New Sources Say Samsung Galaxy S2 Will Feature 4.5″ Screen, Reconfirm Orion Processor


Today several sources have come forward to add to the speculation of the final specs for the Samsung Galaxy S2, set to be unveiled in Barcelona in a little over a week. SamsungFirmware, an often reliable unofficial source of Samsung ROMs and news leaks, has been tweeting away with teaser specs, and published a blog posting further detailing what they have heard. If what they say is true the Galaxy S2 will be specced with the following:

  • A 4.3″ or 4.5″ Super AMOLED Plus display
  • 8MP rear camera with LED and 1.3MP front-facing camera
  • Orion dual-core processor clocked at 1.0 or 1.2GHz
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • NFC Support
  • Bluetooth 3.0

An insider coming out to Dutch site Tweakers.net confirms the specs, and believes that the screen will indeed be 4.5-inches, making the Super AMOLED Plus the same as the one featured on the upcoming Samsung Infuse 4G for AT&T.

I suppose these specs offer little in the way of new speculation, but it is starting to become a bit more clear what we will be dealing with come Samsung’s press event at MWC.

[via SamsungFirmware, Tweakers]

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  1. I wonder how Sprint will turn these things into a number 2 for the Epic. Keyboard or not?

  2. #NeverAgain

  3. Hahahaha i feel sorry for all the the noobs that ordered the Optimus 2x :)
    This is gonna be awesome

  4. even though samsung screwed up the galaxy s line im a sucker for getting new phones

  5. Sounds like a nice piece of hardware. Unfortunately, Samsung can’t/doesn’t keep Android current on their phones. Based on their history, I wouldn’t expect to get past Android 2.3 with this phone and you know that even though Honeycomb isn’t designed for phones, the phone O.S. will be getting some Honeycomb features that you are going to want. Be prepared to have to buy the Galaxy S3 in order to get past Android 2.3.

  6. Nice try samsung

  7. Never Agai… can’t wait for the phone!

  8. I don’t care what the specs are. Don’t buy this phone! Samsung will never update the OS. Ever.

  9. Oh thank God it has the 4.5″ instead of another 4″. Now lets see if TMO gets the SGS2 as well as the HTC “Pyramid”

  10. Oh, man, I was hoping it would be 4″. 4.5″ is too big unless they get shrink the rest of the bezel.

  11. 4.5″ should be fine if it has tiny bezel and no physical buttons, but virtual ones included in the interface, sort of like in Honeycomb. Otherwise, it might be too big. Oh, and with a screen like this I hope they will use a resolution significantly bigger than 800×480, maybe even bigger than qHD.

  12. waaah waaaah waaaah sumsung will never update the phone…woe is me. Give it a break you crybabies. I have 2 Vibrants, one is bone stock still running 2.1, and it runs fine, and does everthing that my wife needs it to do with no issues whatsoever. Phone #2 is rooted running the absolute latest 2.2 Roms available. I have no problem with either phone. Stop whining babies.

  13. Geez. Please stop your bitching about the update. Simple solution is sell it or throw it away. Damn! Anyways I’m still samsung FAN!

  14. Don’t buy it. The only thing you will have is regret. Samsung deserves all this negative press.

  15. SAMSUNG DO UPDATE THEIR PHONES!!!! My bro has 2.2 on his and has for ages. It is the US variations that struggled only.

  16. Who knew that companies had their own fanboys too lol. Not updating your phone is a serious offense in the Android world. If CM was on all Galaxy S phones then I’d consider it, but seeing how it’s not. I’m going to pass.

  17. @12
    Totally agree.
    Another solution is to root your phone and install any custom rom you want. Thats why Android is an awesome OS.

  18. Which carrier is going to have this phone? Sprint?

  19. Pyramid still sounds more tempting given it’s HTC, qHD, and HSPA+

  20. i’m good on samsung phones lol
    they don’t take care of their customers

  21. sounds absolutely amazing! till i read it was 4.5 wtf nooooo! i use my n1 more than my nexus S just because i like te size better and youre still making them bigger :( rage rage rage. if theres no <4 model i guess ill get a differant phone

  22. just flash one of the many great roms for it. I have a captivate with zero att bloat wear and 2.2… and it was super easy to do.

  23. hope it’s max 4.3 inch! Bigger than 4.3 it’s too much! Will buy it even if it’s 4.5inch…:)

  24. #NeverAgain

  25. Who cares if they never release an update. Just go to
    xda-developers and flash any number of fantastic ROMs.
    The developers there have made it SUPER EASY to customize your phone with very little risk.

