Changes to Verizon’s 3G Data Plans Hint at LTE Upcharges


Verizon is once again tweaking their 3G data plans, and this time it looks like it is in preparation for upcoming as-of-yet unannounced 4G LTE data plans. The $15/150MB per month for smartphones is no longer on the menu, leaving the unlimited data for $29.99 a month as the only option. Meanwhile, for $10 per month feature phone users can get 75MB of data, with a $10 overage charge scoring 75MB more if you happen to go over.

But notice that when referring to the $30 unlimited plan it is expressly stated that the terms apply to”Feature Phones and 3G Smartphones.” It looks like Verizon is starting to make the distinction early before official 4G plans are announced. What those plans will entail remains unknown at this time, but chances are VZW will be charging a premium for their shiny new LTE network.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Did anyone REALLY think they weren’t going to charge more for their 4G smart phone data package? Verizon has NEVER been the “give it to them cheaper” company. Why would they start now?

  2. If its ridiculous I wont be upgrading to an lte device

  3. Why am I not surprised? Every other major carrier is doing it right? And we as consumers let them get away with it.

  4. FYI its said feature and 3G smartphones for the last year. great eye though….

  5. Good thing T -Mobile won’t be charging me for their 4g service anytime in the near future. Have fun with Verizon while I enjoy cheaper rates with my Nexus S.

  6. Oh Verizon…another perfect example of a money hungry corporation…as least do a better job pretending you’re on consumer side instead of trying to beat AT&T as the Evil empire of wireless..

  7. Um….cry babies! TMo is $25/mo for the 1st line on a family plan and $30/mo on all others. This is the norm….WAH!!!!

  8. I was thinking about using my upgrade for the Thunderbolt but the more I read about the anticipated higher price of LTE and the cost of the Thunderbolt ($250.00), I may just hang on to my Incredible for a while, it’s still an awesome device.
    Anyone else with the same thoughts?

  9. It said the same thing for unlimited data last year and the year before about for 3g phones this is nothing new damn relax

  10. It’s not about WAH! Things continue to get more and more expensive, closing the budget for many of us thus being forced to make decisions whether to continue with their service, look else where or unfortunately get rid of the smartphone all together which I really don’t want to do. The people that don’t see it this way are the ones that are more fortunate, well good for you, I’m not complaining at all. I’m educated, I went to college but my job as many others, haven’t seen a raise in two, three years. In the meantime every other little facete of our lives, prices continue to go up here and there from the groceries to the technology. It’s the world we live in right now. Sure it sucks but it’s what we have to live with. Just remember the things that are more important in life, for me a smartphone isn’t one of them!

  11. Sean i feel the same way and the fact that its not sporting a shiny new tegra 2 is a factor too

  12. Oh Verizon, I only pay $20/month with free tethering on my Nexus S. That would be like $60/month on Verizon and who knows how much if it was a 4G phone with tethering. I already got my third update in one month since I bought this phone.
    T-mo & Google & Nexus FTW

  13. T-Mobile does charge for 4G service. It is an extra $10 an month for 200mb and $30 a month for unlimited on top of the 3G plan.

  14. I really think you are reading to much into this.

  15. $40 per month for unlimited data for your mobile phone is ridiculous. Didn’t AT&T say that something like 90+ percent of their users use 200mb or less a month? I hope they aren’t planning on charging the 90+ percent $10 extra a month because less than 10% of users hog data.

  16. ive always had the impression that 4G LTE was going to be $45 a month.

  17. This is dumb Sprint gives unlimited data plans for 4g phones and of course t-mobile and ATT won’t charge more because their 4g is just faster 3g

  18. @jdog

    You must have been right 18 times since the post about me being a troll. It would be 40 for a new plan until the 30th on a family plan, 50 for old plans and plans after the 30th, as well as single lines.

  19. i did the math thats maybe 30 plus 10 for premium times 24 plus 250 for an lte phone that over a thousand dollars that apple status guys is verizon going crazy might stick with att lol

  20. Sprint offers Wimax. Not sure how it compares to Verizon LTE but the cost of each will certainly come into play when we choose a carrier. If LTE is faster, the more it costs, the less attractive it will be to the masses.

