Samsung Galaxy Tab Dropping to $250 on T-Mobile


With a lineup of tablets that’s about to get pretty deep, T-Mobile is doing what it can to keep sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab lively right up to the minute the Dell Streak 7 (and eventually the LG G-Slate) launches. After already getting the Galaxy Tab’s price down to $299.99 on a 2-year contract, the carrier has decided it could do $50 better. Come this Wednesday, January 26th, Samsung’s first Android slate will be priced almost as low as a typical Android handset when the cost is slashed to $249.99.

It’s some kind of shame that the Galaxy Tab is finally falling to a price where most would eagerly snatch it up only to be faced with the release of several high-powered, highly desirable Android tablets. Still, none of those will cost nearly as little as the Galaxy Tab will on T-Mobile, so get it while you can.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. $250 off contract and I’d consider. For now, my eyes are set on the Nook Color.

  2. customers prefer to have a WiFi-only model. I hope these company REALLY learn this lesson.

  3. Looking at the nook color as well. It will work as an ereader for wifey and tablet for me.

  4. I love mine. And since T-Mob has no “MiFi” like device, this puppy is the closest you’ll get. I dropped my AT&T USB Internet dongle thingy and picked this up. I can now share my connection, my monthly bill dropped, and it’s a tablet too!

  5. 250.00 out the door with no contract would be a decent price for this model.
    I feel confident that when the new Androids arrive (regardless of manufacturer) the pricing will be off the charts, expect nothing less that 500.00, some maybe 900.00

  6. I picked up a nook color, rooted it and installed launcher pro per instructions I found on youtube. For the price and capabilities it is well worth it.

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