LG Optimus 2X Bug Spotted, Killed


I’m still putting the final touches on my LG Optimus 2X Review which will be published later today, but I’ve got a story to hold you over that just couldn’t wait. I single-handedly spotted an LG Optimus 2X Bug… and killed it.

While fireman get credit for saving families from burning buildings and policeman are praised for putting dangerous criminals behind bars, why haven’t smartphone reviewers been properly commended for their service to the world’s citizens? The heroic feats of gadget geeks have gone unnoticed too long. I singlehandedly destroyed a bug that was plaguing my Optimus 2X, and now I demand tribute.

I’m kidding, of course. It was just a stink bug and I’m not a hero. I will accept tribute, though. And there is one important truth to this article: I will post my Optimus 2X review later today.

Stay tuned!

Rob Jackson
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  1. the Atrix 4G review is what i’m waiting to hear =)
    it’s just a notch above the Optimus 2X. also wondering how LG will treat the updates to the device. Motorola is typically on top of it

  2. lol.. that bug..

  3. Lmao.

  4. the Optimus 2X to me is like a touchwiz copy and that’s not a good thing, also froyo- come on man! Gingerbread is out already

  5. LOL ;) put a 6/10 at the LG ;) lol like iEngagjet ()0()

  6. lmao poor buggie

  7. still waiting to see if the 2X is coming to TMo US…

  8. hahaha

    @nico They have so many non-iFanboy mobile editors, and they gave it to an iFanboy reviewer. So stupid of them. I like how they said dual core has no boon, even tough it has shown to load webpages faster. But nobody does that on their phone


  9. Cool at least this TouchWiz phone has 2.2 already. :P

  10. Pretty nasty one, too. Shame on LG ;)

  11. Man that’s a stinkbug…Ahhh.. I know these little pest …I had a back yard shed invaded by them. They are a hard pest to get rid of..It’s winter time here NYC and once they get in your house…It is very hard to get them out…Unless there is a app for that too!

  12. @danboy really? I don’t think Milestone owners would agree on this one, still stucked to Eclair… I doubt my brother will buy an EU edition of the Xoom…

  13. hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha no bug in the Optimus 2X but in the wall yes

  14. @nico, @Eric
    Yea Engadget reviewed it, gave it a 6/10 and didnt get into the gesture features. Thats a nice lil feature from what I’ve seen. I feel the cursor gesture while typing needs tweaking, but overall I like it.
    Even tho the UI looks like a cross between Sense and Touchwiz, I like it.
    I advised folks on Engadget to check out Anandtech’s review. he seemed to like it a lil more. And Anandtech gets into the meat n potatoes for some of us spec fiends…lol

  15. Anandtech also did an EXTREMELY thorough review. However, I agree with @danboy specs-wise the atrix (without the lapdock) is a better phone. Better battery, more ram, more system memory, and a faster baseband. That lapdock is stupid expensive though and it almost turns me off of even buying the phone.

    My last area of concern on the atrix is the locked bootloader. I am waiting for the atrix review and maybe a few weeks to see the xda-developers response to the bootloader.

  16. Could someone kindly direct me to a list of the Atrix 4G specifications?

  17. I agree, the Atrix is the phone most are comparing other phones to right now spec wise.
    If the 2X can be used on AT&T too I would have to do some thinking…the UI is a plus vs. the Atrix IMO. I’ve seen clips of it with a T Mo sim card and someone in another review used an AT&T sim card..

  18. Or they said it connected to AT&T network, I assume you need an AT&T sim card to do that.

  19. @Patrick, Google is your friend. Quick dirty rundown of Atrix specs: Tegra2 dual-core processor, 1Gig of RAM (that’s right a full gig RAM), a 1900mA/h battery (as opposed to the 1500 most phones today have), a fancy high pixel-density screen tech I can’t remember the name of (likely with Gorilla Glass, too), and I can’t remember how much internal memory.

  20. lg nova / super amoled > high density screens all day long

  21. It seems everyone is all about the atrix but everyone should watch out for the samsung galaxy S2.

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