T-Mobile’s LG G-Slate Finally Gets Played With on Video


It feels like we’ve been waiting forever to see this thing in action. Ever since it was unveiled at CES, LG and T-Mobile have been a bit stingy in even showing this thing off on video, for whatever reason. No worries, though, because Netbook News has it in their possession and have created a quick video overview of the device.

It isn’t the deep-tissue massage we’d like to see at this point, but flashes of its 3D features and Honeycomb being used on the device are all present. The version they’re touting looks a bit unfinished – the delayed and choppy zoom in Google Maps tips me off to as much – but we’ll take what we can get. Video’s above. [via IntoMobile]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The narrators voice sucked

  2. Cool. Hope its less than $800

  3. The Maps was on the browser maps, not the maps application btw.

  4. Ah OK I hadn’t realized that. Let’s hope this thing is as snappy as the XOOM.

  5. No worries. I noticed it after watching it a second time. Personally, I want whichever comes out with a wifi only model. They are almost identical spec wise

  6. So will this be 800 dollars too…? Give me samsung galaxy tab specs and honeycomb at a reasonable price (400-500) and i’ll be 1st in line.

  7. So…does it come with a snazzy metal LG stand too?

  8. I wish it were 10.1″ like the XOOM… 8.9″ is just a TAD too small for me. However, if it is offered in wifi-only and cheaper than the XOOM then it might be just the ticket.

  9. it has 3d capabilities yeah there going to overprice this no doubt. Look at all 3d tv’s or anything 3d for that matter its all over priced

  10. Looks pretty good. Hopefully they don’t do something stupid to ruin it, like pricing it at $800.

  11. Wi-Fi only version that’s under $500 or no go.

  12. Cool. It has something in common with Paris Hilton.

  13. That was an awful video LG.

    The browser map demo was jerky and looked unstable. Then they show a video demo, and the video freezes – which the consumer can only assume is either a buffering or playback issue, neither of which is something you put on a demo video until the bug is resolved.

    On top of this is the poor camera work. Why can’t LG afford a decent video crew to do this work? The panning was jerky, the focus was inaccurate, the set dressing was non-existent and the LG stand prop didn’t seem to hold the tablet in place properly and it wasn’t even attractive.

    B grade video, made by an international company for a flagship product.


  14. The narration was in complete opposition the music on the sound track. . . just bad!

    Tablet looks cool though :D

  15. @mobuksh
    Lg didnt make the video…

  16. @mobuksh
    You must live a negative, sad, deprived, dark, life..

  17. I am disappoint. I Am Disappoint! I AM DISAPPOINT!!!!!!

  18. Im down for this sign me up.

  19. I’m sure it will work just fine. That 3D camera didn’t really look all that well. I want to see it in person.

  20. They showed anaglyph 3D? Seriously? I thought 3D was done with the paper red/cyan glasses? Is Goldstar trying to make them popular again or something?

  21. @mobuksh
    WORD! That’s exactly what I said about the same vid here:
    Your words sum it up perfectly. Very unprofessional. Embarassing, actually. I’m only hoping that it wasn’t an official LG video, but some overzealous preview from a blogger or something…

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