Groundhog’s Day is Tomorrow, You Didn’t Need an App to Tell You (Here Is One Anyway)


For those unaware, us red-blooded Americans enjoy celebrating a rather peculiar holiday every February 2nd: Groundhog’s Day. It is on this day that we await the emergence of the fabled Punxsutawney Phil from his hole to alert us to the long-term outlook on winter weather. If he sees his shadow and runs in his hole, that’s six more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow, spring is ahead.

Judging by the icy weather outside and the blizzard plaguing most of the midwest, the future looks bleak. But we will know for sure in less than a day, and now there is an Android app to keep you abreast of Phil’s maneuvers. Free on GetJar, the app counts down to the ceremony, allows you to send out messages to your contacts with Groundhog’s Day greetings, and even vote on a poll for the result of the groundhog’s big day out.

Yes, it’s silly, but here’s to warmer days ahead! Grab it at the GetJar link below.

[GetJar via ChipChick]

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  1. Searched getjar and no luck finding it.

  2. Bill Murray installed the app and it just put his phone in a boot loop. It’s rebooting the same thing over and over and over.

  3. Anybody from PA that hates that stupid thing as much as I do?

  4. @alephxero lmao!

  5. So it’s either 6 more weeks of winter or an early spring. Here in Minnesota, 6 more weeks of winter would be an early spring!

  6. I think the groundhog might be more accurate than many climatologists today.

  7. I was unaware of this Groundhug’s day and red-blooded Americans enjoy it…

    Also, what do u mean by red-blooded Americans ???


  8. The funniest thing about Groundhog Day: the groundhog does his thing on “Gobbler’s Knob”.

  9. The only people who enjoy (or give a damn) about this stupid holiday are the news networks. P-Phil is never right and even when he is, who cares. It’s the most ridiculous event ever invented.
    Just my 2cents.

  10. After going thru all the trouble of tracking down the app it turns out its half written and wants to send messages to my contacts? I dont think so. I shoulda known it was bogus when they couldn’t even get the name of the holiday right: It’s GROUNDHOG DAY!

  11. @hhalid that had me cracking up! hahhahahahahahhha ima post that link on facebook and twitter! lol

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