Leaked NVIDIA Slides Show 1.5GHz Quad Core Tegra 3, 3D Support Announced for Spring


We know Tegra 3 is going to be something special and we fully believe NVIDIA is trying to beat their competitors to the punch – so these slides don’t entirely surprise us – but they show us they’ll be looking to ramp things up to 1.5GHz for their quad core chipset. That one is expected to be announced in the middle of February at Mobile World Congress.

But the slide also reveals a bit more: 3D support is slated to be launched for the Tegra 2 platform this Spring. I’m sure there are more than just a few folks who don’t care for the 3D craze that seems to be taking various industries by storm, but you can’t blame NVIDIA for wanting to at least provide the option. We can’t wait to see which manufacturers will be scooping these up for their late 2011 models. [via Engadget 1|2]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wow.. Tegra 2 is obsolete already lol.

    Has anyone seen a 3D display? Are they really cool/even worth purchasing?

  2. Shit. Thats when my 2 yr contracts up. YES!

  3. Pretty nifty. The quad core aspect is certainly nice. For me, 3D is, and always will be, a gimmick. Neat to look at for about 30 seconds, then I’ve had enough. I certainly dont knock anyone who enjoys 3D, but it isnt now, or ever will be, for me. Quad core is great though! Im waiting to see how fast the forums fill up with people who are holding out for quad core, or suddenly act as if anything less is now obsolete.

  4. @DJ Droid_FTW had already started that trend.

  5. I’m surprised that Tegra 2 wasn’t surpassed last year, they have been showing it for 2 years. At least they last about one year unlike most Android phones which last 3 months. :P
    Anyways whatever is shipped now, we won’t see until next year and by then we will be hearing a lot about Tegra 3.

  6. Its just awesome how they can raise the processing power constantly and maintain or lower the voltage.

  7. You guys must never have heard of Moore’s law.

  8. Wow, now there’s no way I’m buying the lg Optimus 2x.

  9. Where are all the idiots saying “heh, if you get 12 hours of battery out of your single-core phone now expect THREE hours with quad core hyuck hyuck hyuck”

  10. @ Nisme, yes, Droid_FTW did indeed state the trend first. However, I get the impression that you are one of those pretentious little twits who likes to point out the obvious (Moore’s Law, Really?!) Perhaps what you do not know since you seem preoccupied pointing out the obvious or trying to correct people in the hopes of appearing intelligent is that POSTS DO NOT ALWAYS APPEAR RIGHT AFTER YOU POST THEM. Which is why, sometimes, you see people that feel the need to type “first” when they think they are the first poster actually are #7. Do try to think about what is posted and how in the future rather than coming off as a supercilious douchebag.
    @ teleknEsis lol, I was wondering the same thing.

  11. @DJ guess you felt like an idiot.want my intention. But I see it is yours for me. Guess you failed. No bed to act so butthurt.

  12. And your post is rather ironic, and pathetic st the same time.

  13. What’s the point when there isn’t apps (maybe games) which wil take this hardware as an advantage?
    Unless there are going to be new and innovating software which will change how we live our lives as a smartphone user, there is no point in having a quad core processor.

  14. @DJ guess you felt like an idiot.want my intention. But I see it is yours for me. Guess you failed. No bed to act so butthurt.
    And your post is rather ironic, and pathetic st the same time.
    What?! LMAO
    I rest my case.
    BTW, is Pathetic St. where you live?
    I’m done, I’m not coming back to this news article again, post more nonsensical words. The others can read them and laugh. This was plenty to keep me laughing for awhile.

  15. @dj doesn’t look like he was trying to”correct”you. He likes to post HIS views, I’ve never seen him resort to acting like you just did, a ” superllicous douchebag”. Good day sir.

  16. @dj get a life, you don’t know squat about me. I shit turds more nature then you.

    @df, thanks but no need to defend me from something so little.

  17. Where did it go? Mine got deleted and his stayed?

  18. .so what if no programs are fitted to run a quadcore to its maximum capacity its bragging rights and a just in case, and don’t think for a second they wont have programs that demand that sort of power sit back and watch the picture unfold.

  19. Off topic sorry, but I read an article about apple getting in on snapdragon chipsets .

  20. I just think it is funny that Dj cant see the irony in his own post. Your both douchebags,however, Dj gets the “superllicous” for that fact.

  21. @Nlsme “I shit turds more nature then you.”

    A. Spell check prior to insulting someone (nature…mature?)
    B. Wow. Really? I think you proved DJ’s point for him/her

  22. I swype. Sure, he is correct, because I stated one since that was a failed joke. Your right, I live on Pathetic St. blah, blah, blah.

