Next-Gen Aava Core Based on Intel Medfield CPU, Runs Android and MeeGo


In the world of Intel Androids there aren’t many options, but Aava’s second-generation of their aptly named Aava Core platform is hoping to bolster the ranks. Based around Intel’s Medfield (the followup to their Moorsetown mobile processor), the new Aava Core will be shown off at MWC packaged inside a developer-grade handset measuring only 8.9mm in thickness (it may or may not look something like their first-generation hardware shown above).

The integrated CPU/modem is calibrated to support both Android and MeeGo, but Aava doesn’t plan on launching the phone to consumers. Instead they are aiming to get it into the hands of developers to showcase its power and drum up some interest in the platform.

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  1. I’ll take one to develop for.

  2. that orange one is hot

  3. looks hot but looks uncomfortable the bottom shape? ouch?

  4. Yeah where do we sign up? I’d love to be a test developer :D

  5. hotmann, totally agree. That orange one looks slick.

  6. i would like to sign up to develop please

  7. Not a developer, but I’ll take one! Orange or not.

  8. sexy.

  9. What is MeeGo exactly? it’s another OS right? Not exactly the best time for a new OS I would thing. With Android dominating and WP7 just entering… I really don’t think another one will take off…. if it did… Android would still most likely beat it.

  10. Dude, once Intel gets into the smartphone processor business ARM will be a thing of the past


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