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SOLVED: Android Market Website Says “There are no android phones associated with this account.”


Many users trying to download apps from the new Android Market Website are faced with a troubling error they can’t get past (we’ve got a solution). When they select an app to install they’re met with a message saying, “”There are no android phones associated with this account. Please sign in with a different account.”

If you’ve got the same problem (it’s affecting both rooted and non-rooted users), we’ve got step-by-step solution that should have you downloading apps and games from the market website in no time:

  • Log on to
  • Click on My Account
  • Click on Recovering Password
  • Enter password (to validate it’s you)
  • Under the SMS Section:
    1. Click Edit
    2. If phone number is there – remove your phone number – if number not there, go to step 6
    3. Save
    4. Sign Out
    5. Sign back in, go back to same page as needed – or if prompted:
    6. Enter and save your phone number
    7. Sign out
  • Log on to
  • Click on My Market Account
  • Click Settings tab – your phone should now appear!

Thanks to EarlyMon from AndroidForums who tracked down the solution and tipped us… you da man!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. wut if we dont have a phone number D:

  2. First!!!

  3. First to be second? Fail.

  4. lol.. ben, i guess you are SOL.

  5. What if I want to remove a phone that I am no longer using?

  6. Haven’t found a way for that – but – you can choose the option to Hide it under that Settings tab – and it won’t enter into the equation when getting new apps.

  7. This did not work for me. Maybe it is also an issue with google apps as well?

  8. Now if it would show all of the installed apps it would be great.

  9. Didn’t work for me, and I followed the steps exactly.

  10. Didn’t fix the problem for me. Thanks anyways.

  11. Mine show the wrong carrier. I’m on us cellular but it shows sea cellular.

  12. Didn’t work for me and followed it exactly.

  13. Can’t even connect to the site! Says there’s nothing there. Using Chrome too!

  14. didn’t work for me either. tried twice

  15. Thanks earlymon! Now, I can see my device, but it’s grayed out and still will not allow me to down load appear ota. It says I need to access the market from my phone. I have to no avail, but at least I can see my Motorola Droid under settings. Baby steps! Hopefully, the rest will be figured out by the end of the weekend.

  16. Didn’t work for me either… come on guys.. ????

  17. I think this a problem with using a goggle apps domain and a regular google account

  18. This will not work anyway if your ISP is using Google Apps Services and your phone was initially registered to it. Web Market will only work with [email protected] accounts

  19. Site must be down. Just tried a few times myself.

  20. Same problem as Ben… no phone number on my nook color which shows up as MAKER: LogicPD MODEL: Nook Color (zoom2)
    Try to install something and it says this item is not compatible with your device.
    Only for some things though. Seems to depend on permissions. Can’t update facebook app this way and can’t find it in market. Still have an older version installed though.
    Worked for advanced task killer though.

    Stop doing me favors by deciding what my device can do google!! Gimmie a warning, but let me go ahead anyway if I should choose to.

  21. @ rick n meme you dorks

  22. Didn’t work for me either :(

  23. The fix did not work for me. I only bought the phone yesterday (HTC Wildfire) so that might have something to do with it. Hope Google fixes this soon. I really want to start downloading apps.

  24. Jaestoner1, take it easy on Rick. He is probably a 10 year old trying to have some fun.

  25. I saw a comment that says if only we could see the apps installed. To that Guy. Look around, maybe under my account or just plain “account” not sure which one its under but I know its in there. I like this and its great to have a PC client but I’m five with doing it on my phone. I mean this is something that we have been needing to help pull even closer with iTunes

  26. this is typical of google: the software doesn’t work, and you have to jump thru hoops.
    just ignore the online market and it will get fixed or it will fail. it’s google’s choice.

  27. Worked for me, thanks

  28. @rudyy

    Definitely, we’ll just have to see if they fix the problem. Otherwise I’m just ignore it and make people aware that Google has issues linking their own services correctly (which is nothing new).

  29. Followed the steps exactly and didn’t work for me. I have a rooted phone with a custom ROM on. I also have a Google Apps domain account as my primary account but have linked Google Market to a secondary Google Mail associated Google Account.

