HTC Droid Incredible 2: White With Chrome Rim, Contoured Back, Global 3G [RUMOR]


It seems we’ve hit the Verizon Wireless rumor motherload with info one of the hottest sequels you could imagine. Listen up folks, this stuff is hot off the presses from one of our trusted sources.

HTC Droid Incredible 2 with Global 3G

The first HTC Incredible has been one of the most successful Android Phones to date. It’s incredibly versatile and can be considered top of the line with nearly every target market – I found myself recommending it to men, women, teens and everyone in between. Now I’ll be recommending the HTC Incredible 2 (codenamed Vevo) to world travelers as the Incredible 2 comes with Global 3G Connectivity. This could be thanks to a new Qualcomm chip that supports both HSPA and CDMA.

But that’s not all… apparently the Droid Incredible 2 will be white with a white chrome rim and contoured back. Tell me that won’t make for a bad ass sequel to the original DINC!

We’ll keep you posted as we get more details and hopefully pictures to boot. These are still rumors as of now… but we have very good reason to believe their absolutely true and we’re eager to bring you evidence. Stay tuned!

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  1. make it a dual core and im sold

  2. This is kind of cool, but not exactly the motherload I don’t think.
    There’s going to be a sequel to a very popular phone and it’ll have GSM radios and come in a different colour. That is definitely nice to know, but it’s not specs, pricing and a street date. Again, I’m not knocking the information, it’s good to know. But this is hardly a list of every phone coming to Verizon phone that’ll be announced at MWC, complete with all the dates they’ll be released and the pricing for each phone. That would be the motherload, if anything.

  3. Dual core, 4″ screen, and FFC and it’s mine.

  4. Why does everyone want dual core? I still don’t get it.

  5. sounds sexy and i’m not a verizon customer. something different then black.

  6. @ Aaron Rodgers: you don’t get it because you’re dumb.


  8. @Richard yawn….

    and this is the HTC Vevo, the phone i first tipped Phandroid about when i made the discovery then this photo got leaked by another tipster.


  9. If it has 4G in the states, 1 GB of ram, and a dual core processor I’ll consider upgrading from my Incredible (which is, in my opinion, one the most overlooked Android phones by the Android community). The fact is my current one runs fine, has a super AMOLED and a 3.7″ screen (my preferred size) and a pointless but nifty optical track pad.

    I’m still excited to see the Incredible line grow though

  10. Yes RIchard Sprint and it’s 4G that you have to tun on and off because it’s really only wifi and eats your battery rules.

    If the specs of this phone are the same as the original, but 4G, FFC and a 4″ screen, I would consider getting it. Dual core doesn’t matter that much to me, but would be a nice add on. Like LiquidColors said, my Inc. still runs great.

  11. @Brett

    I’d have to agree with Aaron. Dual core is useless for now. Dual core isn’t even optimized for android. Even when it eventually is, one fast single core is still smooth and fast enough for 99% of applications. Unless you have a lot of free time to play high end games on your phone, dual core isn’t much of a concern yet.

  12. Is the storm trooper including?

  13. IMHO, the DInc is an amazing phone that seriously deserves more attention than it gets. It’s almost a year old, and maybe not a superphone or cutting edge anymore, but it is way up there still. You could go to the store tomorrow and buy a DInc and it wouldn’t really be outdated. I’m excited to see the DInc2.

  14. I just hope its actually white and not another phone with a black front and a white battery cover. If you’re going to call it white, the whole thing better be white. My guess is that this will feature the same processor in the Thunderbolt but with a 3.7″ or 4″ screen and 3G only but with GSM capability like the Droid Pro. Pure speculation, but it would make sense.

  15. @Kelvin et al…dual core will be very useful in late April-early May when Gingerbread 2.4 is released (and probably when this device will be released, not coincidentally). At that point, single-core devices will seem immediately old and in the way.

  16. @Balthazar

    I can see where you’re coming from but single cores will still be fast enough for the vast majority of applications. It may SEEM old and in the way because of how attractive the numbers look but it’s A LOT more juice than the average smartphone consumer really needs. The only apps that really need dual cores to run smoothly are high end games. Not to mention, apps aren’t even written to take advantage of dual core yet.

