Konami Continues Their Android Push with PES 2011


Konami took a while to come to Android compared to other big names such as EA and Activision, but I’ve always been a big believer in “better late than never.” They’ve unleashed their first game: a football franchise – Pro Evolution Soccer. A quick glance at the game’s preview shots show it’s no kiddy finger-flicking slouch of an experience.

It’s a realistic footie game for fans of the sport. (And there are a lot of you.) As EA holds exclusive rights to FIFA clubs, Konami uses UEFA clubs for their games. You won’t care about the lack of FIFA once you get a kick out of the gameplay, though. (This is assuming it’s anything like the handheld versions.) Find it in the Android market right now for about $6.90. [via Droid Gamers]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yay inter in screen shot.. whats gameplay like?

  2. can I use the wiimote and classic controller for this game?

  3. WOW. Love it. I hate EA’s

  4. Is Konami part of Square Enix? I didn’t realize they had a part in Crystal Defenders. I might have to try this one.

  5. whoops @ Vince. Thanks for the spot.

  6. Umm, Quentyn, I am positive their first game they released was Frogger… Which has been out for a few months..

  7. fantastic gameplay overall.Slight lag here and there and not the biggest fan of the bopxes on either side, but if it was full screen it would top any soccer game out for android currently.Graphics wise it’s beeter then real football 11 and about as well done as fifa but overall much smoother and more realistic where there’s actually a free kick here and there and corners are done much better.GO GET THIS NOW!! For sure worth the money

  8. This game doesn’t use all of the screen on my SGS.

  9. Yeah I noticed that too with my Samsung Galaxy S. I’m going back Real Soccer 2011 (or Football depending on where your from).

  10. Anyone else had Airplay problems with this or is it due to my device not meeting requirements (Hero 2.1 stock, rooted)?

  11. Ok so there was an update for this game on the market and i hoped it would fix the not using all of the screen issue but after i updated it doesn’t work anymore anymore at all.

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