Rumor: Verizon 4G Unlimited Data Plans to Debut at $29.99


Droid-Life has received a couple of independent tips from within Verizon that unlimited data pricing for 4G LTE smartphones will be $29.99 – the same price of admission for 3G, currently. Other murmurs suggest the $29.99 is just the cost of enabling data period, while a premium could be tacked on if you wish to surf via 4G. I’d say this is kind of like Sprint’s plans, except they are forcing every smartphone owner to pay the $10 data premium, 4G phone or otherwise. Let’s hope they end up going the all-you-can-eat for $29.99 route.

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  1. Rule of thumb: If it’s too good to be true, it is.

  2. /\ What he said.

  3. $30 for 4g gets them Sprint’s customers.

  4. Not sustainable. People could drop their landline DSL/cable/Fiber connection and keep only their LTE smartphone.

  5. If this is true maybe I should considering switching to Verizon instead of to AT&T.

  6. I’m still confused. Is is 30 bucks for 3G plus another $30 for 4G resulting in $60 a month! ahh no thanks if thats the case

  7. If I had a reliably fast 4g connection with unlimited data on my phone, with tethering, I would dump Road Runner.

  8. Regardless of plan pricing, the average person is not going to drop their landlines for mobile internet. And if they do, they are probably not going to be consuming as much internet at home on their PCs. Who one earth wants to be tethered to a phone ALL THE TIME? I am sure some will do it, but I don’t think the numbers are as high as people are saying. Plenty of people’s 3G service is already as fast or faster than their land lines, and you don’t see a mass cable/DSL exodus in favor of mobile tethering.

  9. Sprint’s data is included in all their plans, even with the $10 premium its still cheaper than Verizon. Verizon $30 is for 4G is the same as their $30 for 3G and its tacked on to their voice plans or voice/txt plans. Comparatively Sprint is still cheaper and everything is rolled up into one plan.

  10. Could we get Verizon’s definition of “unlimited” please?
    I’m pretty sure unlimited for them means 5G.

    While my land line ISP unlimited pretty much means as much as I can download.

  11. Myverizon unlimited crosses 5 gigs every month. No cap.

  12. Sprint
    450 Min (unlimited calls to any network), Night Min start at 7 PM, Unlimited Data, 3G/4G, Unlimited SMS/MMS, $79.99

    450 Min (unlimited calls to Verizon phones), Night Min start at 9 PM, Unlimited Data, 3G, Unlimited SMS/MMS, $89.99

    How is Verizon cheaper?

  13. @beta He means using the tethering option as his only internet connection.. and i’m sure after rooting the Tbolt, you’ll be able to do at no extra cost…. but i’m sure there’s a cap on the “unlimited” data.

    If you’re single or live alone it makes sense to do the tethering option.

  14. It’s the same price if you get special discounts (;

    Verizon: (with special discount)
    450 min, unlimited m2m
    Unlimited txt and calling

    Sprint: (with 15% student discount, corporate discounts may be higher)
    450 min, unlimited to mobile phones
    Unlimited txt and data
    $69.99 ($59.99 + $10 4g)

  15. Kelvin, what’s the “special discount” you’re talking about with Verizon??

  16. Dan: employee discounts, student discounts, etc. Normally the third party vendors are more willing to help you out with one of those discounts.

  17. Please clarify if this pricing includes unlimited 3G as well. I doubt it. It sounds like too good to be true.

  18. @kelvin

    Does that verizon plan include the unlimited data?

    Off topic: can’t wait until wimax comes to tulsa!

  19. Anon, what are you smoking? Even with the $10 premium a plan with voice, text and data is dramatically cheaper on Sprint than on Verizon.

  20. If this is true…I will get the Thunderbolt so quickly…well once I have the money, and after the palm event, then wait for that new Incredible HD thing, then debate in my head for quite a while, then make my decision. Which will most likely just stay with my Incredible.

  21. It seems pretty clear Verizon is willing to give those who sign up early a lower cost of entry. Besides $30 for 3G/4G since 4G rollout is still going to take 2 years to cover all existing 3G coverage areas it makes sense. Besides 4G requires fewer towers compared to 3G in the same footprint.

    The pricing games are one now, and unless the carriers collude to keep pricing inflated (illegal) then we can benefit. Clearly AT&T is scared of Verizon, a) HTC Inspire is the old HTC Desire HD old specs, NOT a 4G phone but a 3.5G phone, ThunderBolt has updated specs and is a 4G LTE phone. AT&T has to drop their pants to get users to stay, I say FU and leave AT&T, if they gouged you for the last 4 iPhone years then you overpaid.

  22. I do. tether my phone to my internet. It’s only 3G and still faster than my local basic dsl. I save $; I do not duplicate a service multiple times; I do not need high speed internet to play silly games; and there are bluetooth options so that one is not literally tethered to their laptop.

  23. It’s not clear from this article if that pricing includes unlimited 3G as well or not. I doubt that includes unlimited 3G. That sounds like too good to be true. I think they should also give option of getting 4G phones with only 3G plan.

  24. To all those above about Verizon/Sprint pricing. Verizon has a sort of hidden plan that if you look around you can get on it.
    I currently have 4 phones on a 1600 min family plan, unlimited messaging and data on all 4 phones. Total bill is 170/month. Works out to be 42.50 including all taxes and fees. Won’t be beating that with Sprint. And I’ve yet to find someone that will argue Sprint’s data/voice network is more robust than Verizon’s. I left AT&T to go to Verizon and have been more than pleased with the network.

