Froyo Leak for the Samsung Fascinate Now Downloadable


Last week Android hacker extraordinaire Kaos teased us with word that he had obtained a leak of Verizon’s Froyo upgrade for the Samsung Fascinate. Today he is releasing the ROM to the public, complete with all of Sammy and Verizon’s bloatware (and bugs he promises are not his own doing). The update is build number DL30 and features Froyo with full TouchWiz integration. The only alteration to the ROM in question is that comes pre-rooted.

You can find the download and other instructions over at the XDA source link below.

[XDA via AndroidForums]

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  1. Captivate (shakes fist angrily)!!!

  2. @crystal and lets out a groan before shedding a single tear.

  3. good for them—I mean, I have Gingerbread on my Hero, but good for them, Froyo was really fun over these last 6 months

  4. Heck, I used to scoff at all these people running rooted phones and thinking they were obnoxious. Now I am ready for Honeycomb because I am bored with Gingerbread.

  5. I know what you mean—I’m just being goofy, the Galaxy phones are great and will run rings around my Hero no matter what rom I flash. However, it is a little funny to me how long Samsung is taking to update anything and everything when college kids in their dorm rooms are pumping out functional roms in a matter of a few days

  6. I see no difference between this and the sprint leak.

  7. I think it’s a bit funny that right after the t-mobile/samsung/froyo debacle and everything else going on in the US with the Galaxy S lineup involving Froyo updates (or rather, lack thereof) that “leaks” started popping up and if I’m not mistaken, one of the GS phones (I think the Vibrant) has a Froyo update available via miniKies – all of this very shortly after people were ready to show up at STA headquarters in Dallas with torches and pitchforks because they were fed up. I wonder how much of this is a thinly disguised way of trying to save face and keep whatever agreements they have with the carriers at the same time. Seriously, just as Norm posted in #5; college kids are cooking up fast, stable froyo ROMs in days, but multi-billion dollar corporations with what I assume are top-notch engineers and programmeers couldn’t manage an update for the US by now?! Please.

  8. Does this apply to the us cellular version, the mesmerize?

  9. I download it to my phone, its like 167 mb. It says it needs to be flashed, so I dont want to open it. If I open it will it flash it self.

  10. As long as you are loading the file in recovery mode it should be easy breezy.

  11. TEHEHEHEHE I’m SOOOOO Excited!!!! *laughs like 12 year old school girl

  12. This WILL NOT work for the US cellular mesmerized. unless u guys have a modem in the mesmerized forums, you will have a nice paperweight

  13. This leak is loaded with bugs so don’t get too excited. Youre better off waiting to get 2.2 OTA, this way you’ll know everything is working correctly.

  14. Wow! This long to get froyo for the Fascinate? Good thing I opted to go for the easily rootable Milestone on Cellular South instead of paying a ton of cash to only WAIT to get a leaked version of 2.2 that wouldn’t even work!

    2.3.2 – rooted, YE-ah!

  15. @ Snaggletooth, this release is pretty much bug free. I have been using it for over 3 hours and its running like a champ without issues. Not sure where you are getting the info at but maybe you shouldn’t respond until you know your facts. Maybe your thinking of the leak that Kaos first started working on, now that is the buggy one

  16. downloaded, unzipped, how do I run it? First time doing this sorry

  17. Got it loaded on the wifes phone. Works like a charm.

  18. I installed this leak on my phone so far everything has been smooth loving the changes. Thank god the leaked it I also rooted my fascinate before installing froyo.

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