Huawei S7 Slim Tablet Joins IDEOS X3 in Pre-MWC Images


Earlier today we got a look at the new Huawei IDEOS X3, but don’t think their recently outed Android tablet didn’t want in on the action too. From the same official Flickr account that outed the X3 images comes a new look at the Huawei S7 Slim. Based on the picture and the 7 in the name we are guessing this thing will get a 7-inch screen, but other than that little is known. It might be a stretch to hope to see Honeycomb on the tablet from a manufacturer known for their low-budget wares, but Android 3.0’s GTalk video chat would sure go nice with the front-facing camera seen in the image. I’m sure we’ll find out plenty more next week.

[via BGR]

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  1. I really like the slim top and bottom edges. I’m hoping it this doesn’t have propriety connectors like the Galaxy or Dell. Might be my next tablet after my Archos 70.

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