  30. Didn’t work for me either. Still seems to be related with Google Apps accounts…

    HTC Desire w. Oxygen 2.0 RC7

  31. Why does Chrome still freak out about this site? :P

  32. This fix didn’t work for me on a Motorola Milestone with the stock software.

  33. Has worked fine for me using chrome browser and on my chrome os cr48. Running gingerbread on my D1.

  34. I still have not been able to get this to work completely. Here’s my situation:

    It installs quickly and easily on my Galaxy Tab when I select that device from the list. However, when I choose my Droid Pro, it NEVER installs. I’ve signed out, deleted the phone number, and followed every step in this post and other posts and it still never installs on the Pro.
    Any suggestions???

  35. works fine. Love the fact that I can install apps to my phone from the webpage !!!

  36. One more thing make sure you are signed in with the Google account for your phone, not another Google account.

  37. I believe the “There are no android phones associated with this account” error is related to the account assigned in “Talk” on the handset.

    Like Ben, I have both a gmail and a google apps account on my rooted, custom ROM Evo. “Talk” was showing my google apps account. My solution was to Titanium back up and reflash ROM (or clear storage or reset to factory). I set up using the gmail account and signed into “Talk” and then Market on the Evo. Then went to and my Evo was listed. Then restored the settings/files I wanted from Titanium.

    I could be way off, but this worked for me, and hope it helps.

  38. Works now! Not sure if it was time after following the directions above or the fact that I reflashed PEv4.2. Happy it works now!

  39. “I believe the ‘There are no android phones associated with this account’ error is related to the account assigned in “Talk” on the handset.” Specifically, it would be the account associated with Google Checkout. If you can buy apps on the phone directly, the account you use to pay for them is the one you have to use to log into the web-based Market. It’s likely to be the same as Talk and Google Mail as they all get set up together when you register the phone for the first time.

  40. So, I just figured out that the website is working on firefox, but not chrome (for me at least). That is a little strange…. Time to get it together, Google.

  41. No dice. I like having my own domain. I like having it hosted at google for a number of features. I HATE that my Google Apps Account is different from a Google Account which is different from a Gmail Account.

  42. Nope my HTC Hero phone is still not showing

  43. The new google Chrome browser 9.0 doesn’t have a secure website for I noticed the problem Feb 4, 2011. How can its own fail to be secure if users are going to be making purchases?

  44. Look below for the error message:

    This is probably not the site you are looking for!
    You attempted to reach, but instead you actually reached a server identifying itself as * This may be caused by a misconfiguration on the server or by something more serious. An attacker on your network could be trying to get you to visit a fake (and potentially harmful) version of You should not proceed.

    Help me understand

  45. Worked for me PERFECT! thanks guyes!!

  46. From what I can tell it DOESN’T work with rooted devices. I’ve tried my Nexus One, G1, and Mytouch all rooted. All running Cyanogen. I would unroot to see if that makes a difference but I really don’t care.

  47. I’m rooted, worked for me. We’re still trying to track down other paths for those with ongoing troubles.

  48. Sorry, didn’t work for me either.

    Thanks for trying though.

  49. I have a solution for market issues. Google just needs to spend a few million and buy appbrain. Then give appbrain the ability to install on the fly along with all the other cool stuff appbrain does. Best of both worlds.

  50. I am running liberty 1.5 on my x and it works for me every time from day 1 on. No issues here.

  51. OK, looks like google is trying to fix the issues with google apps accounts for all of their services. If you have an apps account your domain admin has to login to the management console and transition your account from OLD google apps account to NEW google apps account. Before you do this. If you have your Google Account as the same email address as your Google Apps Account you must change the email associated with the Google Account first. If you don’t have any services or data on the Google Account you can also simply delete it.

  52. The offered fix didn’t work on my original moto droid. The problem in my case, as was discovered early in my relationship with Google’s Checkout, the original email acct used for your first purchase is.the only one that can be associated with your phone number. Change your email address and you create the problem I and possibly others, are having.

    Therefore when I re-signed into the Marketplace using the address I first used to aquire apps, one I no longer ever use, my device and all related Apps appeared and I am able to download from the web today my phone.

    What I don’t understand is why seemingly randomly this system allows some apps to be aquired via my current email acct? Consequently when I have had to start over from a hard rest I’ve had trouble finding all my apps. This is how I learned about this solution.

    Hope this makes sense and is helpful.

  53. Still not working.. :-(

  54. worked on me for my rooted HD2 :D

  55. So if you can’t get to the new market with for you Nook, just use Appbrain.

  56. No Joy for me… I can see my phone on the Market, but it doesn’t list all my apps and I can’t get any application to install from their to my phone.

