Get the Motorola DROID X Free [$49.99] & $25 Gift Card From Dell


If you’re looking to switch to Verizon and the Motorola DROID X has your eye, you may want to go through Dell as they’e offering the device for free for any new customers after signing a new contract. Existing customers will have to pay $49.99, but it’s a nice price reduction regardless.

We’re sure they’re just making room for the Thunderbolt and other devices set to head out soon, but whatevs, right? A $25 Dell gift card will also be thrown in, so if you were looking at getting this either way, you really can’t go wrong. [Dell via IntoMobile]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. $50 off contract? If my contract was close to being up I would totally go for this. Maybe I’ll get a similar deal on a dual core phone by the time it is.

  2. locked bootloader. nuff said.

    its worth more to just wait for the bionic if you really don’t care for the locked bootloader

  3. @goblueboy Um, they already hacked the X, including recovery, and custom ROMs. Time for you to come out from under that rock you live under.

  4. Droid x here rooted and overclocked. Haven’t done any roms because I don’t want them but I could. Running bootstrap recovery. So tell me again what am I missing out on with my oh so terrible locked bootloader?

  5. Not $50 off contract, $50 for existing customers WITH a 2-year contract. Verizon wouldn’t sell anything without a contract. I have to sign a 2-year just to use the bathroom in their retail stores…

  6. You can buy a one contract phone you just have to man up and tell VZW sales guru that is how you want it. It cost you about 70more.

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