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We’re starting a new “thing” here at Phandroid.com. We sometimes miss things, and we feel very guilty if we don’t write about them. Instead of leaving out the bits of news that we feel aren’t big enough to flood your Twitter timeline or your feed reader with, we’ll round all of it up into a single post at the end of the day. Read the description of each item, and if it sounds interesting, be sure to click on the appropriate link for more details.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Ace announced earlier today has gotten its first carrier. Those of you with Three (3?) will be able to grab the thing up soon enough. That’s if you even want it: we hear some of you aren’t the biggest fans of the latest in the Galaxy family. Head on over to Three for more details.
  • Dodge doesn’t know how to photoshop, apparently. Yea, that Motorola DROID with AT&T 3G is looking really nice, guys. We’ll forgive you: digital car manuals for smartphone users are pretty awesome.
  • Owners of the white Pandigital Novel might be pleased to know that there’s a software update available for you. The folks at Digital Reader say this firmware upgrade does away with the need to hack your Novel in order to install third-party apps. Head over to Pandigital for the download and instructions.
  • Sony Ericsson’s latest phones may all come with Facebook pre-installed and will support Facebook’s Single Sign-On feature introduced in late 2010. Nothing too huge, but it’s nice to know. Thanks to All Facebook for the assist.
  • Those of you with tablets will be happy to know that a tablet version of ClockworkMod is in the works – we assume it’s to add support for touchscreens and to make it easier for tablet users to navigate the recovery. Sounds like he has a version for a specific tablet, though – Galaxy Tab? Perhaps. Follow Koush and Clockwork on Twitter for further updates.
  • Square Enix continues making their push onto Android with the release of Crystal Defenders. This RPG will set you back about $7.30 – steep, right? But we hear it’s such a good game that it’s totally justified. We might be checking it out, so keep an eye out for a review of some sort soon.
  • That stylish Galaxy S inspired by Giorgio Armani is finally on sale. Phones4U is stocking it for free with Vodafone, T-Mobile, or Orange with tariffs averaging in the 4o pounds per month average. Check it out if this sort of thing really interests you.
  • There’s a new app store coming to town, soon, and its name is MobileApps.com. What’ll set them apart? They’re offering developers a whopping 95% of revenue from purchases. Sounds tempting for developers at first, but success will depend on user adoption and quality of service. Check them out for yourself.
Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. You missed Samsung releasing Froyo for the Epic. Oh wait.. Hasn’t happened yet

  2. OMG this is AWESOME!

  3. Crystal Defenders is a tower defense game, not an RPG. I’d pay good money for a decent turn-based RPG on Android. I don’t understand why nobody has invested in this. It seems like you’d lose almost nothing putting a Final Fantasy-style game on mobile.

  4. A post on steroids.

  5. I like this roundup. Maybe you could also add brief summaries of the big stories too.

  6. That’s something to consider, Super Six. We’ll look into it.

  7. Totally agree with super six

  8. @Alex

    Is it like the WiiWare games is it? Not a big fan of those. Would be nice if they could make similar Final Fantasy games from the Nintendo DS. Those were fun!


  9. The ATT 3G on the Dodge Droid is the same status bar as the iPhone. Someone got pretty lazy.

  10. Spectral souls is a huge psp game that came out on android.check it out phandroid might be worth a news post…

  11. @Mitch However, did you notice the signal bars? LOL

  12. Mobileapps.com sounds good. Pity that there’s no try out period for this market.

  13. My girlfriend needs a software update for her black Pandigital. It’s very slow and buggy.

  14. +1 on Spectral Souls, clearly you missed it :D

  15. Another +1 for Spectral Souls. An actual Tactical RPG akin to Final Fantasy Tactics… amazing graphics, great sound track, 200+ hours of gameplay… I’ve yet to find a better, more well polished and enjoyable game for Android to date.

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