Verizon Adds More Customers than Expected, Profits Practically Double in Quarterly Report


Verizon just released their quarterly earnings report, and it looks like Big Red is doing pretty well for themselves. This time last year the carrier was raking in $2.37 billion, a number which was nearly doubled to $4.65 billion last quarter. This could have a lot to do with the 872,000 new subscribers Verizon added, a number greatly exceeding the expected addition of 646,000. Those numbers could have a lot do with the stellar Android lineup available on VZW’s network coupled with big holiday phone sales.

Still, Wall Street isn’t so pleased with the figures. 54 cents a share just didn’t live up to the 55 cents per share expected, resulting in a slight drop in price of Verizon stock. We can only hope the iPhone 4 will save the carrier from a total financial meltdown…

[via Engadget]

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  1. Thats BILLION.

    Not Million.

  2. Oh OK I was going to say only 2 Mil?!

  3. Only the begining. At&t is about to experiance a mass exodus. They won’t be going to sprint or tmobile. Thats for sure. Not selling my stock for a few months.

  4. Good news for vzw, not so much for me. The only reason I’ve stuck with vzw and their high prices was due to the fact that I could always get a signal no matter where I was when others on other carriers couldnt. I was thinking about leaving after my contract is up, but if these numbers are indicative of service, Sprint and the others must not have caught up coverage-wise in the past 10 years or so. Yes, I know for a fact that Sprint, et al.’s infrastructure has vastly improved over the years, they still arent quite on par with Big Expensive Red. In addition, i know that many of you have great service from other providers, but they wont do it for me simply because they dont cover a lot of the remote or rural areas and i get around alot. I would love to pay less. Hopefully in znoither year or two.

  5. Ok Verizon now how about you spend some of that money and updates some of your phones. I don’t know what they are waiting for but they don’t seem to be in any rush to update to 2.3.

  6. Still says *million* in the excerpt on the homepage. Did a double take on that.

  7. Too funny, profits will again take a dive with Iphone and no multi tasking. Iphone has been a real problem for ATT, so glad the romance is over.

  8. Well well look at who supports the iPhone, LOL. When I saw you say that you had “Droids” on the other article I knew that you would be one of those people who would be happy that Verizon is finally getting the iPhone. People who call Android “Droid” are just as bad as an iPhone fanboy and you make us people who really love Android look dumb, no matter what carrier we are on. Now it does make sense why you got so butt hurt when I was giving my “opinion” on why I thought the Xoom might become the Nexus tablet, you thought I was just being anti-Verizon but I was just being pro-Android. If the Xoom was on T-mobile I still would want it to be non-carrier branded and for it to become Nexus branded it had nothing to do with Verizon but a troll will be a troll and start problem where there wasn’t any.
    I hope you enjoy the iPhone when you go and buy it.

  9. Almost forgot Android FTW.

  10. Funny, and all this happened before the announcement and release of the iphone…lol

  11. Yall do know that last sentence was sarcasm…..


  13. I really hope sales of the Verizon iPhone are disappointing, and people still prefer Android.

  14. Im not planning on jumping ship idiot, wrong again. I just know how to make some money.

  15. I just found this article, vzw added over 800,000 smartphone subscribers. I am assuming the majority were Android phones as Ive seen very few people get a new blackberry vs. the amount of people Ive seen with new vzw android phones.

  16. Your a moron. Seriously stfu, I said “droids’, because of 2 “droid” x’s. 1 “droid” 2 global, abd 1 “droid” pro. Seriously, just stfu.

  17. Way to troll, jdog! You were the first non-VZW to come in here and talk smack. Troll, say what?

  18. He was trolling with his comment #5 about vzw not upgrading to gb yet. Who has? Thats right, NOBODY!

  19. I don’t think there is much to worry about for AT&T and the “mass exodus” to Verizon iPhone.. “yet”.. if you were on AT&T, and already had an iPhone, you would have a difficult decision to make.. Would you do it now ? and get basically the same phone ?, or would you wait for the next version of the god phone to come out ?.. sure some people will do it, but I think most sane people would wait.. There is no doubt that the iPhone on Verizon will have some impact. But there are a lot of variables in play right now.. Watch as the iPhone on Verizon becomes the “Y2K apocalypse”, non story, of the mobile world.

  20. ^True. I would advise anyone wanting the iPhone on Verizon to wait and see if the iPhone 5 is coming this summer. Or will it go to AT&T first and Verizon has to wait some months? Does AT&T still have exclusivity on newer iPhones?
    IMO those questions are what ppl that want the iPhone on Verizon need to find out.
    Like I advise someone wanting an Android phone with a newer one coming in a few months, wait just to have another choice to choose from.

  21. Only time will tell.

  22. Wonder if Verizon is suddenly going to have a dropped call problem…

  23. Something to think about here. Our economy. It sucks. Everyone is looking their budgets, and are cutting fat anywhere they can. Yet, the “most expensive” carrier is beating their own projections by HUGE margins, while simultaniosly rolling out the most aggressive network expansion. Yeah, im holding on to my vzw stock.

  24. At&amp,t’s total appearance is iphony. Vrzn’s appearance is to dominant Android with Moto, while catching some tail end iphony love, while still milking customers for that very last dime. Yet Sprint &Tmo seem to be expanding the manufacturer base to keep prices low and help keep OPEN-SOURCE alive.

  25. Sprint, expanding manufacturer base. How many phones they got? Fair point for tmo.

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