  26. If u want anything past gingerbread they will also be making the galaxy s3 in a year or so

  27. This sounds like a fun phone. I always root/rom the phone…so I really dont care that much about OE updates. I only care for the GFs phones for OE updates

  28. I wish they released source code

  29. @28
    They do release source code, that’s why it’s called open-source. That’s why developpers are able to build custom ROMs so easily.

  30. This is going to be the biggest baddest phone for a good while.

  31. The current Galaxy S line is pretty strong still. Great hardware, the new goodies are finally coming out

  32. they’re sporting android 2.3 on this bad boy yet can’t even update its predecessor to 2.2? what a load of sh#$


  34. Great and I still do not have froyo on my epic.
    Don’t buy this they will not update it!!

  35. An unreleased phone has 2.3 before a phone that’s been out for almost half a year can get past 2.1? What a joke.

    I’m never buying a samsucks phone again, but this is perfect for people who want to use 2.3 for the next 2 years!

  36. 7. Kane wrote on February 4, 2011

    Never Agai… can’t wait for the phone!

    LOL!! Close to that thought actually with this phone….
    Can’t wait for the 4.5 inch!!! Soon to be a 5 for me I imagine..

  37. @32 they released 2.2 for the galaxy s line about 5 months ago. The US carriers are just incredibly slow at releasing them

  38. At least Samsung makes it very easy to root and mod their phones. I’ve been running 2.2 on my Vibrant since October. Boo-Hoo all you guys want but I’ll be past Gingerbread on my S2 long before Samsung catches up.

  39. “I don’t care what the specs are. Don’t buy this phone! Samsung will never update the OS. Ever.”


    oh thats right, my BAD. You don’t represent the International Samsung Galaxy S. You’re that typical American idiot who obviously thinks that the US is the centre of the world! sorry my bad!!!!

  40. I have 5.0. I modded my screen to be 3d. I have tripple core with 24hrs battery life. Also it fully charges my samsung in one hour! It uses retina To open my sammy. What’s up?!

  41. I think the “SAMSUCK” noobs on here are just haters. They obviously hate the fact that Samsung (on paper) makes better phones then theirs.

    Anyways this phone will be the one to get this year(2011).
    Phones which are released Q3 or Q4 will probably be on-par with this too. Orion > Tegra3

  42. @ 30.johnson
    This is going to be the biggest baddest phone for a good while.


  43. only if its not made of that awful plastic. too light.

  44. I have the Epic and while it’s a great phone, it is absolutely ridiculous that I haven’t haven’t received the previous warnings and bought it anyway.

    To all the people who say”just root” a. I shouldn’t have to just to get the updates that I should have anyway and b. Most of is aren’t that tech savvy to be able to understand how to root.

    I love the hardware but I’ll never buy another samsung phone ever again.

  45. Samsung? F@#k no! Never again, I will be happy with the Thunderbolt, and all of the super fast updates thank you.

  46. Is buying this phone over HTC Pyramid. Had both HTC and Samsung before. Still prefer HTc for its bigger screen and more XDA community but its just starting to get boring with HTC ‘s same old boring designs. Samsung you have a positive go from my side. But better make sure you compete with HTc’s or you will loose my vote.

  47. Well, I’m on T-Mobile and my Vibrant was updated to Froyo. It’s not Samsung folks, it’s the US carriers. The Froyo release for the Vibrant isn’t great, so I flashed Bionix-v and the phone rocks.

  48. I’m happy to hear that it has 4.5inch screen. Looking forward to a bigger screen. :)

  49. even though they did all of us galaxy s users bogus and i said never again samsung!! but… this… this just sounds so amazing!!! screw htc, lg and motorola!! i’m going to stick with samsung! (i hope they change their way of supporting suckers like us)

  50. Aren’t all the nexus phones updated directly from google and not the phone manufacturer or the service provider?

  51. If it has a dual core processor and at least 4.3″ screen and the release isn’t too far away, I’m going to cancel my order for optimus 2x. Unlike the folks at the US claim, Samsung isn’t too bad with the updates.

  52. samsung makes the best phones and best screen, so this will be my next phone.

  53. Samsung does kind of keep their international versions if the galaxy s updated bwcause of the popularity. Even if Samsung does not update their US phones, you have cyanogenmod to solve that. Samsung makes excellent hardware.

  54. Samsung plans to update Galaxy S with Gingerbread skipping Froyo. For 4.5″ display, they reduced the bezel size (top and sides). 8.9mm thick. It will be the thinnest phone in the world and the sexiest and the most beautiful and the best smartphone available to human beings. I cannot wait to have one.