    Rooted HTC Droid Incredible here, running Evervolv GB

  57. I’ve got a problem here. Whenever I attempt to log into the Android Market site with my app email, it directs it to my gmail account, which to my knowledge is not connected to my Android (I’m assuming that’s why I keep getting the “no phone attached to this account” error). Now, my apps email is on the list of email addresses associated with my gmail account so I assuming that’s why this issue has arisen.

    Any ideas how to overcome this problem?

  58. Yes, how do you get around the phone number thing if you are downloading to an ereader?

  59. In my Droid X, I went to Settings then Accounts. When I used the account listed there I was able to use the Market from my PC; I did not get the message that this page describes but when I used a different Google account I did get the error message.

  60. I have both of my email addresses listed under accounts.

  61. It didn’t work for me. I’ve tried both my gmail account and my Google Apps account.

  62. Nope – doesn’t work for me either..G2

  63. It originally worked for me. After a day or so, it crapped out. I was on a rooted custom kernel (inxane .063 for Moment). Pulled that all off, and re-flashed my phone back to stock, ran through these instructions, and none of it was working. Oh well… I’m sure Google will eventually fix it. Having a Samsung Moment has helped me develop patience, if nothing else…

  64. didnt work for me at all need help!!

  65. Not solved. Still doesn’t work. Using CM7 and an Google apps account, which I reckon might be a problem for Google.

  66. I spent 3 hours and couldnt figure out, it doesnt work with my HTC. I will return it and get something easier to use.

  67. This doesn’t work when you use wifi

  68. It is a pain. I followed the steps from everyong and I can see my number in My Account but the Android Market still doesn’t recognise it. Great store! Doesn’t want to provide any products!

  69. NOT WWARKED >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  70. Doesn’t work. Incredible 2.2. I have not seen Google respond in any of the umpteen zillion threads about this problem.

  71. Doesn’t work. I followed the steps and it doesn’t work at all. I even sent a password reset code to my phone to see if that triggered it. Nope.

  72. Doesn’t work either. HTC Desire, Cyanogenmod 7.0 RC1 Market does not show device, does not show all apps


  73. Doesn´t work. Xperia Mini Pro, Android 2.1 update 1, Rooted. Market apk does not show all apps, Android Market (pc) shows all apps but there´s no way to download.


    This solved the problem for me:
    I did a full reinstall with the second method (recovery)

    My first install using the First Method (ROM) most likely failed because I marked “install google apps” together with it. Just my suspicion that this was what broke it.

    After using the second method, the phone was syncing with google again.

    Just in case: unrevoked did not work either on one of two phones I have, that however was only due to not enough space on the first phone.

    Now everything works fine

    Cyanogenmod 7.0 RC1 HTC Desire

  75. oh, and this is where I got my working google apps from:

  76. Phuck Google and Phuck Andriod and double Phuck Cloud computing.

    This fix doesn’t work, in fact it isn’t a fix. After millions of people crying Google is juicing their balls and not getting things pushed.

    Andriod my biggest mistake and waste of money.

    Phuck you Google!

  77. Did not work for me, pretty anoying & frustrating

  78. thanks for your solution….but it didn’t work with me
    by the way i’m from syria and i know market is forbidden here from some reasons
    what i want to ask….is it a reason that caused your solution didn’t work with me ???

  79. There is no edit option under SMS, just add another mobile phone???????

  80. Honestly, I am trying to set up my wife’s Samsung Galaxy and I have realised why Android is free. It’s CRAP.

    The phone cannot access wifi after TWO DAYS. Turns out to be known issue with Samsung Galaxy phones. Apparently I need to ‘root’ the phone. Which I can download an app for. Great. Download an app… with no wifi (no net through my phone provider here in UAE).

    So I nuke the phone and do a reset. I have wifi. Good. Now when I go to Android market place it won’t let me install the app (which I want to have in place for next time wifi bug happens) because ‘there are no phones associated with this account’. I go set up google mail on the phone, that should do the trick. But no, same error.

    Contrast to my experience with my iphone which is simple to use, and where i can get apps easily through the phone or my itunes PC software. Breeze.

    An iphone costs twice as much BUT it actually works! You don’t need to hack it and put up with Google’s broken web sites to use the damn thing.

    No wonder they give Android away for free.

