Android-x86 Project Pieces Together Intel Build of Gingerbread


For most of its lifespan thus far, Android has been a platform most familiar with processors based on ARM architecture. Aside from a few examples like Google TV, few products have been based on the x86 set of processors, but one group — going by the appropriate name Android-x86 project — already has a functional build of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) ready for Intel’s chips. Keep in mind, this comes before any current ARM handset, including the Nexus One,  even receives an update to the latest version of Android.

There are still a few hang ups. Ethernet, 3D, and mouse support are still in the works. Sound and Wi-Fi are a go, however. More info can be found at the Android-x86 link below.

[Android-x86 via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Should be interesting

  2. I don’t like it

  3. Nice! Id like to see a nice intel atom tablet with a nice separate graphics chipset and audio chipset integrated into a 10″ tablet

  4. So they compiled AOSP 2.3 for the Intel chipset? I don’t know why you are comparing that to an OTA update for phones.

    The Nexus as well as multitudes of other phones, including the iPhone have had 2.3 compiled for them. I’ve been running 2.3 for weeks now.

    Intel is very late.

  5. A friend with the N1 got the 2.3 OTA on Verizon two days ago. So contrary to your words, there is a working ARM version of 2.3 being pushed out currently.

  6. oops, not verizon….t-mobile.

  7. @icebike LOL WUT You can’t use the N1(Nexus One) on Verizon.

  8. Intel are historically AWFUL at low power consumption… and perhaps even worse with graphics… Will be interested to see how this goes – from a distance.

  9. @icebike. You sure you’re not meaning 2.2.2? That’s only OTA that’s been going out so far that I know of.

  10. People that want a 10″ tabled should be hunted down and some sense knocked into them. 10″ is too big, too heavy, not portable. Also, whe you can get a far more functional netbook for $250 that’s about the same size and weight, why get a tablet? Tablets should be at max 7-8″. On that note, phones should be at max 4″. Beyond that, you have a hard time sticking a 4.5″ phone in a pocket. If you want big, stick to your desktop.

  11. @Deals

    3″ x 5″ index cards are about the same as a 6″ screen (~5.8″). If you can carry a stack of index cards, you can handle a 5″ screen on your phone. Chillax, dood!

  12. @deals
    Gosh damn it’s the guys opinion.I like 10in tablets,should I be hunted down?you’re thinking like Steve jobs and his one opinion for everyone

  13. really shows how android has almost every teck company working with them.

  14. Don’t like it. I can’t get it off of my laptop now. (I don’t know how to boot windows again)

  15. They definitely need some form of financial support from Intel.

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