TELUS Launches HTC Desire HD “Coming Soon” Page


While leaks and other whisperings have long suggested the HTC Desire HD would be coming to TELUS in Canada, the carrier has finally given us some official confirmation with the launch of a new “Coming Soon” landing page. Still absent is any prcing or release information, but the site does tease us with all the features that make the Desire HD such a desirable handset.

A previously leaked inventory screen suggested the phone would have an off-contract price of $499.99 and land in stores on the 10th of February, thought those details have been adamantly denied. The landing page gives us reason to still expect this one in the next month or two.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. Will this HTC Desire HD have the same specs as the one from ASIA ? i own one that i brought from Hong Kong and i only can use it here in Vancouver on ROGERS Edge. Will there be one made for North America Version if anyone know how i could make it work on HSPA OR 3G here in Canada i have a BEll mobility account and Rogers and Wind Mobile.

  2. Nice to see this in canada, The evo is a beautiful phone and this is just like it

  3. Dang. Now I wish I waited to upgrade. lol.

    It is nice to see Canada getting more selection. This will be a huge seller if this is true.

  4. @Roberto Yes if you unlock this phone, you can use it on bell. Maybe rogers but definitely not Wind Mobile.

  5. This phone is full of awesomeness

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