  81. To be brief, this “solution” doesn’t do jack squat. Rooted Evo 4G/Salvagemod GB

  82. My mobile is listed and it still says my phones not listed. I tried the delete phone number etc etc. Didn’t work. Very poor service by Google.

  83. Didn’t work for me either. MyTouch4G, TempRooted, 2.2.1

  84. nope… not a thing… so this is my first real problem, are there no phone numbers to call for support?? i just see emails that they say they will not respond to. ?????

  85. Tried it, doesn’t work.

    Anyway my problem is more deep rooted, I can’t access Market or Gmail from my Android Orange San Francisco AT ALL!! The only solution I’m offered is to put my phone back to factory settings which is a complete cop out and that might not even work, either.

    Pile of crap!

  86. A FIX FOR SOME!!!!

    For those of you who tried this and it didn’t work, or don’t have phone numbers (tablets,) try this, it worked for me.

    On your Android: menu>settings>applications>manage applications>all (tab at top)>Market>clear data.

    This will clear your data and log your Android out of the market. When you launch the market app and agree to the terms of service again, it will sign you sign your Android back into the market and it should be visible on the web market.

    Disclaimer: THIS ONLY WORKS ON ACCOUNTS WITH DEVICES THAT HAVE THE MARKET APP INSTALLED. This solution worked for me twice as I purposefully broke market access a second time to verify that I had found a solid work around.

    From what I can tell, the main problem (for some of us) is a lack of sign-in visibility. The market app doesn’t have an option to sign in or out so this fix forces the issue.

    For those of you who don’t have the market app on your Android, google market.apk, download and install. Then sign in using an account. For best results, set up the account on your computer BEFORE registering it with the market app on your Android.

    For those of you with non gmail accounts, Google has a fix for you. Talk to your admin about changing it to the NEW Google apps account. As far as I know, you don’t lose anything in the transition.

    For everyone else, sorry, I’ve got nothing.

    If this helps you, please copy/paste it into similar threads and comment sections (the important parts anyway.) You can even take credit for the fix, I don’t care. I just want people to get everything they should. The Android community is what makes Android great.

  87. I Tried it many times , but not succes, first thought that i have access problem here in syria, but eventually i found many users in different countires have the same problem,even the android website cannt give a solution for it is mading, actually it is crazy, they should give solution for there manufacturer,galaxy phone cost a lot,but it is useless with no app can be installed on it,

  88. goggs- this happened to me!
    Are you using the first account ever registered by your phone- if not, you may decide to reset the phone, if all else fails- that’s my plan :)

  89. Sad… I was Google fan. was excited to get my first android phone. i got Samsung Galaxy S. and what? nothing. same problem. i thought will find solution on web. seems too much people are looking for a same and no any solution.
    Seems iPhone my next phone…

  90. As everyone said, this DOES NOT WORK.

    Please remove the article.

  91. People from Google please find a working solution for this problem, it’s more than two months now since I’m trying to install any apps on my phone.

  92. i had tried for a ew time to solve the problem. but it couldn’t know my divice. because i have a tablet PC with Android. it’s not a phone. what can i do right now?

  93. Iv tried this and it doesn’t work. I have looked all over the internet and it seems like everyone has the same problem! I think the best idea is to go to the shop where you got your phone from and get them to do it :)

  94. Iv tried this and it doesn’t work. I have looked all over the internet and it seems like everyone has the same problem! I think the best idea is to go to the shop where you got your phone from and get them to do it :)

  95. Iv tried this and it doesn’t work. I have looked all over the internet and it seems like everyone has the same problem! I think the best idea is to go to the shop where you got your phone from and get them to do it :)

    1. Unfortunately, my phone is a iphone clone from China and I no speaka the language.. TS is useless on their side as well… no help.. justanother brick for the patio

      1. This method did work for me.. but not the first time. The second time round I made sure I was signed out on the computer (from the android market). I then cleared the market data on the phone, downloaded an arbitary app. Once that was installed I then signed in on the computer. Then hey-presto!

  96. crappy thing is if you’re stuck with a phone running android 1.5 it won’t work the the android market website

  97. This solution didn’t work on my iPhone 3Gs looks alike phone running Android 1.5 o/s platform!!! :-(

  98. android market place doesnt work for me

  99. shit happens with google

  100. i tried this, but i can’t find the tab that says all in the manage application setting, im trying it on my cruz reader

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