  21. I pay only $20 a month for unlimited web and FREE wifi tethering with 4g on my nexus with t mobile! How is everyone else doing with Verizon, at&t, and sprint?

  22. @kujayhawks77 Their 3G and 4G plans start at $10/month for 200mb and $30/month for unlimited, they do not add together. I only pay $20/month for unlimited data on the Even More Plus plan.

  23. Ohh, and those saying that this is nothing new are correct. Been unlimited 3g for a long time. Way to speculate. I can do that to by saying lte prices wont go up over 3g, because they already lte out where the prices were unaffected. In usb modems.

  24. Please note that Verizon is planning to eliminate $15/150 MB service – for the folks who just would like to have a smart phone with limited data use, such as E-mail and ocasional web surfing.

  25. It’s hard not to read into this. There are stories like this popping up everywhere and rightly so. I find it hard to believe that verizon won’t charge additional and limit our gb’s even more. It’s what they do, it’s what they all do. I wish I knew more about the how towers work, all the behind the scenes stuff and then come to my own conclusion as to whether it’s justifiable or not. We’ll never see that answer from them. Nothing beyond, “more demand comes higher prices”.

  26. @next. Pretty good considering I can actually use my phone pretty much anywhere.

  27. @Nlsme Saying your not a troll doesn’t change the facts.
    So Troll on.

  28. Verizon are greedy pigs, screw their so called “superior” network! I wont be the reason their CEO gets another lear jet!

  29. Welcome to our world Verizon customers.

  30. The 15dollars/150mb is a limited time offer that runs through January. Just go to their website and it is still up but clearly says limited time offer. I would think the Iphone will affect this going away. They can sell the Iphone with a 30 dollars data plan v 15 dollars. They have said all along it was a limited time offer.

  31. What Verizon and all other US Carriers need to do is lower there 3G once 4G hits or a few months after. I would like to see 3G packages around $15-$20 a month and 4G start at $30 up to $40 a month or so.

    This is generally how cable internet providers do this. Locally in Las Vegas you can get 25mb for a little over $50 a month. But we all know the carriers will continue to rape us as we NEED our phones in day-to-day life.

  32. Maybe this is just getting ready for the iphone… milking it for as much money as they can… ? flame on =/

  33. Keep supporting those Smart phones and companies and watch the price go up dumbies….. If people would use there brain once in a life time and not support these companies the prices would come down. But nope!!! people are stupid and will pay more more less anyways. lol

  34. The problem now is the phone race is beyond a typical phone. We are merging PC, laptop, tablets and phones. The distinction between them is getting smaller and smaller.. We as consumers are stuck in the middle paying a premium until someone steps in and levels the playing (paying) field.

    Wireless (GSM & CMDA) are now big players in the world of Satellite, Cable, Telephone (DSL) for web access. They have one big advantage though…true wireless (compared to Clear for example). The technologies will merge, until then we are stuck paying for it!

  35. @jdog. And saying you are right nine times out of ten doesn’t make it true. So keep acting like you know what you are talking about, and I will keep correcting you. Or “trolling” as you like to call it

  36. To all those touting their Nexus S and 4G… you do realize the nexus S isn’t HSDPA+ (ie NOT 4G), right?

  37. @Jack
    So I assume you are not using a smartphone then? Just about the only way to “not support” the prices is to simply not use a smartphone at all. For some (not most, but some) this isn’t really an option.

  38. It coming true makes it true. Pwning thousands of people is quite fun, you should try it oh wait your not smart enough.

  39. @bela

    Of course people know their nexus is not a 4g device. It however does take advantage of T-Mobile’s 4g speeds at up to 7 times faster than Verizon’s 3g speed. All for $20 a month with free tethering, no locked up phones like Verizon likes to provide, and no Verizon changing their contracts with their customers like their upgrade policy whenever they like! :)

  40. Lol. Have fun with that. Moron.

  41. Ohh, and in case you didn’t read my post, you were wrong about how much it costs for a data+tether plan with Verizon now. So, now you think you know what WILL happen.

  42. Check out YouTube by greekthuglife69 see how Verizon treats their workers u already know how they treat u

  43. “I pay only $20 a month for unlimited web and FREE wifi tethering with 4g on my nexus with t mobile! How is everyone else doing with Verizon, at&t, and sprint?”

