Where do I find the ROM update?

  26. How did you do this? What web page exactly did you use for both, rooting and then rom 2.1. I tried and it didn’t work :( Thanks

  27. How did you do this? What web page exactly did you use for both, rooting and then rom 2.1. I tried and it didn’t work :( Thanks

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