Motorola Atrix 4G Units arriving at Best Buy February 13th? Keyboard Dock to Cost $150


A meeting went down over the weekend at Best Buy, and a big point of discussion was the impending launch of the Motorola Atrix 4G on AT&T. While little solid info came to light concerning the final release strategy for the new 4G HSPA+ handset, a few details were gleaned. The biggest of which is that the Atrix will be arriving in Best Buy’s warehouses right around February 13th, though the actual release date is unknown. Considering that Best Buy employees are already beginning training, we’d imagine the device will be on shelves not too far after the 13th.

Another bit of information gleaned from the meetings concerns the Atrix’s keyboard dock. The accessory that will transform the phone into a [almost] full-fledged netbook is said to retail for $150. That seems a fair price, if not $25-$50 too expensive for a piece of hardware consisting of a screen, keyboard, and extended battery alone. All other internals and software are beamed directly in from the Atrix itself. But for $150, we’ll take it.

The story is currently developing over at Android Forums. You can jump in on the discussion yourself by following the source link below.

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  1. Fock the Keyboard Dock WAY to expensive…just want the phone so badly!

  2. Seems fair to me. Thumbs up for Atrix Pricing, Thumbs down for Xoom Pricing.

  3. @rudiox What’s the point of this phone without the keyboard dock?

  4. Not bad, I was expecting $300 for the dock (don’t forget that a charging only dock is often $30).

    However I prefer the following perfect trio:

    Cheap laptop as secondary computer for travel
    Desktop for gaming and main computer

  5. @mike 1950 mah & Duo Core. Yeah, but I agree, no need to go to AT&T if no dock.

  6. I think the keyboard dock will be a hit, its jot too pricey. The Atrix will be a beast of a device

  7. @Mike it’s still a HSPA+ phone with a dual-core processor and a gig of ram.

    But I think the pricing isn’t bad. I’m curious to see what reviews say–if someone would give up their laptop, or at least their netbook, for the dock.

  8. somebody needs to make a torrent downloader for Android and I will abandon my Windoooze.

  9. @mike: and it has a fingerprint reader, which I happen to think is kind of neat given how much of my work life is available on my phone in emails etc…

  10. @everyone who responded to me (lol)
    if i could get Final Draft (screenwriting program) for android, i would be buying this phone in a second! i want a tablet that i can do my screenwriting on and would mos deff get rid of my laptop, as that is all i really use my lap top for, as i have an ubber powerful desktop

  11. @tatig they have one, look up swarm in the market, it’s like 4 bucks, but worth it, works really well

  12. @tatiG There is already a few torrent downloaders for Android.

  13. @tatiG There is a torrent app for android its called Andtor it will let you download them straight to the phone I have downloaded tons of programs through the phone thank god for for being grand fathered in

  14. the only thing not to like about this phone is the fact that a) it will launch with froyo when gingerbread is already available and b) they put motoblur

  15. How much for the multimedia dock so you can use your existing monitor + bluetooth KB + mouse?


  17. @tatiG – So $550-600 for the Atrix off contract would be OK, but $699-799 off contract for the Xoom is somehow not OK. Yeah, that makes sense.

  18. $150 is not bad at all.. I had darker visions of a much higher price.. Now I only hope to be as pleasantly surprised by the phones pricing.

  19. I have a tipster in Motorola. Atrix launches March 1. You heard it here first

  20. I’m not a motoblur fan so I wont get this phone ama wait for something better to come out

  21. it would be more intriguing if motorola would officially commit to supporting the keyboard dock with coming generations of their phones. part of the fun would be a free upgrade to your “netbook” whenever you upgrade your mobile phone.

  22. no we didnt hear it first from you since it has been reported already that it is launching march 1 like 3 weeks ago

  23. Phone+$150 for a dock– no need to pay money and a plan for tablet.
    At least that would be my reasoning.

  24. Still *ANGRY* that AT&T gets this phone. And if AT&T isn’t going to get the phone, then why not launch the Bionic on Verizon at the same time? I feel like I’m getting SCREWED by both Motorola and Verizon after switching from AT&T to buy a Droid 1 the very first day it was available.

