Samsung Further Teases Galaxy S2 And More With Unpacked Update


Maybe my memory escapes me… but the last time I remember using their Samsung Unpacked promotional website was a LONG time ago. A friendly tipster (thanks Eric!) wrote in to let us know the site has been updated and it’s all about the Galaxy goodness we’ll be getting at MWC 2011.

Two promotional videos tell us almost nothing… except that Samsung will be announcing the next Galaxy S device.

Beyond the teaser Samsung has 3 hidden videos named D-1, D-2, and D-3:

To me that sounds pretty darn ripe for a 3D announcement… you know… 3 different dimensions? LG just announced their Optimus 3D and I wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung followed suit. But I thought we already knew Samsung would announce the Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy S2?

In fact, the unpacked site seems to tip off that the Galaxy S2 will be one of the devices on hand. Notice the “Galaxy S II” in the finer white print?

If you won’t be in Barcelona you can always tune into Phandroid for all the news you’ll need, but as you can see above, Samsung will also be broadcasting the event live.

What do you think Samsung will be announcing? Any surprises you care to predict?

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BREAKING: LG Optimus 3D Both Plays And Records 3D Content

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  1. to bad idc im getting tbolt if it comes out soon

  2. My son has the Fascinate, great hardware but GPS doesn’t work, have to reboot every so often. I wonder if this one will see lower sales.

  3. dual core and quality performance all around. All I want.

  4. It’s so thin!

    …That’s what she said.

  5. I have a feeling this is going to be an amazing phone. Atrix 4g better still look amazing after this announcement :(

  6. A samsung product? Yawn….I don’t want.

  7. If this isn’t for Verizon (which I doubt it is), it unfortunately doesn’t affect me. I wish….

  8. 1.) LED notification light 2.) flash for camera 3.) sd slot (unlike nexus s). The rest I don’t much care for except I hope that the dual-core samsung orion processor rumors are true.

  9. Froyo on their phones?

  10. If it has an Orion dual-core processor, I’m all for it.

  11. gonna end up like their galaxy tab that nobody buys, everyone knows better that thing will never get updated. we wont be fool again samsung

  12. I don’t care if it never gets updated as long as it has good specs.

  13. 1) LED notification light
    2) Camera flash
    3) 540 x 960 screen resolution

  14. You can see a reflection of the phone in the glass behind the woman holding it in teh first vid around the 13sec mark

  15. Do we know what carrier is getting the S2?

  16. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me, Samsung.

  17. SAMSUCK for the LOSS. wont fool me again. picked up a used evo and much happier than that Epic piece of crap. The screen is the only thing the epic had going for it. certainly not support from the manufacturer

  18. A device that will never be updated and put on the back burner to Motorola and iOS? A device that totes the most vivid display on the market with nothing to watch because people at Netflix are all apple fanboi’s?

    Soooooo done with Samsung. Also, the game.

  19. i wanna porkrind sabbatical on the horizon shmea tasvich? ahh wicky wah!

  20. does samsung phones still come with free gift? free fake gps? haha

  21. You get a “un-glow” back shot of it, in the reflection of the woman in white, in both teasers.

  22. This is the phone to look for folks. The king has returned.

  23. Only way I would ever in the history of mustard consider Samsung is if they ship stock android

  24. Though it does look REALLY thin….

  25. I’ll pass. No matter how good it sounds I’ll still pass. No more samsung phones for me.

  26. I cant believe samsung thinks any of us will ever buy another samsung phone…i dont care watt it is wat it does it will never get suppoert from the cel phone provider or samsung sry samsung u fooled me once but not again

  27. All this hate for Samsung, yet no one seems to care that Sony Ericsson didn’t release Éclair until like what, last month? May be X10 will finally get Froyo in October 2011, when everyone else is on 2.5.

    Samsung promised Froyo update in September, and it came out just one month late. The GPS works fine on 90% of the phones. Also, most of the problems are associated with variants of the I9000. May be if US carriers stop demanding all these ridiculous variants there won’t be so many different problems.

