American Airlines Android App Ready for Takeoff


Attention frequent flyers, travelers of the skies, you now have another option for tracking and viewing flight information…if you are flying American Airlines, that is. Their Android app is now in the Market bringing some nifty features that make traveling a bit more convenient. Not only can you check your gate, seat, and flight status information, but you can also store a Mobile Boarding Pass for easy access. No more forgetting that important piece of paperwork.

Other cool functions include the ability to monitor your place in standby and upgrade waits and set a parking reminder so you don’t lose your car. As a bonus, the app includes a full-fledged Sudoku game to kill time while you wait for your flight. We’ve seen quite a few first-party airline apps, but none that has gone quite as all out. We don’t fly AA very often, but if you do you’ll want to check this out.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Link to Market please. Thanks.

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  4. Have you heard? Spread the word….AppTank

  5. American has been dropped by a few of the online booking sites like expedia and Orbitz over fee disputes.. Probably my fault, when I’m bored I will do searches for pricing on tickets to various places.. evidently the airlines get charged for the searches, even if no tickets are purchased.. Looks like a nice app.

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