Droid 3, Droid X2, Samsung Stealth Also Coming To Verizon Q2 [RUMOR]


We just provided the exclusive rumored details of the Droid Incredible 2 and it seems some other popular Verizon Androids are coming in the very near future, too. One of our trusted tipsters is telling us the Droid 3 and Droid X2 will both come in the 2nd Quarter along with the Samsung Stealth. Here are some details we’ve learned of each:

  • Motorola Droid 3: 4-inch screen with QHD resolution (960 by 540 pixel resoultion – same as Bionic), slideout QWWERTY keyboard
  • Motorola Droid X2: Didn’t gather any details
  • Samsung Stealth: This is the Samsung 4G LTE as seen at CES

The Droid 3 and Droid X 2 are sure to turn some heads if not only because their predecessors commanded the attention of the masses. I don’t doubt these versions will be equally as exciting. It seems like we’ve hit a motherload of Verizon Wireless rumors and now we’ll eagerly await hard evidence in the form of pictures and videos and hopefully official confirmation before long. Hey – Mobile World Congress is right around the corner so maybe it’ll be a short wait!

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HTC Droid Incredible 2: White With Chrome Rim, Contoured Back, Global 3G [RUMOR]

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  1. will they have front facing cameras?

  2. I can’t wait for the droid 3! The extra ‘w’ will help me reach sites on the world wide web twice as fast!

  3. Wonder if they will be dual-core..

  4. the droid x2 should be 4.5 or 5.0 screen dual core frot facing camera on the vzw 4g lte hdmi QHD resolution (960 by 540 pixel resoultion this will mashed up aint at&T t-mobile & sprint phones lol for real

  5. @Skyjuice

    5′ is way to big. unless they managed the body and can just make the screen big, then yea. like the one samsung made for At&t that had the 4.5′ screen. it’s a little tall but physically the same size as phones today. people here that screen size and panic. they need to be very unique and precise about the design. i want to see a metal unibody thin ass slate with gorilla glass over the front and back. the unibody should be a brushed silver or white. i don’t want a familiar looking unibody like HTC. they all look the same. i want thin retangle looking one.

  6. If the droid 3 is 4g with a front facing camera i will have it!

  7. The question is whether Verizon will continue to pump the advertising dollars into the DROID brand now that they have the iPhone. If they do, then I have no doubt that the Droid will still be very successful, even outside of hardcore Android Fans. If they drop the Droid, and focus on the iPhone, well….

  8. 3rd quarter seems a little early for the X2 and Droid3, more-so the D3. If true, though, that’s cool with me. Give me a Droid 3 that’s basically a Bionic with a keyboard :)

  9. The Bionic is a 4.3″ screen, not 4″

  10. Verizon needs to STOP PLAYING…Nothing beats SPRINT or the upcoming HTC EVO 2 4G…Clearly was the best smartphone in 2010…The granddaddy of 4g will return BIGGER AND STRONGER THAN 2010 MODEL….EVO BITCH SLAPPED DROID X…IPHONE4…DROID 2…AND ALL THE OTHERS IN 2010…What do you think will happen in 2011…They will be bitched slapped…Sprint rules Asst&t and Verizon as well as tmobile

  11. ^Do you take speed?
    I’m glad you liked the EVO, but there are some ppl that left it for the Droid X. And was happy they did.

  12. @ Richard…

    Yeah sure man. Just as Sprint embarrassed itself with that crap dual screen they announced last night. Sprint is dying

  13. Richard, you need to back to grammar school. And Sprint isnt the best network, they just happened to have ONE of the top 4G phones.

  14. I’d be happy to see the Droid line go up to 4 inches. I think that’s the optimal screen size, and I’ll take the increased resolution too.

    Add 4G, a tegra 2, a front-facing camera, and no major software screw ups, and I’m sold. That is, I would be if I was eligible to upgrade before 2012.

    I’m still waiting for some meaningful differentiation between the DX2 and the Bionic.

  15. @alex – the difference between the DX2 and the Bionic will be 3G v 4G… and if the whole 29.99 unlimited 4G rumors are true, then anybody waiting for a DX2 would be a goofball lol

  16. Verizon is behind the times with their future offerings!

    Have you seen the new Sprint ECHO? That thing is one dumb, I mean bad, phone!! I’d like to see any company top the crap Sprint is getting ready to release!


  17. The Bionic is looking less and less desirable because it wont be alot above other phones when it releases.

    I rather have a phone with the looks of a bionic, but with a 4inch screen, with the same specs as a bionic, and run on 3g.

  18. if they can keep the same size phones they have now but have the screen go further to the edges then 4″ would be great… but having a 4 or 4.3″ screen with a half inch border would be too damn big. lol.