  28. yes!
    :D we all know deep down this is gunna be the 2011 killer phone no matter how much some of you hate the big S.

    “The king has returned” – indeed


  29. I don’t know why you guys all hate samsung. I’ve had my Galaxy S since October and I still love it. Aside from the GPS, which I don’t use it’s been all good. The only issue I had is that the phone bricked, and my carrier refused to replace it. I called Samsung directly and they took it back, no questions asked. They were very polite and helpful. I don’t really care about the froyo update, which I have anyways because of XDA.

  30. I have a SGS(i9000) and im extremely happy with it. People here hate on samsung when actually they should be hating on US cariers, who still hasnt released froyo.
    Looking forward to this =]

  31. 1) LED notification light
    2) Camera flash
    3) 540 x 960 screen resolution
    4) 3D

  32. Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be awesome and come with Froyo!!!! Which means you’ll never get an upgrade to Gingerbread… no thanks Samsung.

  33. I just don’t think I could use it with that annoying bright light on all the time, you would think that you’re it would hurt your eyes…..

  34. I think they will announce that they will not make any new software updates and that buying the newest galaxy is the only way to get froyo.

  35. Currently have the Captivate – first and final Samsung phone. I’ve been through the phone turning itself off, non-performing gps, extremely laggy performance, and still on 2.1. Buh. Bye.

  36. Awesome phone! However, if this is US phone expect to either not to receive updates or to wait until your phone is old to receive it. Obvious that Samsung just focuses on new hardware and not their current customers.

  37. Woah new phone! Kewl beans! … Oh it’s a Samsung? LOL I’ll pass.

  38. Even if it’s a superb phone with mind blowing specs I won’t be buying it. And the reason for that is that the device is a Samsung. They never update their software! Just shove standard/vanilla Android on it and let Google handle the updates, as simple as that. I’ll wait for HTC to come up with something similar or better (as they care about updating software and thus about their customers).

  39. I think Sammy has earned the hate by ignoring the obvious need to update to 2.2. The best way to look at it is you need to accept the product you buy and view any update as a gift!

  40. The king phone.

  41. Hey, I have an idea, how about Samsung release Android 2.2 or even better 2.3 for my Fascinate and all the others that are being screwed. We were all told at least 2.2. Were is my os upgrade Samsung and Verizon. Liars and con artist. Never buy another Samsung product.

  42. I’m not so sure “king phone” is going to apply here,awesome specs yeah,but its going to be locked to 2.2 maybe……and I’m stretching the maybe 2.3.

  43. Tmobile has the update and the other carriers will be releasing it soon. Chill with all the hate. This phone will blow any other dual core phone. For the atrix fans your days are short-lived because this phone will have a better cpu and gpu. If you dont want to buy any other samsung product that is fine. You can sit and wait and watch the world go by.

  44. Well the only reason the updatesare coming is because they are bringing out this phone. Hell I’ve had my 2.2 update for the Evo since august….so the carrier holding back the update holds no water. But thats a separate issue. I’m sure the phone itself will be quite amazing, but not as earth shattering as most ppl think,besides this is Android it will last 6-8 months tops before being runned over by something else.

  45. so much negativity in here. lol

  46. lol I’m not being negative, I’m just saying like it is…..i never hate. I love my Evo but I’m not going to try and argue its the best anymore….and the s2 does seem beastly,if it would come with vanilla Androidit would crush all before it……but that’s not going to happen :(

  47. why do you people hate samsung service :O you can update the phone when you go to the factory and that’s what i did my galaxy S is running froyo now and its amazing its faster gps improved many new options its like having a new smartphone nokia service is shit ive changed mine because of their phones and service and jusr wait for that GALAXY S2 thats change everything again ;)

  48. Well its probably because they shipped product with broken aspects….gps..and yanked ppl around with this update. That’s my guess for the hate..

