HTC Teases Big Announcement for Mobile World Congress While Another Mystery Device Appears


We knew HTC would be making an appearance at Mobile World Congress – they tend to launch their most exciting products at European trade events – but we don’t know what exactly yet. There’s the Incredible HD that has yet to be announced but finally broke cover a couple of weeks ago.

There’s also a phone we believe to be the HTC Desire 2. And don’t forget the HTC Flyer – a tablet device – and a high-powered dual-core HTC Pyramid that’s supposed to be headed for T-Mobile. Then there’s this mystery device that Engadget uncovered that could be the Wildfire 2, from its looks. HTC has a lot to show in the coming months, and if we only get half of what we believe they have in store, we’ll be more than satisfied.

HTC asked folks to check the Welcome tab out on their Facebook page today, and upon clicking it, you’re met with a timer. (As of the time of this writing, there are 6 days and 10 hours until it expires. That lands on February 14th – the day Mobile World Congress kicks off.

The timer also ticks down to the same launch date we expected for the HTC Thunderbolt for Verizon, but rumor has it that’s been delayed a week or two. (And it doesn’t help that a teaser for the device that was uploaded to YouTube yesterday has since been removed.)

We’ll be in Spain to check out the latest in mobile and we expect HTC to excite consumers just as much as any manufacturer could. [HTC Facebook, Thanks Dogan!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Wildfire 2?

  2. It looks so cute and tiny!!!

    This could definitely be a wildfire 2, with specs of a last Gen high end phone

  3. something dual-core for sprint PLEASE

  4. Is that possibly a split in the phone? It looks like a silver merge…there was a rumor about a new redesigned merge…if has physical kb it is proportional to merge with 3.8″ display, big capactive buttons closer to bottom and no track pad like G2/Vision, and merge passed through fcc on the 4th or 5th with a new model #….i think i like original design better if thats what this is…but its still dope…unless it has no kb

  5. Keith: Second that!

  6. I thought that the thunderbolt was the droid incredible hd? If not i am definitely waiting for it.

  7. I tipped y’all about that damn phone in this morning, wayyy before htc posted that video on YouTube and Engadget found it. You suck phandroid

  8. @Paris we tried to get back in contact with you for more information. Is the email you used in the tip box valid?

  9. Pyramid WILL be my next phone, cannot wait!! – D go Magenta!! – D in the meantime loving my MT4G still.

  10. Yeah, I fully expect the Pyramid to be my next phone, too. If it has all the rumored specs, a really good screen (something close to Super AMOLED please), then they have my money.

  11. 90% or more of what is unleashed at MWC is for the european market. E.G HTC Desire announced there, 2 or 3 months later on sale in the UK and mainland Europe.
    And Sprint just isn’t one of them lucky European Networks

  12. i just pooped a droid

  13. Time has come to announce the HTC EVO 2 4G Sprint has been very quiet….THEY BETTER START TO STEP THERE GAME UP THESE NEXT 45DAYS BEFORE CTIA….

  14. I hope it’s a Sprint phone :/.

  15. I hope it’s a Sprint phone :/.

  16. It’s got to be the announcement of Nokia and WP7 getting together.

  17. Sorry for the slander quentynn… I never tipped a website before so I didn’t even think about checking my email, I just thought with what I told you, you guys would YouTube it, see it, and run a story. My deepest apologies man

  18. i sure hope sprint gets something dual core

  19. Please be a dual core for AT&T (and no, ones by Motorola with an encrypted bootloader do not count).

  20. Sprint dropped the ball at CES and their REALLY BIG announcement on Feb 6 (a dual screen phone, so what?) fell flat. Don’t expect anything exciting from Sprint — maybe forever. Sprint is quickly fading into obscurity, I’m sorry to say. And I’m a Sprint user.

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