What’s This? AT&T Showing Froyo on the Captivate Right Under Our Noses


Adding insult to injury, if you head over to AT&T’s support page for the Samsung Captivate and look at the how-to for finding your OS and firmware versions you might notice that the phone they are using as an example features Android 2.2. I’m not going to beat a dead horse explaining how notorious Samsung has become in the Android world for failing to deliver updates in the manner and timeliness promised, but this has to be some kind of cruel joke. Either that or some shining beacon of hope in a torrid sea of lies and letdowns.

Dramatics aside, maybe it is a good sign. Somewhere in the depths of AT&T there is a Captivate running Android 2.2 Froyo. Or AT&T ganked the images straight from Samsung. Who can really say? We’ll label it an oddity for now.

[via BGR]

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  1. Oh messed up

  2. As long as we do not get the update it is useless…

  3. Oh, just. so. cruel.

  4. These screenshots have been posted since the fall.

  5. Maybe they’re rooted and running a custom ron too LOL.

  6. holy cow, first?

    If they’re stolen from samsung, it’s at least still a captivate, because the version numbers are all correct. Hopefully this is a good sign.

  7. @Jeff

    If that were true you think they’d be on 2.2.1 by now! AT&T sucks! Good thing we have great devs at XDA, otherwise I’d have to change the name to the Craptivate and sell on Ebay for $500 clams.

  8. That JK1 firmware is an old firmware! And I think its not an ATT firmware either, I think its TMo.

    We’ve played with the Vibrant JK1, JK3, JK4 ROMS and modems over at XDA for a while now…

    I call Shenanigans on AT&T! I don’t think FroYo is coming, especially in JK1 flavor!

  9. That’s what I get for speaking before my brain processes information… obviously, the model number is a Cappy, i897… Just goes to show how far behind the times ATT is!

  10. Maybe it is a hacked one…..just like the rest of us that use froyo on samsung captivate! I personally use cognition 3.04 and not sure I will upgrade to AT&T’s version when it comes out as mine works…..

  11. I gave up on my Samsung Captivate a long time ago. The hardware was good and 2.1 was good too, but the fact that a good portion of the Android community is moving to 2.2 and later, meant that it was quickly feeling old and outdated. It’s not good for a customer to feel like they got something that was great and new (which it was at the time) only to see that what they spent their own money on was being left behind.

    And yes, you guys can point me to xda-developers and tell me to root the phone all you want, but the bottom line is that not all people will care to or even know how to do that stuff. It should be up to the manufacturer to support the phone anyway, not the consumer.

    Samsung, I’m never buying another Android phone from you unless you can prove through at least 2-3 generations of Android phones that you can keep them up to date in a timely manner. If an independent group of developers can do it, so can an international corporation.

    Heck, I thought the new Samsung Android phone coming out soon on AT&T looked good, even good enough that I’d want to buy it, but then I found myself hesitant because I was unsure if it’d be supported. If I do get an Android phone on AT&T again soon, it will be the Motorola Atrix or whatever HTC comes out with next after the HTC Inspire.

    Even if it is AT&T’s fault for the delays, at the very least BE MORE TRANSPARENT about the progress of the update.

  12. Upgraded to froyo from Cognition recently. Was a breeze and phone is more fun to use now.

  13. It’s ok as on their support site. I just hope they don’t update my captivate to 2.2 (yes, I have resorted to reverse psychology)

  14. LOL @Greg!

  15. I’ve tried a lot of roms on XDA, and still, there are quarks with each one. I’m currently on the JH7 update 2.1 Eclair version, and I’ll stick with that until the official update comes out, if it does.

  16. Samsung says no to froyo for cappy on twitter

  17. i call shenanigans. jk1 is for the samsung wave, not the captivate

  18. Samsung will skip 2.2 and move to 2.3. Now stop your crying!

  19. Im running 2.2.1 on my att captivate.

  20. Sorry peeps. Been running 2.2 for over a month. Base-I897ucji6 build-froyo.ucji6
    guess Texas gets the hookup

  21. Hey guys… Just wanted to say that it’s funny that Sammy has came out with several different models of phone since the galaxy S i.e Tab, nexus one, etc. That all has the basically the same hardware HOWEVER they have Andy 2.2 and we for some reason Sammy states that they have to do this crazy regression testing for their Galaxy S models!!!!!!!!!!

  22. When you combine Samsung and AT&T you get absolutely no chance of this thing being updated any time soon although stranger things have happened. Actually no, that would be the strangest thing that could possibly happen.

  23. This is just a plot to defer any responsibilty for support. “What your not running Froyo, well then we can not support you, please upgrade your phone to the latest version of Android and call back” then after the call back “What your running froyo? You must have rooted your phone and used an unofficial version. We can not support your phone and your warranty is now void.”

  24. Love the use of “ganked”. Well done, sir!

  25. @ Hulk smash…you don’t really believe that, do you?

  26. AT&T: Rethink Pessimism

  27. Guess they finally noticed this. The picture now shows “2.1-update1”

  28. It’s obviously fake because 2.2 settings menu has colored icons

  29. i just got off the phone with them for an hr.. my fiance’s experia still has 1.6 on it! and she just bought it, still no update from at&t… my captivate is a great device, i wish it had the firmware to utize it… att sucks

  30. What a rip. Wish I had done more research before I got the Captivate. Didn’t realize I couldn’t run Flash….lame. They need to fix this thing or eventually there’s gonna be an angry mob at at & t. I got this cuz I had a friend who recommended it..he has the tmobile Vibrant. Didn’t know they weren’t exactly the same. Found out his does more cuz tmobile updated…crueeeel indeed.

  31. Dam you samsung

  32. Dam you samsung

  33. Running serendipity 5.7 and even if att upgrades it won’t be better then the ROMS of great developer online…

  34. Running serendipity 5.7 and even if att upgrades it won’t be better then the ROMS of great developer online…

  35. I recently talked to AT&T and they said that they may begin the releasing early summer meaning in June of 2011

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