  55. The S2 will have 4.3″ instead 4.5″…
    Also the S2 will have MiniHDMI port.

  56. yeah i feel sorry for the LG optimus 2x buyers because while the samsung will get 2.3 OS then the samsung owner will have to buy the galaxy 3 so it can run Firmware 3.0 . while the lg buyers will get there updates always. yeah i feel sorry for them

  57. Samsung has the best hardware. HTC has good build quality but uses Qualcomm hardware (terrible GPU’s!!!)

  58. This will be my next phone…finally the Android I’ve been waiting for…goodbye Windows Mobile!

  59. I read somewhere that the NS2 will have a micro SD slot as well.

  60. lol maybe they had to make it 4.3 or 4.5″ to make room for the microsd slot since the nexus s couldn’t fit it with the NFC reader

  61. It will come with Gingerbread.

    Then when all other Android phones have Android Icecream, it will still have Gingerbread.

    I will never buy another SAMDUNG phone after my experience with the Samsung Epic.

  62. I can’t wait for a 4.5″

  63. its the US CARRIERS to be blame
    we on asia got the updtae since last year
    pity u US CITIZENS..

  64. correction..update* :P


  65. Maybe the GPS will work, lmao!

  66. Who cares if Sam keeps these phones up to date on their sofware? It’ll be current at 2.3, but if Sammy doesn’t offer up the next gen software, then I’ll get it from the developers community, just like I am now on my Vibrant. I have no need for 2.2 update from Sammy or Tmo. I already had it and my version is better than the one they’re offering.

  67. I have th Uk 02 Galaxy S running 2.2.1 (2.2 onscreen ) and its very slow. Not much installed and yet slow.

    I would like 4.5″ screen and oled not LCD, but they really have to allow you option to stop things starting at boot, without having to root or 3rd party apps.

    I want msconfig for android LOL.

    its on giffgaff too…..

  68. it’s slow, riiiight lmao. Something is wrong with your phone. A galaxy s should still be faster than 99% of phones out there. Stop trolling.
    And I agree with Cactus. I’d get the S2 even if they didn’t update, which they will. What these kids don’t know is the data chart shows that HTC is in the lead when it comes to updates, then Samsung, then LG, then Motorola and Sony.

  69. er.. my gps works perfectly. The update has been released ages ago. Just release this phone already!!! I can’t wait to see it blow away everything :)

  70. funny how people are still crying about updates…. check the websites people, Motorola and HTC are doing the same damn thing!!!! Sammy, I rooted your phone and love it. No bloatware, custom kernels, custom themes, custom boot animations….. this will be the phone my wife gets.

  71. @20 samsung doesn’t take care of their customers? oh please.. my epic 4g is running 2.1 and still runs faster than 95.9% of all of the other android phones running 2.2.. i’m well taken care of.

  72. Grr
    Good specs, my galaxy s is a lemon though, finally got a working one after 3 repairs they just exchanged it… software is fine but hardware… the faith is gone, even with nice specs like that i dont actually beleive it will even perform, whats the use of a 8mp camera if your photos randomly get erased? Samsung should stick to making hardware for the real companies to use.

  73. i dont care how good the sceen or how fast the processor is, and i dont care if it will grant me 3 wishes. I will stay away from it. No update no customer support and false advertise and lie to customers over and over. Where is my promised froyo for epic that you said gonna release LAST YEAR fking samshet. For those going for galaxy2 goodluck getting any sort of update before your 2yr contract oer.

  74. I love my Samsung, keep up the great work! I’m running the latest Android from Google. You can either go with Samsungs 2.2 update or a myriad of custom roms on XDA. Can’t wait for the S2!!!

  75. I wish they kept the 4 inch screen though. 4.5 is like too big.

  76. @Ibe.

    Um, you’re just plain stupid. You could wish for HoneyComb, MeganFox and 2 million dolla. That would be an awesome phone. And my Vibrant has 2.2 and it’s awesome.

  77. You shouldn’t have to risk bricking your phone just to get an update. Rooting isn’t the safest option always. I’ve tried to root my G2, and something is going on. For some reason, it won’t TempRoot at all. I follow the video directions, but it won’t TempRoot. That’s signs telling me that if I keep trying, Ima have a sweet lookin paper weight. So no. I don’t want to get a phone hoping that I’d be able to hack into it and update it. That’s what people are saying.

    One more thing I want to know. If you root your phone, can you take Samsung Touch Wiz off your phone making it Vanilla Android? If that’s so, I’d get a Samsung phone, because I have the WiiMote app, but it doesn’t work if the phone runs Touch Wiz or Sense, which I use this app 24/8 (that’s not a typo. LoL!!) so thats limiting my phone choices. Though I love the Nexus 1 (bump that S), and love keyboards, so I’m on the G2. But yea… If I can get rid of the touch wiz, it’ll be cool playing games on this phone with the huge screen.

