Xperia Arc’s ANT+ Technology Will Integrate With Fitness Products [VIDEO]


Sony Ericsson just took to YouTube with a video detailing ANT+ – a communication standard used to communicate with all sorts of fitness products such as pedometers, heart rate monitors, and more. It’s software based – so all of their products will get it sooner or later – and enables you to look at your vitals on your phone. It’s a great solution for those who use more than one vitality sensor at once while they’re working out – this’ll feed you all the information you need to one central location. Sony Ericsson’s always been a big proponent of fitness, and ANT+ is just another step in helping you health buffs stay in shape.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. i like panda…

  2. Meh, I’ll just stick with the old methods. They’ve actually released a BT HR monitor for use with Cardio Trainer but I don’t feel like it is really necessary. Had a HR monitor in the past but it is more of a gadget really.

  3. ANT+ is NOT software based. You have to have an ANT+ radio in your device before you can connect to any ANT+ devices. Almost no phones have an ANT+ radio. The HTC Desire is one of the few exceptions to this. HTC used specially modified Desires in last summer’s Tour De France to track the team’s biometrics in real time.

  4. @chimphappyhour
    yeah, maybe not for the weekend warrior. but, it would be very beneficial to elite level athletes or anyone trying to improve their aerobic strength and power using HR and power data.

  5. Trust me Big E, we’ve been doing this for years without those things. (This is part of what I do for a living. I train athletes.)

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