    We can get a signal.

  44. Im pretty sure the g2 is locked down. Its been cracked, but it is locked down. As far as speeds, leave the city and tmob fails. wish it wasn’t so, but it is. And I still have my ne2 coming. Not that I will wait that long to use it. The nexus is over rated. Nothing at all special about, and a few drawbacks. Sop….

  45. Lol I see the same person on almost every topic I view trying to start an argument with everyone

  46. @Nisme

    Isn’t the only stock Android phone that Verizon has the OG Droid? Also, how is Bing treating Verizon Android customers. LOL

  47. If getting all the latest updates first means that it is overrated, then I would be glad to have a Nexus anyday.

  48. How dare you enjoy 2 updates so far in one month since a phones release! Also, don’t enjoy cheap unlimited data with free tethering at fast speeds either. You should feel bad for the poor Verizon folks who fall for the “Droid does” commercials and don’t do their own research.

  49. I know you are talking about me, but being a Verizon customer, in Verizon thread, where everyone is throwing misinformation around. Or bragging about a crappy phone on a crappy network. I feel I have the right to counter. COUNTER.

  50. VZW-T-mobile sucks Sprint HAHAAAA, ATT is the shizznit

  51. And if getting two updates in one month means im stuck forever on 16 gigs, I pass.
    Or saving 20 bucks a month on data/tether means I can only use it in a few locations, again, I pass.

  52. And isn’t 2 updates in one month kindasilly to brag about. That means the first wasn’t good enough.

  53. The most amusing thing here is people are getting their knickers in a knot over something that “may” be coming down the line as opposed to something that IS going to be happening in the not too distant future.

    Folks, wait until you hear about data plan price changes before assuming what is going to happen. While I have to admit that these posts do provide me with alot of entertainment because of how fired up people get, I just don’t wanna see someone have a heart attack at their keyboard over something that may or may not happen.


  54. I noticed it is the same 3 tmob fanbois talking smack here. What’s the matter? You try to go somewhere and realized you couldn’t get your phone to work? Its not verizons fault your network is so sketchy.

  55. Still trollin I see, LOL. You troll in other articles no matter if they are about Verizon or not, try again with your lame excuses troll. Damn I just remembered that being retarded is what a troll does best. I will admit that I was wrong about the data charges. The cheapest Verizon plan compared to mine would be $110/month and on T=mo the same would be $60/month on a Nexus phone, that is a saving of $600/year. I get 4G from all four major carriers in the fourth biggest U.S. city and T-mobile is hands down the best carrier here. Here you don’t pay a cheap plan and get crappy service, you get the best service with the best phone. But I’m sure that your phone is so good that you must have the most software supported Android phone available, LOL Verizon pwned you.

  56. Ugh, wrong again. My plan is 189 a month. Total. For 4 droids, one feature phone. One tether,and insurance all the way around. And a “troll” is someone who posts JUST to start an arguement. Wether they believe what they are saying or not. I usually only RESPOND, and always say what I feel. The zoom debate with you WAS a Verizon thread. How often do you see me in a tmobile thread? Once. And my comment there was that I wished tmobile was an option for me. Unfortunatly, there coverage prevents that. How many times have been in a Verizon thread? That’s right, every one. You sir, are the troll.

  57. And phones are so much more then the software. I have more music on my phone than your phone will hold. Or EVER be able too. The processer on mine is JUST as fast as yours. I have crystal clear calls, flash, better resolution screen, and I can use it ANYWHERE. So again, you fail.

  58. You just made no sense. Read your statement above. Sounds like your the troll here. Also, who cares what carrier you, me, or anyone else is on? Your on Verizon, its your money to waste. I am on T-Mobile, its my coverage area. Either way, get a life. Half these posts seem to be coming from the real troll, YOU!

  59. Dude, you are in a thread that has absolutely nothing to do with you. And the other half are coming from the same 3 people, that again have nothing to do with them. Stfu, nobody cares how cheap tmob is, if their coverage sucks. Verizon has the mist customers for a reason. And what exactly makes no sense? The fact I have more music on my phone then the nexus can ever hold? Or the fact that tmobile coverage sucks? Or that my bill is what is? What about it can you not comprehend.

