Jan 28th, 2011

Another day, another Android. Dig into the leftovers below.

  • The Serval Project is making strides to bring connected networks to areas where infrastructure doesn’t exist. Could be the future for emergency communications in the wild.
  • The iPhone Top Chart app will make recent converts or fans of the Apple App Store happy. It uses Apple’s top rankings to locate the same or similar apps in the Android Market.
  • HTC has released source code for both the EVO Shift 4G and for the MyTouch 3G’s Froyo build. Get it at their developer center.
  • The Samsung Gem is now available for regional carrier Bluegrass Cellular for $59 on contract and $205. They’re based in Kentucky.
  • Beautiful Widgets has hit version 3.3, adding features to make widget customization easier. It also adds a bunch of new toggle settings. Find it in the Android market for $2.04.
  • Advent has released the source code for firmware version 1.08 of their Advent Vega tablet. You can find everything you need at GitHub.
  • Lead police right to your stolen car or children using LiveViewGPS tracking hardware and Android-based software.
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