Official: Samsung Announces the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Gio, and Galaxy mini


With Mobile World Congress just a few weeks away, Samsung just couldn’t be bothered to wait to reveal their new lineup of Galaxy phones. They should be mostly familiar from leaks in the recent weeks, but here we have officially for the first time the Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Fit, Samsung Galaxy Gio, and Samsung Galaxy mini, none of which strive to be anything nearly as powerful as their older brother the Galaxy S. They all are slated for Russian release first, with India, Europe, and China getting in on the action at a later date. Let’s run down some of the highlights.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

  • 3.5-inch HVGA display
  • 800MHz processor

Samsung Galaxy Fit

  • 3.31-inch QVGA display
  • 600MHz processor
  • 5MP camera

Samsung Galaxy Gio

  • 3.2-inch HVGA display
  • 800MHz processor
  • 3MP camera

Samsung Galaxy mini

  • 3.14-inch QVGA display
  • 600MHz processor

[Korea IT Times via Engadget]

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  1. orrible devices imho :\

  2. yawn…Froyo please

  3. Who cares? It’s Samsung.

  4. I’m with Will.

  5. I guess you guys didn’t mention the Samsung Galaxy Phail codenamed the black hole. It will be the only Android that uphold its promise to upgrade by allowing customers to pay an expensive upgrade fee.

  6. Please tell me the middle button on these is a home button….
    That would be cool

  7. These are “Ford Escorts” of Android phones. Nothing exciting here for us geeks. Although, these are good phones to get people introduced to Android if they haven’t already been. And, not everybody craves the best of the best when it comes to their mobile devices. I can’t argue with the stragety here.

  8. What I do like about these phones though is that they removed the hard search button. I never use it and it just gets in the way really.

  9. Did anyone notice the straight “google” search looks like these will not have bing.

  10. I won’t recommend Samsung to anyone, geek or otherwise, until they fix their Android update process.

  11. I thought the galaxy s was a great device. Samsung is slow with updates but the galaxy s was a great idea. However, they are taking this galaxy thing way too far. why buy any of these dumb down versions of the galaxy s? Can’t be price cause you can get the galaxy s fairly cheap on contract. Some places even give them for free.

  12. Great, 4 new handsets Samsung will never get around to updating. Awesome!

  13. Samsung phone new to market….Samsung phone os system outdated…the day they upgrade to 2.2 priceless!

  14. I can guarantee these phones will have gps issues and be stuck on 2.1 for the longevity of the phone. Samsung has no support. And what the hell are these phones? GET IT TOGETHER SAMSUNG! SUPPORT THE CUSTOMERS THAT BUY YOUR PHONES WITH THE LATEST UPDATED SOFTWARE AND FIX YOUR GPS ISSUES!

  15. I upgraded my Vibrant using Kies Mini. Much simpler than I thought, and has been a huge improvement.

  16. These phones are awful…WTF is Samsung thinking….I’ll never recommend their products though I never have….the thing I hate the worst out of a tons is their oS…Can’t stand it

  17. Dear samsung,
    Your lack of support for the galaxy s line of phones is appaling. You continue to put effort into other phone, which are far inferior to the galaxy s phones, yet we see no effort for the “forgotten” s line. I will never purchase another samsung PRODUCT. Its a shame, as I am in the market for new tvs and blu-ray players. I know I am not alone in this.

    Z (along with countless other galaxy s owners)

  18. It seems like there making the same devices over & over. Just not as powerful as the other.

  19. great more phones to give android a bad name . many people will associate samsux with android and it will give it a unreliable OS .

  20. As a Galaxy Spica victim I wonder if Samsung finally managed to stop the CPU from running at full speed (thus lasting about half a day on a full charge) after using the camera (!) with these phones.

    Or if their indian developers finally learned how to use interrupts in their graphics drivers and in general not make them slow and buggy as hell.

    Or maybe they used their ressources to teach their support people not to leave personal files on the phone after “repairing” it and not to send them back with firmware from the stone age. Ok, that last one does not matter much as I have not seen any improvements from new firmware since the 2.1 update.

    Somehow, I dont believe they did much more than change the design and hardware a little bit on these new models.

  21. Samsung is like a phone making machine! I swear, they release a new phone every day on average.

  22. Seriously.. lmao

    I think there is tooo many BAD android phones out there that will give android a bad name. Android should put out a “good specs or no android” policy.

    Samsung Galaxy S i9000
    Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4g
    Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant
    Samsung Galaxy S Captivate
    Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate
    Samsung Galaxy 4g
    Samsung Galaxy Ace
    Samsung Galaxy Gio
    Samsung Galaxy Fit
    Samsung Galaxy Mini
    Samsung Galaxy Tablet…

    Samsung Galaxy S2?!

    Too much Galaxy,, They have already ruined their name.

  23. Wtf? No body cares about these! What a waste of money and time. Focus on the updates please.

  24. Gross… Samsung, no Froyo, and 800mghz and under… *Shivers* Them are some bad phones, which will also have horrible updates and support! :D

  25. They should change that name to Samsung Galaxy Aids. People need to stay away from it

  26. Maybe: Samsung nogpS?

  27. Why are you guys saying that these phones will ruin the Android name? It’s not like a shitty Compaq Presario with a celeron processor ruined the Windows name. Android is an operating system, it is used to power refrigerators! I’ll be damned if that fridge has more power than my Evo… and I know it doesn’t. Samsung is not ruining Android, Samsung is ruining themselves. Probably not tho, most people just like looks and want to txtmsg so they dont really care what OS is on the phone. Bottom line, they will still sell.

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