    With that out of the way, I’d agree that it’d be NICE to have dual cores, but that won’t be the deciding factor in my future purchases. Hardware has to come before software and dual cores do insure a bit of futureproofness…but if you’re buying android, future proof means very little lol.

  17. I’m not wasting my upgrade on anything less than dual core and 4g.

  18. Since my market is getting LTE by the end of Q2 I’m really hoping for the Incred 2 to have LTE. I would also like dual core if only for bragging rights.

  19. Considering most of us who pay for the equipment and plans are hardworking (probably married w/children) people who don’t like wasting money (like myself) and thus do weeks or months of research before being locked into a 2yr contract; I won’t settle for anything that doesn’t have but the best of chances for being serviced with updates for the majority of the contract. Therefore it must have :

    1- VZW
    2- 4G
    3- Dual Core
    4- 1gig ram
    5- 4+inch screen
    6- Motorola or HTC

  20. Make it a quad core and im sold… :-)

  21. The original DINC is still one of the best phones out there, IMO. Love it. Too bad the accessory set sucked. Hopefully that’ll change the second time around.


  23. @Balthazar:
    Thanks for stating so well my thoughts about dual core. If you are going to buy a phone and hope it will receive updates for a year or more, it seems logical to want to buy the device with the most ram, cores, ghz, G’s, best camera, best screen, etc. Bonuses: all along the way you will enjoy your phone more and resale value will be higher. By June there wont be a reason to NOT buy dual core! Oh wait… unless you are retarded.

  24. Make it 12 core with 300.000mah battery and im sold!

  25. My the time a dual core phone comes out their will be rumors of quad core phones coming out then when they come out their are going to be rumors of a better phone coming soon and there are going to be people that are waiting for the best thing now still waiting for the best thing then

  26. I will let the people that adopt dual core phones early deal with those growing pains. I will get the bolt or this. Maybe a Xoom if I want to try dual core.

  27. @Halinpain: you nailed it besides the motorola. Although I’m not ready to upgrade for another year, my incredible will be just fine. Until then I’m interested to see what verizon will do with 4g pricing and limitations, because they will be different then 3g. I have a feeling it will be 40 dollars and max at 5gb maybe less then 5gb. Enough reason for me to look else where or go back to a dumb phone.

  28. I have the original Droid Incredible and like it a lot. I used an X for a while but came back to the Incredible because of the smooth screen, nice size and also the nice HTC Sense interface.

  29. I have had the DInc since day 1 and am still in love with it. Sure, a 4 inch screen and a bigger battery would have been nice, but at almost a year and over 100 apps and games later, this thing is still as quick as the day I got it.

  30. 1. The battery life issue BETTER be taken care of im talking longest life of any phone taken care of cause HTC has some Dinc customers they need to make it up 2.
    B. Front facing camera BETTER be on this thing, cause if they dont Im bringing it back.
    ***. Global 3G= GSM= SIM Card?(Is the card required for most global usage?

  31. Richard. Are you fucking kidding me? This article isnt even about the goddamn EVO. What the fuck is wrong with you? Were your parents fraternal twins? You obviously have serious mental issues. You come off as a frothing-at-the-mouth evangelist from the church of EVO. In almost every article on this site, you post some stupid fucking bullshit with 85% randomized caps about a phone that has been out for 8 months. Yes, the EVO is a great piece of hardware, but it isnt the be all end all of android phones. No, I dont have a fucking iPhone either, I have an OG Droid, a D2, a Nexus One, and an EVO. All good in their own way, but the EVO is NOT the best phone on the market. Its great that your happy with your phone and you like your carrier, but seriously, turn off the spaz valve. Also, since you love to respond to things; dont waste your time calling me a dweeb or to fuck a duck, against all logic it actually manages to make you look like even more of a fucking retarded product of incest. Pull your head out of your ass, fuckwit.

  32. I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t want white…it will just look like an iphone ripoff

  33. @ DJ – LOL!!!

  34. Gotta see the specs first. None of the upcoming phones seem all that much better than my current DInc. Love it. I’ll keep it til something comes around that blows me away, preferably from HTC.

    PS – I can barely make it through 1/2 a day with heavy use. Battery life MUST BE ADDRESSED!!!!

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