  60. And obviously YOU care what network people are on. Or want peope to care what network you are on.

  61. This has been on their mailers for some time now. Nothing new. Nothing to suggest a price increase. To all the Tmobile fangirls, please leave this thread, nobody wants to hear it. Nisme, stop responding to the “trolls”, thats why they are here.

  62. 79 a month unlimited everything on a no contract plan with tmo!! just thought id share that with them verizon zombies who take it in the ass from vzw oh but lte will have 7mbps instead of 4mbps. are you going to start with the my penis is bigger then your penis? in the end can you honestly tell a difference? dam trekkies

  63. 79 a month for one phone with limited service area, under 200 for 5 that works practically anywhere? Hmm, tough choice.

  64. Nismey is a troll by his or her own definition. And this thread has everything to do with any current or future cell phone consumer . Anyone who may be a future Verizon troll like you, should know what they’re getting in to. A company who treats their customers like another number regardless of retention.

  65. And please explain that one genius? You have posted how many times in this thread. And how many of those times did you make ANY kind of a point? Im guessing you are all the same person, as even your grammer suggests. Let alone you are all phanbois of the SMALLEST us carrier. And none of you have yet to say anything other then to call me a troll. Im done. I pointed out that the topic was misinformation. A false scare. Been that way for a long time. None of you can even put together a thought deeper than “nexus s is best phone”, “tmobile is best”, or “nisme is troll”. Good day kids/kid.

  66. nisme STOP FEEDING THE TROLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Nisme. Just admit you’re a troll. You make no sense.

  68. Yay. She finally left after making no sense for hours!

  69. @nlsme i live in utah an dont give a rats ass if i get coverage in the backwoods!!

  70. Don’t do it isnt worth it.

  71. @ all u t-mo lap dancing fanboys
    This is getting rediculous get off the Verizon thread if u have nothing worthwhile to say! I’m with nisme ill stick with my family plan w/4 droids, unlimited data & incomparable coverage for under $200! Not to mention y’all are all raving about a phone manufactured by sammy I mean come on u have a slightly tweaked galaxy s…nothing to rave about! My Thunderbolt or Bionic (whichever I choose) will run circles around ur silly sammy then turn around & laugh…hell my current og Droid running @ 1.4ghz will probably outperform ur super duper amazing nexus s! Y’all are the ones with no points to prove so buff said

  72. Haha nuff said my bad

  73. You’re a brainless troll too. Every carrier is going to have a phone with those specs.

  74. thats all the thunderbolt or bionic woman will run at 1.4ghz? feeble

  75. I think they are one. Im actually ashamed I fed the troll.

  76. Agreed I just couldn’t help myself I don’t tolerate ignorance very well I guess

  77. Same here, as evidenced above.

  78. t-mobile….you get you what you pay for…by the way, tmobile also has a 14 day return policy as well…they had it first….and no there are no 4g phone data plans announced nor hinted, they are toying around with multimedia phones again considering the amount of complaints due to overages….so THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF INCREASE IN PRICE FOR 4G DATA

  79. Nisme the troll. Lol. You said you weren’t coming back but you did in typical troll fashion.

  80. Verizon is the best at over charging and screwing its customers. I can say that as I used to be one.

  81. nisme got his chores done so mommy granted him more computer time before bed..

  82. Nisme, just admit you’re a troll. I do, and I don’t care. It’s easy to pick on a loser overpaying for something I have for less$ . Thanks!

  83. i do get a kick at these verizon zombies always trying to justify taking it in the ass from verizon by over paying for a dam cell phone!! i spent 8 years of my life belonging to the 4th reich ( verizon ) but i free’d myself from the grasps of the 4th reich!!

  84. Do we really need 4G speed? Are people already streaming netflix and videos on 3G and doing just fine?

  85. yo for price, ill take tmobile or sprint, but service, att way better, VZW jus some dummies, vzw talk mad shit bout how wat they do that att cant do, but fareal fareal, yall really think vzw is better than att, thats likie sayn the x-box is better than a ps3, please

  86. @Nisme: Guaranteed you don’t pay 189/month for 4 Droids. I’m on VZW with a 22% access discount and 5 people on the plan. 2 Droids, 1 feature phone, 2 dumbphones and pay more than that.

