Samsung Indonesia Site Outs the Ace (S5830) Ahead of MWC Unveiling


The Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 — one of several phones suggested as the Galaxy S Mini — has already seen several leaked images and a lengthy detailing of specs, so its appearance on Samsung’s Indonesian website, though premature, shouldn’t surprise anyone. The listing not only provides good quality renders of the handset but also confirms its 3.5-inch 480×320 disply, HSDPA, and 5MP camera. Also confirmed is that the phone still looks like a lot like the iPhone 4.

We are expecting the phone to carry Android 2.2 when it is revealed at Mobile World Congress as part of Samsung’s new lineup for 2011. We are also expecting other offerings like a potential Galaxy S2 to steal the show right out from under the Ace’s nose.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. The Galaxy S2 will def steal the thunder from everything at the MWC. Can’t wait!!! My i9000 replacement! :D

  2. Well, it seems that the Southeast Asia will have this handset first. Here in Thailand, the Cooper will be available in the Thailand Mobile Expo 2011 for a price of 10,900฿ (roughly 352$)

    Take a look at the event’s page

    And this picture

    They rank this one as an Optimus One killer, with higher CPU and cost only 1,000฿ more. Still have to wait and see if this works though :P

  3. As the mom from Despicable Me said…


  4. Should I buy this android phone or buy an Iphone 4G?

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