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Business Insider threw together a little chart showing HTC’s gross profits before and after Android. You’ll notice right around the time a certain monster Android handset launched HTC’s income turned up and never stopped. Sure, their first few Android device’s might not have caught on right away, but by the time the HTC EVO 4G launched on Sprint, the future was clear.

[via Business Insider]

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  1. I would like to see an cross carrier evo like device that could be sold unlocked. It should have the ability to run Sense or vanilla Android.

  2. @Lee: That would be great!

  3. wow, you sure can dream.

  4. yay another article for Richard to brag about Sprint and his precious EVO, too bad its not as good as the upcoming ThunderBolt :P

  5. I <3 my Droid Incredible… HTC made it live upto it's name…

  6. and if i recall correctly, a certain “Droid” phone launched by HTC in April, BEFORE the EVO. the Incredible. EVO launched in July.

    January 2010 – NEXUS ONE
    April 2010 – Droid Incredible
    July 2010 – EVO 4G

  7. Yeah R is a zealot but I have to say I have loved my EVO too. It has aged very well (in tech age). I am amazed how Sprint is still advertising it..Web, TV and still doing promotions with it like it just came out a week ago.

    Sprint can thank HTC EVO for their upswing last year too. That being said, I am really looking forward to EVO-Z in June.

  8. No EVO launched June 6th last year.

  9. @Goldini, eh, off by a month, no biggie

    but its notable to mention that HTC did a great job and replenishing stock even during that AMOLED shortage last year which caused the Incredible to lag behind other devices at launch for the first few months, it later happened to the EVO but other parts were to blame.

    either way, I’m a HUGE HTC fan and I look forward to ThunderBolt and seeing what else they plan on unveiling at MWC in the next two weeks XD

  10. I have a Verizon friend frothing at the mouth over the Tunderbolt. He’s getting it after falling in love with my EVO. Kind of neat how Evo was the first 4G phone for Spring and now it’s big brother the Bolt will be Verizon’s first in about a week and a half. It is one sexy looking phone!

  11. ‘t’

  12. HTC EVO? Thats a North America only phone
    What about the hugely successful HTC Desire in Europe? Which is the Google Nexus One’s cousin
    Not forgetting about the HTC Hero, HTC Desire Z, HTC Desire HD and the HTC Wildfire
    You saying that these phones did nothing to their success? and that all that profit has come from the Evo alone?

  13. I think it’s a perfectally acceptable argument to make that mostly the EVO contributes to that high peak mid year 2010. I mean take a look at the general public, most of the HTC phones you will see are EVO’s. And as for the whole Thunderbolt vs EVO debate. Lets not forget that the EVO came out more than 6 months ago. There’s been much time for improvement and those improvements to the Thunderbolt don’t seem very substantial. If anything, the Thunderbolt of this year will play the roll the incredible did last year to whatever new HTC phone comes to Sprint.

  14. I remember talking to a Verizon rep after the Incredible launched saying that they underestimated how popular it was going to be. When my friend was going to upgrade from his D1, he wanted to get the Inc. but it was still backordered, so he waited a week & got the X when it dropped. He said he didn’t mind the X but still wishes he could’ve got the Inc.

    I think the same could be said for the Evo on Sprint. While they estimated a lil closer how popular it was going to be, they still shot a lil low. And, even with everything that has come out since, it’s still a top tier phone. For me on Verizon, can’t wait to try out it’s cousin the tbolt.

  15. Rich I agree. That being said, the Thunderbolt will be a huge success I think. I think of it as EVO version 2.5 really. I Imagine it would be a real beast rooted and overclocked! The hands-on at CES were really positive. A couple of the attendees were thinking they were playing with a dual core device (check the videos for proof). The second gen Snapdragon is very zippy (at least from the CES videos and previews).

  16. Go Android, go HTC. One of best manufacteres on market. HTC and Samsung are taking the new stuardship of Android and leading pack into the future. HTC showing best high profits of all handset makers in world for a reason. Looks like HTC will soon buy and bury crApple for good leaving Android to prosper into the future.

  17. So why hasn’t Nokia jumped to Android, yet??

  18. To me, the Hero seemed like the first ‘big’ Android phone. Probably biased because it was my first Android – but it was the first I saw adverts for… even if those adverts were only seen a few months after buying the phone.

    Now I’m onto the Desire HD and feeling proud to be one step ahead of most people in the UK :)

  19. nexus one forever!!!!! until im ready to upgrade to the next vanilla android device

  20. See you can make money using open source. I’d rather use tin cans and string than a Windows powered phone. Screw M$.

  21. Without a doubt, the best Android OEM. Can’t wait to see what they have to offer us at MWC.

  22. @djones: yes! I loved the look of the Desire and wish it had come to the US. Now I have the N1 and love it. Needless to say, I am an HTC fanboy now. I handled a Droid X and HATED how Blur changed android. I bought an Incredible for my wife to use on a pay-per-min provider, and i think I like Sense even better than my vanilla android. I think the Thunderbolt will be a HUGE success. I tell everyone I know, why get an iphone when you can have the Thunderbolt a few weeks later (hopefully)

  23. Evo launched June 4th.

  24. You missed one important phone, the G1. The hardware was made by HTC. Its amazing how quick people forget things….

  25. Personally I think you are all forgetting the HTC desire. That was one of the biggest selling tones for HTC in Europe its was the decision maker for many to convert from apple to android hence why they made the big sisters or the desire range to deliver for the European market.

    For the competitors within android maybe not the winner but when released it was a defenate iPhone killer and hit them hard and gave HTC desire the no1 phone of 2010

  26. EVO 2 on sprint please! The shift doesn’t count as EVO 2. I’m talking dual core, large screen, etc.

  27. You guys forget that the G1/Dream, MyTouch 3G/Magic, G2/Desire, and the T-Mobile exclusive MYTOUCH 4G have really contributed to HTC’s success.

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