    I suppose it’s possible you could work for VZW and get a better discount than me. Which would explain all your posts.

  87. I dont work for vzw. First 2 phones are 80(700 mins,but 10 friends and family). Next 3 are add a line. 30. 3 droids are “smatphones talk free” (1 shouldnt have qualified, but I’m pretty persuasive) 120-30. Insurance 36. 80+30+90+36. 236-my wifes work discount the same 22%(50). 186. I didnt include taxes and fees, because they werent when talking about their prices, and it isn’t “verizons”, bill. Rather uncle sams, and the great state of NY. Should I copy it as more proof?

  88. And before anyone says anything about 700 mins for five phones. I get 10 friends and family, and mobile to mobile to verizon. EVERYONE is on verizon around here. EVERYONE. I live in the hudson valley, and they are the ONLY option. Period. Only people I know not on verizon, dont live here.

  89. At&t is not the best. I was a att customer for 10 years. Their service is ok. Customer service sucks. Made the switch to VZW 3 yr ago and been happy since. If you compare current plans from At&t with VZW, there’s no difference. VZW coverage is better than at&t so is the network.

    Yes its true that I don’t need service in the backwoods bc I don’t live there. But when I go camping … guess what my VZW phone is the only one working on most cases, not at&t, tmob, metro pcs, or sprint.

    Price wise sprint owns. But their customer is horrible. Just recently they got better with their new ceo. Sprint mailed letter to their customer stating that sprint is cuttin the customer bc the customer called into customer care too many time in one month.

    Tmob has the option of pay more per mo on contract so you can pay less upfront for a phone or pay less each month on a month to month basis but pay a lot more upfront on phones. Tmob coverage is shotty just like at&t. Get drop calls all the time.

    Look into how a customer is connected to a cell tower and what happens when they move out of range. At&t & tmob connect their customer to one tower at a time. When they get out of range, they connect to the nearest tower. During this transition is when the drop call happens. VZW on the other hand, connect their customer to 3 tower, so when they move out of range of one, they’re still connected to 2 while a third is being transition in. That’s why they rarely get drop call.

  90. As a VZW employee, we always state -3G- smartphones, or at least have been for the past year.

    I don’t understand reading into things so much…

  91. If there isn’t an increase in charge for LTE I will be shocked. Either way, I am happy with my 3G Android for now and will be waiting a while before I make the jump.

  92. Jeebus, this thread is ridiculous….everyone calm down. VZW and TMobile both have their pluses. In my case VZW is the best network at my university, so I’ll stay with the more reliable signal over a cheaper TMobile service (Had a TMobile phone before). As for LTE….the price will probably go up, it’s what you get for new technology, a price premium….anyone remember how much the PS3 cost when it first came out? ;)

  93. Verizon fangirls/boys will NEVER admit the truth: Verizon is way more expensive. Why the denial? Is it because deep down you feel foolish for paying more? If you choose verizon for whatever reason, thats your choice. I certainly won’t pay their exhorbitant prices. At least have some sense of reality and not deny that VZ is EXPENSIVE. When you deny that outright, you lose all credibility….

  94. I layed out what I pay beat it. Because from where I see it, I get 4 droids for 50 bucks, with a free dumbphone.

  95. 50 bucks each.

  96. If you can’t afford the phone or the plan, go get a prepaid feature phone.

    Otherwise, stop crying about having to spend your paper route money.

    Verizon has the farthest-reaching and most-reliable network. This costs money. This is why we get such high pricing on our service.

    T-Mobile has the cheapest rates, simply because their coverage footprint blows. That is why a city-dweller can rely on T-Mobile, while anyone who lives in the ‘burbs or rural cannot.

    I will upgrade on MY TERMS, 4G at whatever cost, ffc, AMOLED if I can, and a dual-core processor. As an OG Droid user, my (our) upgrade time is coming up quickly. Mine is (somehow) March 11th. And don’t think for a minute that I’m going to the Dark Side (Apple) once that happens.

