Samsung’s MWC Schedule Leaked – Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy S2 On-Hand


If you needed any confirmation that Samsung would be heading to Mobile World Congress with their latest tricks, then look no further: their plan for the February 13th event has been leaked from within. Approximiately 34 minutes will be spent showing off the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Tab 2 – two devices we’ve already been tipped off about many times before. Other affairs include speeches, cocktail receptions, food, and the most important, media Q&A and product demonstrations! We’ll be there for all of that and more and we can’t wait to get our hands and eyes on what they have in store for 2011. [via Samsung Hub]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Not about to buy another Samsung Galaxy product until they can provide Froyo/Gingerbread for the products already waiting on them for MONTHS.

  2. Can’t wait

  3. Yawn, nothing they could show me would make me want to buy a samsung device. They can’t show me that they will actually update their devices…so yeah. GG sammy, you screwed up your name. (Always loved your TVs…)

  4. I am done with Samsung, if HTC can bring a decent tab and phone at their event. Thats what I’ll be going with.

  5. Galaxy tab shipped with froyo. Galaxy s got froyo months ago. Don’t blame samsung, blame your US networks

  6. @Lekky
    I blame both. They are both slow.

  7. @Lekky

    I think both have to share the blame to be honest. :)

  8. cmon dudes, regardless of updates, gs2 will be the best hardware phone of the 2011.

  9. Vibrants, get Kies Mini and upgrade to 2.2 now. I’m telling you, it was a huge improvement to all things. GPS still sucks wind, but reduced lag and increased functionality. Pretty happy with this. I can see that as the OS improves, the phone will scale toward better/bigger apps and continue to keep me happy for the next year or two.

  10. The Samsung Galaxy S2 will like last year (hummingbird) do a ‘all-kill’ this year round and will be the best hardware mobile of 2011 no doubt. This will replace my Galaxy S. Can’t wait. Orion here we come!!

  11. Awesome. Samsung is going to release another unsupported device. Why would anyone buy another samsucks phone after they left us in the dust with the epic? Good job Samsucks for putting your money into new phones instead of taking care of your current customers.

  12. @ACR & @Matt if it’s samsung, how do you explain the fact froyo has been available on the galaxy s in the uk for months? There must be something going on thats more towards the networks?

  13. This is so tempting. Their software support blows, but their hardware is so beautiful. I am using Truly Epic Rebirth on my Epic and it flies.

  14. I am excited as well. I am a Captivate owner and glad that we have developers following this phone. I am pretty sure we will all get Gingerbread when this phone is released. Also don’t forget the Tab 2………talk about fast turnaround to accommodate honeycomb. I’m excited to see the progress. Just remember tablets are still very new and as with every new bleeding edge technology I wait until the kinks with hardware and software are worked out. Plus the pricing will surely go down. I understand the frustration with not getting the software support…but really we have a community to help us with that……I mean a couple of years ago if you didnt have the companies support you were s.o.l. Now almost every phone or tab gets support and is exceeding the manufacturers and consumers expectations. This launch will help to push the limits……….besides dont you just love the screens on these things.

  15. Idiot saying blame your carriers. How come all the other phones that came out the same time got frpyp long before even the International galaxy s. I’m not talking leaks either. I’m talking full blown OEM updates. So your argument is to say the least invalid.

  16. Damn so more bitching for a stupit upgrade? Get over it people!

  17. all these people has the time to complain about getting an ota upgrade on their phone but don’t have the time to do a little research and realize that you can upgrade it yourself via kies through samsung. Get over it people. 2.2 has been out for the galaxy s for a while now. I agree with everyone else, this phone will have some of the best hardware out there and that’s all i care about.

  18. nope afraid not samsuck. i will tell anyone i can not to buy another samsung product.

    to all you ppl saying its the carrier, how can this be when negative press is worse for the carrier than samsung?

    samsuck deserves negative press. as much as possible. ask the ppl that bought the behold,or the ppl that bought the instinct or the ppl who have busted GPS, or the ppl who shouldnt have to hack their product to get a promised upgrade that will never come? tell 10 ppl you know that samsung is awful PLEASE.

  19. @samcro. Actually FroYo isn’t avaliable for us in the U.S. (well not all of us) I love my captivate, but I’d still like to see FroYo before the GS2 phones roll out to retailers.

  20. u ppl Pathetic!! Galaxy s2 will be extremely outdated this year cause it will run on orion, which is still based on dual-core cortex a9, but Tegra 3 will be announced at MWC which will be Quad-core cortex a9, it’s alredy in manufactures hands since last year, and will be shipping with phones this fall – no dealays unlike tegra 2.
    Just search the internet if u don’t beleive me.

