Samsung Forte for MetroPCS Passes through the FCC


According to a recent FCC filing, it won’t be long until MetroPCS users will be treated to their very own 4G LTE device. The Samsung Forte (otherwise known as the SCH-R910) has been spotted hanging around the FCC, leaving the standard paper trail. The phone is more or less a Galaxy S-style high-end Android featuring a 1GHz processor, WVGA display, and 5MP camera. Oh, there is a slide-out keyboard as well.

Rumors say February 11th could be the lucky date, but we must wonder if that will stick. Unless MetroPCS plans to roll this out with much fanfare, the Forte would need an announcement very soon. Still, this month is looking as good as any for a launch.

[via PhoneArena]

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  1. the phone is already in the MetroPcs website but it has not pic and also the spects on the page on MetroPcs are not the same ones as we have read here, why???

  2. @ diva The phone that’s available on the metro pcs network is the samsung indulge(sch r910) it came out yesterday in stores yesterday. I was able to play around with a display they had and this phone doesn’t have the same specs as the forte. The indulge(sch r910) is 3.5 inches has a slideout keyboard. The rep told me that the indulge and forte is the same phone. I think this phone is the same as the craft if you ask me. They look the same they do they same thing which is a bad move for metro I would have liked to seen the samsung galaxy i9000. I will stick with my blackberry

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