Long Tweets are Long: TweetDeck Introduces, Updates Android App


Twitter was designed to allow you to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and current status in 140 characters. That’s the whole point of  Twitter, right? Short, succinct communication. TweetDeck wants to turn that idea on its head with the introduction of, a service that has a name likening it to the many URL shortening services out there, but in reality allows you to tweet out without fear of running out of characters.

While I personally am not a huge user of Twitter, and therefore can say that I think the idea of making those annoying updates longer than they already are is pretty silly, I’m sure some users will love the feature that can now be deployed via TweetDeck. Oh yeah, they have updated their full suite of apps, including Android, to support the functionality. Get the new version now in the Market.

[via TweetDeck]

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  1. Sheesh, just because it’s TweetDeck I guess this is newsworthy? I’ve been doing this on a number of Twitter clients for over a year, including, my favorite of the bunch,

  2. Wow…this is cool. I am getting rid of tweet caster now ;)

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