  49. I will never purchase another Samsung phone. No matter how nice the hardware it has, that doesn’t mean anything if you fail at providing decent and timely updates (or even any updates at all). Not to mention that poor excuse of a file system that they crippled galaxy s with.

  50. Sounds like it should be a nice phone.

    Oh wait, it’s made by Samsung which doesn’t udpate or support their products, makes promises they don’t keep, doesn’t let their customers know what’s going on…

    Never mind, I’ll wait and get a Motorola or HTC phone.

  51. @snapper.fishes – i totally agree with you.. US carriers should just come out with something as close to the original as possible. just change the radios to fit the carrier… no keyboards (sprint) and dont skip out on front facing cameras (the rest)

  52. Well I said I would only give up my Vibrant for a successor so let’s hope that the rumors are true about the Orion and we get a GPS fix. If it’s not up to snuff I think i’ll be heading to AT&T for that Atrix

  53. Samsung should hire some high school interns. They could program an update faster than their “top-notch” engineers.

    I’m Done with Samsucks.

  54. Engadget was saying this S2 is coming with Orion AND Honeycomb lol

  55. Samsung blew whatever chance they had of me ever buying another of their phones when they dropped the ball with the Vibrant’s updates and a completely non-working GPS. I’ll be looking at another company for my next phone.

  56. @eman – What they really should do is put the phone out stock, and put all of their bloatware in the market. Have a “Sprint” button (Or AT&T, etc…) that allows the user to easily add any of the apps they want to push…. err…. provide. Then, they could have timely updates since it’s their stupid addons that’re slowing everything down in the upgrade path.

    That being said, I’m really looking at an HTC for my next phone. The Moment has really soured me on Sammy. My mom, on the other hand, LOVES her EVO. I’m hoping the event on the 7th includes an HTC dual core phone with at least a 4″ screen. We’ll see… :)

  57. 1) Go to Samsung for your hardware
    2) Got to XDA for your software
    3) Shut up and enjoy your phone

  58. @Robbzilla – Did you really just compare your smartphone wants/needs/uses/desires with your mom’s?

  59. i´m waiting for it ^_^

  60. I’m holding my plan to change from nokia to android just for this phone to release. It’s going to be perfect for me and i know maybe not perfect for all. Anyway, we’ll see..

  61. @Robbzilla – either way would work for me.. i dont really need updates. 2.1 is good for me even though 2.2 was good while i had it. plus i’m rooted so that’s another plus… all i need is the advancement of hardware.. one thing i do hope they change and/or update is touchwiz because that got boring fast… i was lookin for a new home launcher the week i got my epic

  62. Quad core, 6ghz, holographic video chat, 3D recording in 1080p. That’s all I want. Oh yeah, and the ability to make a phone call would be nice.

  63. Fuck Samsung and ALL OF KOREA. Fucking Chinks

  64. Never again, Samsung. LOST my Epic 4G and opted for an EVO Shift to replace it. Screw Samsung and their slow updates.

  65. Have to agree, I will never again support Samsung. They promised Froyo for Epic 4G 6 months ago. I am still waiting. It’s quite a telling tale when a company can manage to create a great piece of hardware but can’t follow through with the software. Motorola Atrix, Bionic, Xoom… here I come.

  66. So does it have a yellowish camera flash that can’t be turned off?

  67. i dont get why people dont just root their phone thats what i did to my vibrant and i am loving the thing team whiskey makes galaxy s devices amazing so just quit complaining and root your phones ahah.

  68. Ahhhh! i dont really care…..its Samsung and i am an htc guy =)samsung has a crappy plastic design and the ui is buggy. was going to get the samsung epic but now have the evo and LOVE it.

  69. Its funny how you dick heads leave a comment about a product you don’t even fucking own. And the one’s that do, get over it cry babies. This is AMERICA! Da land of “FUCK YOU PAY ME” motto.

  70. P.s fuck you and that shitty azz camera on that evo! This not a htc post.

  71. kudos mr.walker

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