  19. The Droid3 better have:

    1) An unlocked bootloader
    2) HDMI Out!!!

    I’D BUY 10000 of them if so.

  20. @BeerMe828 where did you see that the DX2 isnt 4g?

  21. Bryan

    The only way you could get a droid3 with an unlocked bootloader would be if Moto would allow you to custom order all 10,000 of them at full retail. Otherwise, the days of an unlocked bootloader from Moto are gone for good.

    On the other hand I would be willing to bet that the Droid3 will have at least a decent keyboard if not a great one and an hdmi out is a possibility.

  22. OMG a keyboard with 2 W’s! I’m all over that action!

    I’m waiting for an Atrix type phone on Verizon.

  23. I want a 5″ Droid X2 with the same simultaneous 3G voice/data trick as the Thunderbolt. I owned an HTC (DInc) and hated it, but love my X. Just make it bigger and allow voice/data over 3G and I’ll order it today. Really, even at 4.3″ I’m ordering it. Oh, and please be dual core.

  24. I don’t think 5 inch phones are all that wanted. If you want 5 inches of device then you probably want a tablet. A droid X2 would probably be something like the Atrix and I would buy it in a second. Lets see what the MWC will be like. They already introduced some serious devices for the upcoming quarters. We will see what happens.

  25. I finally upgraded from an Ally to the DX last week, and I love it. I’d like a slide-out keyboard, but other than that I can’t really see anything that could be improved. I may actually ride out the entire contract with this baby!

  26. Richard, you are a freaking fool. You have no idea what you are talking about. You and sprint should be taken out and used for target practice.

  27. Regarding the Droid 3; although this is obviously wishful thinking on my part, I would love to see:
    1) dual-core processor
    2) hdmi out/dlna/mirroring
    3) using the template of the OG Droid in that it is pretty much vanilla android and tough as anything in the “brickability” category
    4) (yes, I know this is wishful thinking, highly unlikely, but very important to me) …an unlocked bootloader and the virtual unbrickability of the OG Droid. The devs would likely be all over it, so when a new OS comes out, those college kids in dorm rooms who cook up kickass ROMs in short order (who I support 100%) give me a lot of options that I dont have on my D2 that I do on an OG (or any phone with an unlocked bootloader- Incredible, Evo etc.) Say what you will, but, thanks to the dev community and the ease of working with the OG, they can still go toe-to-toe with pretty much anything out there right now – because of the dev support. Even the Galaxy S line, while screwed over on Froyo updates can run Gingerbread ROMs because they at least didnt lock the bootloader.
    I loved my OG Droid, and I know I’m in the minority with the rooting and ROMing, but this is my wishlist.
    I wish the HTC Merge would be released. A physical slideout keyboard and a 3.7-4″ screen is ideal for me.

  28. At least there is no iPhone effect on the lineup (like what AT&T saw). All they need is a dual core HTC (Incredible 2?) and they will be set.

  29. I’d love a 5″ phone. I can completely wrap my hand around my DX so they can make it bigger no problem.

  30. Evo > dx
    Shift > driod 2
    Epic > fasinate
    Sprint > Verizon

  31. samsung stealth…stealthy on upgrades

  32. jasonv, I want some of what your smoking

  33. Wow Anokia…that made me lol

  34. Moto has lost me with locked bootloaders. The new Droids don’t matter to me anymore. I’ll hang on to the OG Droid as long as upgrades are available and hope for a Nexus on Verizon. If not, HTC phone all the way.

  35. @ jasonv

    Evo > dx @ nothing
    Shift > driod 2 @ nothing
    Epic > fasinate @ nothing
    Sprint > Verizon @ dropping calls

    good night =]

  36. The hell with Verizon! I just went through the Vz site to see what it would cost. I’d have to spend over $150.00 per month (excluding tax) to get a plan comparable to what I get with T Mobile’s Loyalty plan for just over $80.00 with tax. I’ll say it again….the hell with Verizon! My Nexus One is doing just fine.

  37. @Ryan and @jroc…You guys are DWEEBS…Verizon is retarded with there over priced concepts and out dated iphone4 which is GARBAGE….Just like that droid x…Get serious with this untested LTE network and untested devices in the real world…pretty sure they didn’t seel too many of those droid x’s sprint sold over 28million evo’s that is why it was smartphone of the year as far as pcworld and cnet was concerned…Everyone on verizon is laying all there hopes on some droid bionic…please that can’t even beat my 8 month old current Evo….It hold’s NO WATER TO ANY OF THE UPCOMING DEVICES AFTER MWC AND CTIA…DEFEATED BEFORE IT EVEN CAME OUT….BEST DEVICES IN 2011 WILL BE THE PYRAMID AND THE HTC EVO 2 4G

  38. @Richard 28 Million EVOs sold? You just pulled those numbers out of your… you made them up.