  25. I beleive the Atrix is a glimpse into the future. Soon mobile devices will be so powerful that we’ll be able to took it with a dumb terminal like this netbook case.

  26. I hate motorola so damn much. but i love this phone so damn much. its kind of a game changer, and i cant deny that. dock is not a bad price, like a mini laptop. they also need to take motoblur off, NO ONE WANTS THAT!

  27. I wish Motorola would take a page from Samsung and bring a version of this phone to every carrier. That’s really the future, manufacturers competing on phones and carriers competing on plans.

  28. Actually its the past. RAZR

  29. This looks very promising, if only we can verify that the bootloader lock can be bypassed. Motoblur is irrelevant once we get cyanogenmod running on this.

  30. I already have blue tooth keyboard and mouse check. All I need IS THE PHONE PRICE AND docking price tag is all I need then I’ll be one happy ANDROID CAMPER FREAK WITH MY ATRIX.

  31. how is it too expensive. the Ipad dock is $100 and that is just a keyboard

  32. oh give me a 14″ dock and you got me baby

  33. I can hear all the whining verizon customers from here. It’s just not fair verizon should have this phone to. Bunch of damn crybabies!!!!

  34. Not going to whine about Verizon not getting it. Imma whine about tmobile not getting it. All these crappy assed phones and tmobile cantget ONE good phone?

    Get rid of the stupid motoblur and give it to tmobile. Problem solved.

  35. Wow, at&t finally has a phone worth envying.

  36. I just want to see the reviews on it. I really want to know the battery life on this! I’ll still stick with the new samsung bc I’m a fan. I am one in million nonranting person that don’t care about the update.

  37. It would be even more useful as a netbook setup if the phone could run Eclipse and I could write apps and widgets for it directly on the phone itself.

  38. I CAN’T WAIT FEB 13TH!! I hope it’s true. I NEED THIS PHONE SO BADLY. not getting anything else but the ATRIX.

  39. No keyboard or dock will save this phone #lockedbootloader….

    Good luck in few mounts when Google updates to teh next version of android I will have it and you will wait for a new phone from Moto that might come with it preinstalled. #motofail

    Great phone but Id rather wait for something that is not locked down… Crap all you guys were making fun of how bad iPhone users have it and now you rush on the same piece of junk.

  40. So does locked bootloader mean no updates to OS…we’re stuck with froyo?

  41. Moto updates their phones, so yhe bootloader is a meme, and means jack shit.

  42. I have a Droid and I am already to buy this Atrix. This is sweet. I am also getting a Xoom, best of both world.

  43. The Bionic and the Atrix are experiencing overheating issues. Motorola confirmed it. They are working on a fix. No word yet, but I’m not going to purchase one that overheats when idle. You will lose a bar or two on the antenna and OS will lag. Don’t believe me? Go Google it!

  44. Motoblur isn’t bad except it hogs resources. I’ve grudgingly put up with it on my backflip. Theres a non-blurred custom rom around. Assuming this thing gets the attention and gets rooted fast (unlike the backflip) I’m guessing there will be one for this device too. Like I said, I don’t mind it. Would PREFER it not be on there, but won’t complain if it is.

  45. @43 HackNet….I googled it…the overheating issue was an internet rumor. Way to spread it around.

  46. WTF @ mike? “What’s the point of this phone without the keyboard dock?”

    It’s a phone numb nutz, this other stuff is just a plethora of great perks.

    Dock is wayyyyy tooo expensive, I don’t care what any one say’s! $150 is a joke!

    Plus it’s ATT. Ugh!!! I heard from a trusted ATT source these perks will only contracted to ATT for 6 months. He did not specify if the phone or the perks themselves would be shared to another carrier or phone like the Bionic.
    Phone looks dope though fo sho!

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