NOOKcolor Honeycomb Port Now Available for Installation


Google is set to give an in-depth preview of Android 3.0 Honeycomb at a special event tomorrow, but if you own a NOOKcolor and aren’t averse to tinkering with your devices software you can get your own preview right now. The Honeycomb port for the NOOKcolor developed by XDA member deeperblue is now available for download.

The ROM runs off an SD card, and despite its release to the public still needs some work. Currently graphics acceleration, Wi-Fi, touchscreen control, accelerometer, and sleep/wake are all supported. You can find all the info you need to install it over at the source link below.

[xda-developers via Android Central]

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  1. These are some bad boys at xda.

  2. I think its funny,the nook is receiving all this love and none for the tab. I mean its great for the nook and the community as a whole but I think you would want to pimp the best out there first….IMO

  3. @mike
    They are doing the best first….best value.

    For $250 the Nook Color lacks gps and camera, but otherwise is pretty similar to the galaxy tab.
    I’m betting there are more NC’s sold than tabs.

  4. That is probably true,but the tab is an actual tablet, which I’m certain will never see gingerbread I’m glad I waited before just jumping on it when it came out.

  5. @Mike
    Nope. This thing is inexpensive, which is what the tablet community needs if its going to take off.
    Tabs aren’t functional enough yet to replace your laptop. They’re an extra gadget that makes life nominally easier. $250 easier. Not $700 easier.
    Go Nook!

  6. I’m not hating on the book,I’m actually amazed with the little engine that could it has going for it,but the tablet has taken off look at the sales of the i-pad….I’m pretty sure the xoom will be the game changer for Android ;)

  7. It’s the best bang for the buck out there (even with the recent Tab price cuts). No 2 year contracts or monthly fees, easily rooted, un-brickable, solid construction, inexpensive but not cheap, and a host of developers working on ROMs for this little ereader that could. Picked one up yesterday, rooted, and already have it as customized as my Nexus One.

  8. See that’s the exact reason I’m going to get a book for my kids. The damn i-pad commercials had my daughter wanting one and I’m like ehhhhh that’s a little pricey for a 7yr a book fits the bill perfectly! Hey if she breaks it oh well its only $250 outta my pocket not 6 lol

  9. Nook oops :p

  10. Bought a NC Saturday, rooted it within an hour of getting it home. Re-flashed it last night with update 1.1.0 from Barns & Noble. Lovin’ it!

  11. oh, yeah, and will honeycomb it tonight…

  12. AMAZING.

  13. i guess I know what my next two days off are going to be spent on. Honeycombing my NC and eating honeycomb cereal.

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