Feb 4th, 2011

Many users trying to download apps from the new Android Market Website are faced with a troubling error they can’t get past (we’ve got a solution). When they select an app to install they’re met with a message saying, “”There are no android phones associated with this account. Please sign in with a different account.”

If you’ve got the same problem (it’s affecting both rooted and non-rooted users), we’ve got step-by-step solution that should have you downloading apps and games from the market website in no time:

  • Log on to http://market.android.com
  • Click on My Account
  • Click on Recovering Password
  • Enter password (to validate it’s you)
  • Under the SMS Section:
    1. Click Edit
    2. If phone number is there – remove your phone number – if number not there, go to step 6
    3. Save
    4. Sign Out
    5. Sign back in, go back to same page as needed – or if prompted:
    6. Enter and save your phone number
    7. Sign out
  • Log on to http://market.android.com
  • Click on My Market Account
  • Click Settings tab – your phone should now appear!

Thanks to EarlyMon from AndroidForums who tracked down the solution and tipped us… you da man!

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