Samsung Fascinate Build EB01 Nearing – A Less Buggy Froyo


Build DL30 of the Samsung Fascinate’s software finally brought sweet Froyo to all of you Galaxy S users on Verizon, but word is that it was bad. Really bad. Droid Life has gotten word that it wasn’t anywhere near final and that a new build – EB01 – has trickled out and cleans up a lot of the issues folks have run into. We’re sure this’ll get into the hands of XDA soon enough, but until then, here’s a full changelog for you to feast on:

1. Updated to support the Google Froyo 2.2 software
2. Added support for SMS Delivery acknowledgement
3. Addressed an issue seen in some cases were users would lose their data connection and have to either power cycle or turn on and off airplane mode to recover
4. A UI change was made to correct the spelling of “Dialled Calls” in the dialer app.
5. Addressed an issue where the speaker button was not working when connected to a Bluetooth device.
6. A software change was made to enhance the reliability of the syncing of IMAP and POP 3 e-mails accounts
7. You can now move messages between folders in the exchange mail client
8. Addressed an issue found when connected to the car dock and you turn off the back light the connection defaults to the speakerphone when you turn the back light back on
9. Addressed a “force close” error message seen when you select “delete all” in your sent or trash folders in your exchange e-mail account
10. You can now save a contact you found using a Global Address Look up.
11. Addressed an issue found when using Bing Voice search causing the device to give the error message “thinking” and “make sure you are connected to a network and try again”.
12. When using the Voice Command application it will not display duplicate names and numbers for the same contact that was found from multiple sources.
13. Addressed an issue when using the Desktop dock which in some cases was causing the idle screen image to appear to be burned into the screen
14. The color scheme in the calendar has been changed
15. Enhancements were made to improve the update consistency of the feeds and widgets
16. Protected Media licenses are now stored on the memory card so if the device is factory reset these protected content licenses will not be lost
17. The Swype application will no longer capitalize letters inappropriately

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Man, I’m tired of all this talk about Samsung and Froyo. Lol people just won’t let it go.

  2. Froyo is so June 2010

  3. LOL… My Fascinate is in a box on the way back to Verizon. Keep that piece of ****, and keep your Froyo. #Neveragain

  4. Astonishing. Are Samsung’s developers a bunch of chimpanzees or something?

  5. How come samsung programmers are so terrible? Do they have one person programming the updates for all the Samsung phones? The XDA developers are working for free and have created MUCH better operating systems than salaried and educated (hopefully?) samsung employees.

    College students release a gingerbread rom days after the tab comes out and samsucks cannot release a froyo os half a year after everyone else upgraded… what a joke

  6. I wish I had the Blockbuster App. Why is it exclusive to Verizon?

  7. Its not exclusive to verizon. Its on any other phone, regardless of carrier, other than samsung phones because samsung uses media hub for movies and such.

  8. To everybody that insists on incessantly hating on Samsung and the SGS: if OS updates are THAT important to you, get a Nexus and quicherbichin. Enough already.

  9. Good call damar1979–I’m still puzzled though. The market on my Nexus One doesn’t show it. However, I did find it on the market website, and all the reviews are negative. Apparently you can’t uninstall it. I’ll wait for Netflix.

  10. Neveragain: it isn’t just Galaxy S users waiting on Froyo. There are dozens of makes and models that still don’t have Froyo.

  11. I have been saying “Neveragain” to non-stock phones for over a year since I bought the Nexus One. If only people had a choice to buy a real Android phone………..sigh.

  12. @jdog25
    If only Google hadn’t made it a T-Mobile exclusive and actually sold it in stores…

  13. @Lewis Nexus One was on T-mobile and AT&T in the U.S. and worked on every Canadian carrier. People were posting on the Official Nexus One support forum from every continent except for Antarctica. If thats is not choice I don’t know what is.

  14. Nexus s is locked to t-mobile only! If you unlock the nexus s then you can use it with any gsm carrier ie at&t. It will not however work with cdma carriers such as verizon even if unlocked. There have been rumors of a cdma version for years, but take it from a HTC employee(yes me). Its not gonna happen for awhile…..too bad too, a true google phone on vzw would be a beast like no other. Including IPhone. Peace!

  15. And yes I know the nexus s is a sammy phone!

  16. I’m running Dl30 Superclean Clean 1.8 on my Fascinate and I have none of the above problems. I wish I would have rooted on day one!!!!

  17. I’m gonna hang back and wait for a decent third party Froyo kernel before I make the jump. No more OTA for me, after the DL09 fiasco.

  18. Looks like this is 2.2.1 according to your screen shot. its known to be “the way the galaxy s shouldv’e been”
    I’m guessing the other froyo (leak?) was stock 2.2 which was as bad as 2.1 for lag. i lack surprise on this

    Myself? my #neveragain is nokia. Those pricks treated me as a second class customer because i had an N95-3 (850mhz model). “Your version of tne N95 is not compatible with ngage”, “your version of the n95 is not compatible with OVI”. “If you had a real N95 you could use these!”

  19. I don’t know what all the bitching is about over this phone. I have a Fascinate as well as my wife and we both love them. Sure we would like an update to improve whatever, but we find the phone to work well. The only reason real reason I want Froyo is to be able to store my apps on sd. I will wait for OTA and see what reviews are. If not so good I can always count on a well built Rom to replace stock.

  20. the DL30 leak IS 2.2.1
    i have had it on my phone since the 2nd day it leaked and have had ZERO problems with the update. all the changes addressed in the new build were already included in DL30. i have no issues with lost data connection. i have working SMS delivery confirmation. syncs and widgets updates work. and “dialled” is spelled correctly.

    i’m guessing that some people were in such a rush to flash the DL30 leak that they may have missed some steps or did not take the time to flash it correctly. my phone works fast and smooth with DL09 on DL30! absolutely lovin it!!

    for those folks who are still waiting for the OTA, don’t be surprised if they keep pushing back the date. remember that this update was supposed to be released November last year!

  21. Agree steves, I mean if you have a rooted phone and rom manager, you pretty much have the best of froyo. Dl09, blackhole

  22. Im very disappointed with this phone the call quality isnt good. It freezes to often. Updates I can deal with, but the above mentioned issues smh.. I switched from my incredible because I thought mmm I can get a bigger screen and a mm dock. Its just awful.. And I have thought about switching from vzw to tmo price reasons and A nexus phone that google will support. The only way id ever buy a sammy is if it was a nexus brand.

  23. I think it’s always the common case here – companies don’t assign enough resources to work on squat. Samsung probably only has like two engineers working on updates, and they probably work on 2-3 other projects at the same time. Companies are a bunch of cheap asses nowadsys and multitasking it where it’s at (although it basically creates **it)

    Just look how long it took Google to push out the web market, like they had interns working on it or something….


  24. Wait,

    Did I just read that the Froyo build that was buggy was a leaked version?

    Well serves you right then. I AM NOT going to blame Samsung for that if they didn’t release it, you apply it at your own risk, dumbasses.

    However, I will stand by my statement that they probably just don’t bother applying any resources to create updates.


  25. #NeverAgain

  26. Why is Bing still being used? They said they would get rid of it when Froyo comes out.


  28. The Fascinate is amazing…best phone next to the Evo…so PHUCKYA’LL

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