  78. if you people are sooooo concerned about getting your phone up to date, go get Nexus branded phone.. Oh wait! Nexus one hasnt got the gingerbread yet! Im so sorry for these HTC fanboys but none of HTC devices got the gingerbread yet.

  79. @No_Nickname90 there’s literally 0 chance of bricking your phone installing a new rom unless u do something incredibly retarded… installing a corrupt file or interrupting installation of a rom will only require u to reinstall

    The only real way to brick your phone is to install a new radio and prematurely turn off your phone and cancel installation, and you won’t need to install a new radio in most cases anyways

  80. and also to answer your question yes you can remove touchwiz if you root, the rom maker would have to simply not include it in his/her rom

  81. all i’m asking for is NO MORE CHEAP GLOSSY PLASTIC BATTERY COVER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  82. Dont ruin it with a 4.3!! 4″ is the perfect size D;


  84. @ No_Nickname90 Just wanted to take a moment to reply to you and answer some questions. First, while rooting does have some minor risks involved, you have the same risk when updating from the manufacturer. Have you not read the forums in the past where carrier updates have bricked phones? There is always some risk involved but its pretty minor in comparison to what you get for it. Next, you asked if we could remove Touchwiz off our Samsung phones. Well the good news is yes. I’m running the Bionix V 1.2 rom from TeamWhiskey. They been offering two versions of roms for the Vibrant, one with TouchWiz and one without TouchWiz (aka Vanilla Android). Now hows that for service?? And now they’re offering both wiping and non-wiping Roms as well, with one giving you a new perfectly clean phone and the other leaving all your apps and settings intact. Hope this helps you make an informed decision.

  85. All the people saying updates don’t matter cuz xda will fix it r noobs. Xda froyo roms for all us gs are just themes on top of the leaked froyo. The reason it is important for the company to update is for the kernal source code for the new o. s. Thats why all the “custom froyo roms” for the gs are touch wiz based w/out over clocking. We will never see 2.2 or 2.3 aosp on the gs untill kernal source is released by sammy

  86. Bionix is not vanilla android. There are no vanilla aka aosp roms for the gs. Only roms that have the tw launcher removed. They all still have the tw frame work

  87. ive got a galaxy s and ive got 2.2.1 on it and i didnt have to root or anything

  88. yup, many people already got 2.2 on their vibrant without rooting. Btw, the Galaxy is almost impossible to brick. It’s foolproof. There is a reason why Google chose Samsung for their new nexus. When the Orion drops, the bull#$@! stops

  89. Who the heck would spend money on a thunderbolt (the phone after your dream phone?) when it has a REGULAR lcd screen?

  90. 480X800 worse than my Droid 1

  91. It doesn’t matter how good their hardware is. I won’t buy any Samsung as long as they keep taking ages to update their phone’s software.

  92. I own a Samsung.
    I own an HTC.

    I will never buy a Samsung again. And folks that will buy one because of the specs are stupid because you will never have full ROMs for these phones is Samsung never releases their sourcecode as they are supposed to as a member of OHA. But they don’t do that either.

    Samsung is technically in violation of their OHA agreement and Google should give them the boot. Then they can sell out of the Bada/Bing non-sense they want.

    Hardware does not make a phone. HTC (Pyramid) and now Motorola (Atrix) and LG (Optimus Black, 3D and 2X) are going to do some serious schooling of Sammy on phones in 2011. #Neveragain

  93. Just one question for all the Samsung defenders out there, how many of you did rooting your Galaxy S fix your GPS?


  94. Screw samsung instead of updating their phones they jus come out with different one’s with the updated software, but it never goes past that. They don’t like to updAte their phone so when a version of Android comes out, instead of updating they abandon the phone and jus come out with new phones instead. They have the worst record when it comes to updating so until that’s fixed who cares what they come out wit

  95. Samsung might not be best at updating the firmware.

    Galaxy S stayed somewhat inferior before 2.2 leaked from Samsung but when 2.2 was leaked it made my Vibrant superior than any Android phone available in the market up to date(besides Nexus S).

    I love the Super Amoled and I will love Super Amoled Plus even more.

    Maybe those HTC owners can feel little better about faster update UNTIL Samsung owners get update that. HTC will not update your LCD to Super Amoled until you die.

  96. oh god 4.50 i love it i wanna samsung galaxy s2 4.50 i have samsung galaxy si9000.and htc hd2.iphone 3gs.but 4.50 amazing please samsung release soon as soon in india .this s2 4,50 smartphone.


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