Could the LG Optimus Me Get any More Awkward? [Video]


The LG Optimus Me just leaked last week in all of its colors, and now a new LG promo video is seeing just how awkward they can make the device. The comic bubble dialog seems borderline Engrish at times, asking such clumsy questions as “Isn’t it small and uncomfortable?” and “Does it have only one color?” Also witness the abduction of a small lap dog by an alien craft. No wonder LG is struggling with their smartphone sales…

[via LG]

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  1. haha so awkward

  2. I seriously loled…

  3. Notice only one of them bought one.

  4. did anyone noticed it lasted “whole day” on a charger?!?!?

    odd advertisement… lol

  5. what do you mean “lated ‘whole day’ on a charger”? the phone wasn’t on a charger nor was it said.

    looks like a low to mid range. only 600mhz..

  6. WOW!! 600Mhz Processor watch out Atrix………….lol

  7. I think LG should be promoting their Tegra phone instead. But this phone will do just fine for it’s market. Every company has a 600mhz phone for their midrange market Eric Heymann.

  8. That they chose to advertise “pinch to zoom” is all I need to hear to know that they ran out of decent features to mention way too fast. Is this for tmobile? They said their goal is to offer shitty I mean “cheap” androids, this fits the bill

  9. what a shit commercial.

  10. 600mhz? jiz in my pants.

  11. Yes midrange phones are fine. Just saying its not lighting fast as the commercial makes it to be. I dont have any problem with companies producing phones at all levels just dont tell me the phone will last all day and is fast.

  12. @Read Daniel Quinn

    if you look at the battery indicator – charging, while they showing the add.

  13. ROFL!!! Offer shinny pretty colors & 600Mhz is sell-able!

  14. lighten up guys, it’s a midrange phone, not an atrix competitor..

  15. This looks like a low end PIECE OF SHIT phone!!!

  16. @Cody

    exactly. no reason to be all hot n bothered. the atrix will be old news once the Orion comes out, so what? That’s just the way progression works.

  17. Ha! Even the little andy the android they show standing next to the phone looks retarded.

  18. I only wish it was as easy as popping a bubble to get rid of dumb questions. Would be great to pop some iFans statements that way. Other than that, a lower end phone that looks good, what’s wrong with that? We all want Android to dominate, this is another brick in the road to being on top.

  19. I’m really baffled as to why they would mention the specs at the end. Anyone who would understand them would know they’re at the bottom end; anyone who wouldn’t understand them might then be prompted to investigate. Very odd.

  20. iunno why u guys dont like it, its so bubbly and cute :3 makes me want to see one and give lg a hug :D anyways girls dun care bout top end specs, they want customizable, good pricing, cute and functional- which implements the idea of fast, usable, long lasting (which lg clearly shows), so i say it will be a successful phone to the masses :)

  21. What’s all those other phones? They look WAY better then that bitch made ass phone! Lol That must be the rest of LG’s line of phones

  22. That’s it. I’m getting rid of my lg shine plus and getting an htc. I feel embarassed to own an lg now.

  23. the one who didn’t buy it was hotter

  24. This isn’t a tampon commercial. Holy crap LG, I love what you guys do but this commercial is just shameful.

  25. I just lost a 1:43 of my life I will never get back.

  26. Yeah the fact that they had all those other high end phones around didn’t help the lg. And is it me or did she steal that phone, I didn’t see any type of sale happening there.

    Also the lap dog abduction was blatantly meant to be cute and funny but it was not at all

  27. I must be the only one that saw nothing wrong, shameful or awkward with the video……….
    NOW commercials for Viagra, Yeast Infections, Herpes, Douching etc… Those are awkward………….

  28. I lol’d so hard, I couldn’t stop. @ 27 LOL. Definitely!

  29. Did we all forget how fast the Optimus One sold? Not everyone buys expensive high-end phones.

  30. I can’t believe someone actually thought that up. And then got it green lighted and got money to make an actual commercial. The bubbles were incredibly annoying and it sounded like mario was playing in the background. Obviously an “international” commercial ago they can just throw in the proper text cheaply…

  31. Great effective marketing for the masses, especially aimed at female customers – one area that Android really struggles (http://metrics.admob.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/AdMob-Mobile-Metrics-Jan-10.pdf – look at page 5, 73% of Android owners are male – the report is a little dated but still very relevant).

    Good on LG for making a cute ad that talks to their market effectively.

    I love the fact that all the fanboys here hated it but the sole female in the comments (Jen) loved the commercial. Most customers don’t give a damn about mhz and mAh – they just want to be told in plain… Engrish, that the phone will do what they want.

    I hope to see more simple and effective marketing like this in future from other manufacturers to raise Android’s profile in the public eye.


  32. Acer Liquid Mini owns this junk. The UFO abducting the dog, WTF LOL. Sooo random.

  33. Jen nailed it! This phone will do well with women!

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