White Nexus S Shows Up in the Wild, Headed to Vodafone?


Yesterday we got our first look at renders of a before unheard of white version of the Nexus S by Samsung. Today brings us our first look at the handset in the wild. If the original renders didn’t have you drooling for what we like to call the Nexus Sexy, maybe this image showcasing the subtle diamond pattern texture over that pearly white battery cover will convince you otherwise.

This new shot also comes with word that the handset will be a Vodafone exclusive (or at least released on Vodafone) in the UK and most likely throughout all of Europe. No release date was mentioned, however, so for now we’ll just have to look but not touch this little beauty.

[via TheNextWeb | thanks, Bill!]

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  1. Cool…

  2. I want one

  3. Sucks

  4. Don’t suppose they felt the need to put an sd slot in, didn’t think so failinwhite idea still a fail

  5. Lmfao @ghostofcain

    Truer words are hardly ever spoke.

  6. Pass, I preffer my black one.

  7. Sexy!!!

  8. I have an after market white battery cover on my Vibrant; looks ok! It carries a certain awesome-ness, because no one else I know has it (yet). I change my battery covers daily anyway. My faux leather one is off the hook.

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