  25. To all who asked, yes Verizon’s plan does include “unlimited” data. I don’t read the fine print so I don’t know if unlimited means 5Gb or what, but people seem to say its unlimited. Sprint is cheaper for the mass but Verizon is cheaper for the exclusives. And for all who are interested, check slickdeal’s forums for the Verizon deal I mentioned. Some people had luck with it, some didn’t.

  26. @Genius, do you think everyone who reads this is an idiot? What hidden plan? Hidden somewhere in your imagination I bet!!!

  27. @Chris

    Not to start any kind of debate or argument but every company gives exclusive discounts of some sort to its exclusive customers. You’re just not one of them.

  28. @zorxd – not everyone lives in techie world like us. 95% of customers don’t even know about free tethering, let alone HOW to do it. They WILL, however, continue to pay for the phones’ mobile hot spot feature as well as purchase mobile hot spots with a monthly price tag. Unlimited 4G data on VZW will have the same effect on the company and consumers as the unlimited 3G data has – little to none.

  29. @ Juan their cheaper because they work everywhere and i would much rather pay 10 more bucks for service instead of no service. but thats just me maybe you want to pay for nothing

  30. I get a 25% corporate discount on VZW & Sprint. I was with VZW for the past 16 years but I switched to Sprint. VZW got too big & doesn’t care about the customer anymore. They think if you leave they will just get someone else. So far I like sprint. The customer service has been great. And they are cheaper and the give you more than VZW. I have an EVO and it has been the best phone I have owned.

  31. Here is why Verizon can do this and why you can’t trade in your home connection…

    4G unlimited data (Will include 3g and lower levels as well) will end up going for $29.99 which is the same as the 3G data plan now on my incredible.

    Oh you want tethering? $20 more a month and this is capped at 2GB per month with a $10 charge for each additional GB.

    So yeah you get unlimited on your phone which is good for video skype or netflix or what not but tether to your home PC/Laptop/Ipad and everything over 2GB costs.

    This is currently the 3G deal I am on and I have been told that early 4G will be the same thing with tiered pricing come in the future and most likely allowing older plans to be grandfathered in and stay the same.

  32. Sprint vs. Verizon pricing is $10 difference on their 450 min, unlimited text & data plan. Is that 10 buck make a difference when you can’t make a call due to lack of coverage (sprint) ?

  33. To all those above about Verizon/Sprint pricing. Verizon has a sort of hidden plan that if you look around you can get on it.
    I currently have 4 phones on a 1600 min family plan, unlimited messaging and data on all 4 phones. Total bill is 170/month. Works out to be 42.50 including all taxes and fees. Won’t be beating that with Sprint. And I’ve yet to find someone that will argue Sprint’s data/voice network is more robust than Verizon’s. I left AT&T to go to Verizon and have been more than pleased with the network.

    UMMM I looked around on the site…. where do I find that plan

  34. Most veterans and active duty military fail to realize they can receive upto 18% of the primary portion of the plan just from using their LES or DD214 .. just about every carrier offers it.

  35. @ cj agate

    You CAN’T find it on the website…that’s sort of the whole point. It’s an EXCLUSIVE PLAN for EXCLUSIVE CUSTOMERS.

  36. With my discount from sprint I can have 5 phones w/mobile to any mobile, 1500 min. sprint tv unlimited data etc. and many other things that vzw doesn’t have. example; I get to upgrade my phone every year. All for $150 for the 5 phones. Remember I was with vzw for 16 years and would not have left but they don’t care about their customers anymore & they can’t match what sprint gives you for the money.

  37. @ Kelvin

    What do you need to be exclusive .. I have 5 lines and never late …. or do I need a relative at Verizon!!!

  38. For what its worth, i turned on my (free) tethering on my (rooted) vzw incredible so my friends with an EVO 4g could get internet fast enough to stream video, as sprint was slowing down too much, all while i was too surfing. Not slamming sprint, just saying that Verizon in general does better with their internet connections. If it’s 10 more a month, it’s still worth it to me.

  39. Guys, these plans aren’t even that exclusive… you simply contact Verizon and see if you work for one of their eligible employers. I work for Hilton and get 20% off.. a LOT of employers qualify for this!

  40. OK!! There is a little law called “Unfair Trade Practices”, which in a nutshell says, “IF” a reasonably prudent person were to construe the terms as “Unlimited” meaning there is NO limit then the seller is liable for what it is they offer. Now lets put this in context: UNLIMITED means no, nada, zip, zilch, zero (how the hell else can you say it) limits. And if they, VZW, were imposing some extra cost after a 5G (some other arbitrary freaking number) a Federal Judge WOULD sign off on a class action law suit, ala AT&T imposing the reduced data package to new customers. Does anybody pay attention to their rights or are they all FREAKING lemmings these days.

  41. @incredible with verizon even if you are a veteran you cant, discounts are only offered to currently enlisted military.

  42. @Jeff, there is no way in hell you can get 5 phones from Sprint at $150.00, with that plan with the discounts.

    @ Juan, your an idiot. Check the Sprint’s and Verizon websites again for the pricing. Your way off.

  43. Ahhhhh Why dont u just let the idiots b idiots and let them find the awesome deals if they’re determined enough. and yes they are all lemmings. lol oh there is a cliff.

    450 mins and $5 txt plan with unlim data 4g thru verizon is 75 dolla which is bout 5 dolla more than sprints “everything data” plan for 69.99.

    now do u really need all the txting really when u can just send a f’n email which would b apart of yer data plan. and save yer txts for pic mail and the occasional lazy txt.

    lets use our heads. we are supposed to be geeks (smart)

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