  39. @Richard Are you 12? Why all the name calling over this? Do you have some kind of stake in Sprint? First of all, the Evo4 is a good phone, nobody is claiming otherwise so stop trying to point out how great it is. Second, if we are to judge a phone based on sales numbers like you are then the iphone is the best thing out there(HA!). Third, technology progresses so it doesn’t matter how good something is, it will always be doomed to obsolescence.

  40. Mytouch 4g over evo
    G2 over evo shift
    Htc pyramid = to evo 4g2

  41. @ Richard

    How does a dual core Bionic not “beat” your Evo?

  42. I want motorola defy 2 with tegra 2, beterr front a rear camera, 8gb internal storage, barometer, magnetometer and nf chip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I’d be all over the Droid 3, if it actually had a good keyboard (unlike the OG Droid and Droid 2) and an unlocked, or unlockable, bootloader (which it undoubtedly will not). I was quite disappointed that VZ canned the HTC Merge; it had what looked like a really nice keyboard, and the bootloader most likely would have been cracked as it has been for the G2/Evo Shift. Hopefully once it’s released (and the Merge, if it actually comes back updated), it won’t be disappointing like the D2 was. (I say that being the owner of a D2 after the Merge never showed; needed a keyboard with all the typing I do.)

  44. Looking forward to the D3, though Moto better give an unlocked bootloader. Hell, someone’ll break it eventually anyway.

  45. D3 with front facing cam, that’s all they need to add for me to change my OG.

  46. I think Richard and jasonv are the same person. Nice job, troll.

  47. I hope the d3 has the same keyboard as the og droid. It is the only keyboard I like.

  48. I’d take an Evo (despite the fact that it is outdated now) over a Bionic w/ encrypted bootloader any day of the week (especially if the Bionic has BLUR). Motorola sucks.

  49. I think a 5″ Evo 2 would be my dream phone, if they step it up a notch with the docks (multimedia dock/laptop dock *like the atrix*). Better screen, better camera, dual core… it would be unbeatable IMHO. Plus that would kill 2 birds with one stone for me. A new super smartphone plus eliminating my want for a Tablet.

  50. Woo! A Droid 3 with a bit of luck will mean a Milestone 3, and by the time it comes out my contract should be up!

    I can only hope it’s an absolute beast of a phone…

  51. @Ace Curry
    You can always put a custom launcher like Launcher Pro on top of Blur and you won’t even see Blur

  52. richard… if sprint is such a higher quality carrier why are they giving ALL smartphones away for FREE this weekend? sounds like a carrier that is extremely desperate…. just sayin….

  53. moto’s locked bootloader has already been bypassed….. u can easily root moto’s phones and run custom rom

  54. If the droid 3 has
    1) Dual Core
    2) LTE capable
    3) HDMI out
    4) HONEYCOMB?!!? lol jk.

    if all of choices 1-3 are met.. I’m sold too (:
    Nvidia came out with the Tegra3.. quad core.. put that baby in
    a phone and KEEP THE BATTERY LIFE THE SAME.. I’ll cancel my contract : P btw.. probably will happen.. by the end of this year.. -_-
    Technology moves so fast..

  55. The Droid X2 will differ from the Droid Bionic in a few ways. Droid X2 is a 3G phone without a Front Facing Camera.

  56. Droid3 Wishlist
    -Dual Core
    -4″ qHD display
    -Unlocked Bootloader
    -Stock Android

    Have all this and ill buy the phone

  57. the droid x2 should be 4.5 screen dual core front facing camera on the vzw 4g lte hdmi QHD resolution (960 by 540 pixel resoultion) 2.3 and a walkie talkie button on not only I will buy this I would sell my little brother to a third world country lol. this will mashed up aint at&T t-mobile & sprint phones lol for real

  58. If all upcoming “DROID” devices do not have Tegra 2 and 4G, then they are completely worthless.

  59. @all the 5′ maniacs
    STFU and get a tablet already. Or a hometheater >.<

  60. Ideally, the D3 would be the Atrix, only unlocked, stock, and with the slideout QWERTY. Also, man is Richard cracking me up.

  61. Thank you all for very ruch reading. I don’t know what’s wrong with us, but I feell here is a place I belong, just like the rest of you. I have my little first droid and want the same only bigger and better. We get together and carrry on with this knowledge that does not pay us. Somehow, I rather be here with you all then any where else . . . Joansie

  62. @ Bahh obahha
    There’s a 5′ phone out there??? Beard of Zeus that’s huge!!! LOL.

    Forget all that, I want that 10.1″ Moto Xoom Phone, fits in the palm of my hands well…LOL

    On a serious note…looking forward to the D3

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