One of Motorola’s Devices Just Hit the FCC [XOOM?]


A Motorola device has hit the FCC today, and there’s reason to believe that it’s one of Verizon’s upcoming offerings in partnership with Motorola. Many believed it to be the DROID Bionic due to its dual-band 802.11n radios and CDMA radios for use on one of two of America’s major carriers using the technology.

Considering the DROID Bionic won’t be out for a couple of months – and considering the filing describes a device without a removable battery – folks have reason to believe it’s actually the Motorola XOOM tablet that is launching February 24th for $799.99. Not much to say from here, except “it’s on its way.” [via Engadget]

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  1. One step closer to getting my XOOM on! 17 days!

  2. WiFi version or no go. Verizon is trying to screw everyone with making you purchase at least one month of data or you can’t use WiFi, how is that even possible. What the hell is Verizon’s motto “Be Evil”.

  3. XOOM is already in the hands of celebrities. it has to have passed the FCC already.

  4. @Joedon3 true, but the certification documents could have been held until today.

  5. I know that Best Buy ad has been spotted, but the price is still not officailly announced. Are we 100% sure $799 is set in stone??

  6. Doh! Wish it was the Bionic.

  7. I thought the Xoom had a removable battery?

  8. I agree jdog25. Apparently the carriers are the bad guys. And they don’t seem to have a problem showing it. Can you imagine spending $80 / month for limited data on top of what we pay for our phones?

  9. This has to be the Xoom, or possibly even a Droid X2.

    The report mentions NOTHING about LTE 700 (only CDMA 800 and 1900 bands), and we all know that the Bionic will and the Xoom will not have LTE 700MHz support on release.

  10. I can’t see any reason to buy this now. There will be very few apps that are made for an android tablet and even fewer that can take advantage of the power of the cpu/gpu. This price is to rob early adopters. Bad move, they could have cornered the android tablet market before they had any competitors with a reasonable price.

  11. @Dave
    What is your suggested reasonable price for a sleek powerful new gadget, which is obviously 10X times better than a pad for $729? To be honest, all the current tablets’ prices are TOO HIGH. They will be adjusted in the nearest future.

    $499 for a device that can almost nothing, excepting RESTRICTED web-browsing and routine app-collecting, is too high. Too. They learn us how to forget all real prices for consumer electronics and became a competitor to all vendors globally, starting production of the most MASS phone and the MASS tablet and pricing them as they price their computers. Also they learn us how to percept values- their products must cost so much, others’ products, even 10X better, shouldn’t.

    Honeycomb is absolutely, absolutely AWESOME.:)
    *Can’t wait for my Xoom and a dual-core HTC smartphone.

  12. When it comes to pricing, always start with a high price. You can lower the price later on, but you can NEVER raise it – not without severe consequences. This is one reason why Apple priced the iPad so high.

    Motorola – and all the other non-Apple manufacturers – will never succeed when competing with Apple – unless they compete primarily on price. Apple has a larger dedicated fan base and by far more apps that play into the form factor as well as the mystique that their products exude. Competing with Apple on specs doesn’t work. The Apple OS and apps even entice those that have no preference on technology – simply because they make the product intuitive and easy to use. This is a primary reason why they can price their products far above that of the competition and still carve out a significant market share.

    Samsung realized this, along with the fact that they have an inferior product – mainly due to the Android 2.2 OS. The Galazy Tab is actually a nice product – especially for First Generation. But it lacks the marketing hype of the iPad. Samsung realized this and allowed significant price cuts to try and boost sales.

    Without the marketing hype and a satisfying user experience to back it up, none of these products will be the success that the iPad is.

  13. In case anyone forgot, this is a Google O/S with Motorola engineering! Specifically made for a tablet styled device, it’s going to be unreal! If you do the math, it’s only a small amount more than other devices. Do the math

  14. Na…that does not matter…people have laptops worth that much…so its like why dish out a laptop amount of money yet again? So it doesn’t matter what you say, what matters is the fact of the matter…which is it will not sell much at a price like that.

  15. Passed on the IPAD waiting for something better. Alas, the Xoom is here! But wait, sources put the price tag at $700 – $800 with data plan required and locked WIFI. Darn! Already have two data plans (smart phone and mobile hotspot), definitely not going to purchase a third. Hmm! Guess I’ll see what the future brings…for now, the Xoom is Doooommmmed.

  16. Where is Verizon in all of this.WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO RELEASE THE XOOM?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    WHERE IS VERIZON !!!!!!!!!!

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