  21. all you whining people come to this android blog but can’t flash a rom ?

  22. oh did i mention it will also have 3D display, (not this S2, but the next one after) uh well it all depends if u fall again in samsung’s game, and buy their device before it gets outdated within months…
    and just imagine those ppl stuck on 2-3 contract with their galaxy s2 – feeling of being trapped in a cell?

    pce out

  23. @ lekky

    Even the latest leak for the Epic (nov 28th build) is buggy. Rumor from people in the know say that even the latest builds (prior to 13th of january) have had issues bricking phones. That sounds like a Samsung issue to me. ;)

  24. God I love all these posts. I’m so glad there are decent humans out there, mature adults who don’t just take what they are given, anybody who doesn’t hold Samsung to their promises (functional GPS, to say the least) must be very young and naive, and their parents probably bought their phone, and they probably aren’t old enough to drive, and since GPS doesn’t apply to them they don’t think anyone should complain about the lack thereof. I’m so glad people are sticking to their guns, I’m right there with all of you responsible members of society. You screwed up Samsung, but most of all, you didn’t make good on your products promised feature set, and it wont be forgotten

  25. @LOL- christ you’re a dolt. We don’t all have time to geek out long enough to fix the phones we bought. I’m lucky to have time to post on this website. I’m sure you’re 14 and don’t understand why people don’t have donkey loads of free time like you do. Enjoy it while you can, but try not to be an ass.

  26. this is great news, I can’t wait for the orion.

  27. as soon as they release the galaxy s2 in australia im buying it.
    ive got a galaxy s and im really happy with it plenty of updates
    2.2.1 at the moment hope they give you 32 gigs instead of 16.

  28. What is hardware without solid software support. I.E look at the G tablet excellent hardware, but the software sucks, so no one wants the tablet. If HTC and the rest of the world can update there products so should Samsung. I shouldn’t have to scour the web to find an update that should be pushed to my device like other companies does there’s. It’s simply, it my have upgraded in the U.K fine but the majority of the Galaxies were sold here in the U.S. I can’t blame the carrier if I look around and see that all the Droids and Motorolas have updates. If they could figure it out so should Samsung.

  29. @Matt It must be to do with the slight variations in the phones in the US then? Thats my best guess.

    BUt even if that is the issue, isn’t it the carriers that want different phones to differentiate them from their competitors? If so then the root cause is still the carriers.

    For example, in the UK a galaxy s phone is the same, regardless of what network we buy it from.

  30. Lol @ Resident evil “u ppl Pathetic!! Galaxy s2 will be extremely outdated this year cause it will run on orion”

    idiot the Orion will own everything including the tegra 3Nvidias just like Hummingbird did in 2010.

    Orion will match the tegra 3, but Samsung’s ready with it now. Whereas LIKE YOU SAID tegra 3 will be coming later this FALL or maybe start of next year! Idiot. You can’t underestimate Sammys hardware. Even the shoddy iPhone relies on Samsung’s h/w. Do some research and keep that gob shut, it’s embarrassing.

  31. @davis it doesnt take more than 10 mins if you have a brain bigger than a monkey ^^

  32. @davis it doesnt take more than 10 mins if you have a brain bigger than monkey ^^

  33. Today I called AT&T to get the reason that the captivate was not up graded..After being sent to a second supervisor I got my answer when we are getting the Froyo upgrade.
    The AT&T supervisor actually call Samsung, and we had a conference call ..The Samsung guy who spoke some what good English said (we do not have the upgrade ready yet!)
    I said that this was getting to be an old store and I wanted some action or to talk to his supervisor..His reaction was we are sorry but we don’t know when it will be ready!
    So after that guy hung up I asked the AT&T lady if she would please let the upper management know what just was said and that the customers are getting mad at AT&T not Samsung..She said she recorded the call and would pass it on…
    Will everyone>> if more of us makes this callto AT&T someone will hear us ..Lets hope

  34. @dave… lmao, there is your first problem, you are with AT&T… duh!!! Something makes you think they truly give a rat’s @$$ about you? There are millions of other ‘sheep’ out there going after the iPhone and AT&T can’t handle the load. Neither their network nor customer service was ready when the smart phone craze started and they havn’t been able to keep pace with the loads created by these devices. Since the iPhone is AT&T’s ‘flagship’ product, everyone else takes backseat.

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