  23. Who needs springer when ya got this drama!

  24. mc, Do you realize you are now guilty of the same thing that started all this? Guess you are added to the “superllicious” list.

  25. robert wrote on January 24, 2011

    “Off topic sorry, but I read an article about apple getting in on snapdragon chipsets .” Lol, this is your fault Phandroid, replacing chipset with chip. It’s not the same thing! Btw Robert, Qualcomm chipset means, CDMA/GSM stuff, not the CPU. Apple will keep designing their own CPU.

  26. It’s going to be cool to see the phones available when I’m available for an upgrade from my OG Droid next year at this time. However, I’m not so excited how phones are being locked down and tougher to root, rom, and overclock.


    Dear Motorola,

    For the love of God and 3-5% of your customer base, sell us a powerful new Droid phone that will be open like the Nexus. Let the Dev community sing your praises as well the good folks that love sites like these. As of right now, I don’t plan on getting a Motorola phone in the future cause you abandoned what was so great about your implemenation of Android.

  27. lol Whap. :) DJ +1. for correct grammar and remarkable lack of ‘mud slinging’

  28. Surprised nobody noticed the title says quad core 1.5 ghz coming spring, when the charts shows the quad core isn’t coming until fall.

  29. Nemesys06 +1

  30. Crap, I take back my +1 for Nemesys06. Read title again Nemesys06

  31. DJ +100

    Nlsme is a know troll on Phandroid. When someone makes a logic suggestion he always has something stupid to say. I do make bold statements myself but being right 9 of 10 times made me this way.

  32. Lmfao, right 9 ot of 10 times huh. Rotflmfao. Still pulling shit out of your ass huh.

  33. And saying that it us sandbags fault for SAMSUNG phones nit being upgraded, our saying that a wifi version of the xoom has nothing to do with it being “nexus”branding makes me a troll? You freaking hilarious.

  34. Alright I’m done with swype.

  35. I see the T30 has 3x GPU but what does the AP30 have? Or AP25 for that matter… I know CPU is important but for what I do I would like to see a good GPU in the new chips sets. :)

  36. @Nlsme That’s a lot faster than Moore’s law states. It states that the processing power doubles every two years. 2x1GHz to 4×1.5GHz in under a year is far faster than that.

  37. Well, based on what I saw at CES and what I see now (tegra3), ipad is a passing fad. Motorola Xoom and the upcoming tablets blow away the ipad by a factor of 10.

  38. Your right, and it has been speeding up in all areas of tech. Moored law doesn’t state an exact rate, rather an approximation. The 2x1ghz is not new, and the gap between the 2 is more then a year.

  39. Dammit, guess swype really isn’t to blame. ;)

  40. No, I suspect age is.

  41. I know a lot of people that no longer come to this site and it’s because of comments from trolls above. I’m not saying this site is lame, but it needs some type of moderator keeping things in check. I like to visit on occasion but it’s becoming less and less due to the amount of trolls this site allows.
    Phandroid, you’re going downhill fast! Get with the program and clean up the BS otherwise nobody will take this site let alone the commentors seriously.

  42. All I did to “troll” was to say to poster number that poster number one had already done what he was waiting for. At that point, he did exactly what he was saying I do. Kinda went overboard after that, and I am sorry for the role I played in it. However, I never have intentions of “trolling” anybody. Just seams some people need a xanax. As far as phandroid going down hill because if comments, you must visit many sites where the general public is allowed to speak.

  43. Well their chart is already off by a season, as I could not by a dual core phone in the Fall of 2010..

  44. A little clarification on Moore’s law. It’s the transistor size that shrinks around every 18 months. (I hope this doesn’t make me a pretentious twit.) On desktops, this has been correlated with processing power because of increasing clock speeds and when that tapped out, increasing cores.

    Since energy is such a huge constraint on cell phones, I image different variables are in play. It’s easy enough to jump to a bigger die for a mobile chip as long as one can fit the chip in that phone and figure out how to properly control the energy use.

  45. Let’s see if the battery life would hold up for half a day with quad core…..

  46. @chris, while technically yes, moored law only states transistors, the capabilities of many digital electronic devices are strongly linked. And rightly so.

  47. My, how nerdy children love the power of anonymity.

  48. Sorry to burst your guys’ bubbles but this is NOT a 4 x 1.5 Ghz processor. This is a 1.5Ghz processor with 4 cores each splitting up the 1.5 ghz. I repeat, each core DOES NOT HAVE 1.5 Ghz. That would be insane.

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