“Sensation” Name of HTC’s Custom Tablet Skin?


Over the weekend, a new trademark filing was uncovered. HTC has been toying around with the word “Sensation” – an extension of the word “Sense” that their phone UI is named across all platforms. There’s nothing to suggest what they might be using it for, but some are guessing it could be the name of a custom skin for their tablets, ones we expect to be announced sometime next month. The trademark filing encompasses all things mobile, though, so it’s tough to assume what HTC will be using the name for. [AndroidOS.in via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. no skins no skins!!! just do themes like launcher pro adw keep android OE!!!

  2. The Xoom is going to have Vanilla Android. I’ll go with the Xoom while HTC customers stare at “Sensation” while I get the latest versions of the OS. Give your customers the Vanilla option!

  3. I bet whomever gives a great vanilla Android Tablet that allows for easy updates and good hardware at a reasonable price without contract will do amazing in the market.

  4. Boo…

  5. Though I am a fan of sense, I wish they would allow the option to turn it on or off. Htc makes great hardware, it would be nice to get the option without the root.

  6. Leave it vanilla HTC! Or simply make it downloadable from the Market and completely optional.

  7. Well that sucks. What about vanilla Honeycomb with no customisations as Google promised?..

  8. Google never promised no customizations, just a UI so good, they’d be unnecessary. There’s no reason Sensation couldn’t be a pack of widgets and skins. I would also remind everyone that Sense has often provided great advancement to Android and many of it’s innovations have been added to later versions of the stock OS.

  9. HTC
    Quietly Unbrilliant
    Please no more damn skins on Android, you can make them an app in the market like LauncherPro but for just you phones and still differentiate. Then every Android phone would be able to update at the same time, all you would have to do is update your launcher before you send out the update.

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