    Droid plus Big Red = Reliability FTW

  97. And their plans really arent that expensive.

  98. VZW is more expensive than tmob and sprint. Those extra money goes back into the network. As its been proven since they got the best coverage and most reliable network. You can pay less but it isn’t worth a damn if you can’t get a signal when you want to make a call.

    Att pricing is the same as VZW. You tmob fanbois remind me of the iphone fanbois depicted in the youtube vid of htc evo vs iphone 4

  99. Tmobile owners talking sh*t on a VZW thread = TROLLS.
    Tmobile owners talking sh*t on a VZW thread = FAIL!!!
    GO NIsme!!! HAHAHAH!!!!

  100. I have been a Verizon employee for 24 years. Trust me, they know how to make money. They have the advantage of market penetration because they built their network on the back of the old Bell Telephone network. They outspend their competition on advertising and are very effective, since the perception that they have a better network is rampant. They have a larger network. They don’t have a better network. I install equipment and provision circuits at cell sites. Most sites have all four carriers and they all run the exact same equipment. Big difference is, the other 3 pay money to Verizon for the T1’s they need for backhaul. So Verizon has a competitive edge. They made 4.3 BILLION the last quarter. Alot of that is spent convincing consumers through advertising that VZ network is “superior”. It has bigger penetration into rural markets, but thats the extent of it. This is a forum for android fans, many of whom enjoy rooting their phones and tehtering for free; I hardly would deem them “trolls”! I work for the company and even I can see their point. Verizon is overpriced plain and simple! And they can be overpriced because the non technical minded, average consumer believes they are somehow better….

  101. Or, for most people, they want to be able to use their phones anywhere.

  102. Nisme, the proof is in the pudding. If consumers werent getting acceptable service, then everyone but verizon would be out of business, and verizon would be a monopoly with even more exhorbitant prices. Sounds like thats what you want. You act like verizon is some country club and that you have some special talent to be on their “network”. Get a grip, take a marketing or economics class and learn something. You are giving Ivans obedient servants a bad image :)

  103. Working for Verizon, you get insight into their marketing strategy. Their own marketing and consumer surveys show how they feel about their business plans and strategies for growth. Firstly, the market for cell phones is nearing the saturation point (9yo girls already rocking BBs). The future growth will be from signing up other companies subscribers and add on features. Their own surveys of the big 4, show tmo as the network of choice of techies and young urbanites, sprint for budget concious consumers, ATT as business professionals and big red for soccer moms. Therefore you see VZ with tech inspired droid commercials and introducing droid “global” and their suing of the FCC so they can throttle content to enable their own add-ons to seem faster. They spend millions on marketing and that money will translate into subscribers. I get an employee discount and my bill is still higher than anyone I know on another network. I dont believe these VZ fanboys who claim these incredible deals that no average sucker walking into a VZ store can ever get….

  104. You right proof is in the pudding. Who is the largest again? Thats right, verizon. Tmobile is tiny compared, sprint is a lil better, and at&t is only close because of the iphone.

  105. Dude, guess you cant do math, layed it out before. 5 phones, 4 of wich are smartphones. Family plan,80. 3 add a lines 30. 4 data packages. 120. “Smartphones talk free” -30. Insurance, 36. 22% discount -50. 184.184 a month before taxes for 4 smartphones, and a dumbphone. ANYBODY can get it for 234 TODAY. ANYBODY eligable for the discount can get it TODAY at 186. Granted, the “smartphones talk free” promotion ends on the 30th. But, ANYBODY can get these prices RIGHT NOW. For being a vzw employee, you are rather ignorant on their prices. Again, ANYBODY can walk into vzw TODAY OR TOMORROW OR THE DAY AFTER, and get THESE prices.

  106. And incase you didnt hear, they beat their own growth estimate by 30% last quarter. More pudding for you regarding your “employer”.

  107. I just got off the phone with VZW customer service. While the call was unrelated to LTE, I asked if he knew anything about it. He said he just got out of a training class an hour earlier. He stated that there was no indication of any kind that there would be a premium charge for either using a 4G capable device in a non-4G area or the 4G network in general. He doesn’t believe there will be in the future either. If 4G was available in the area, the device would pick it up and there would be no additional charges.

  108. I never said I was a VZW employee! Verizon has business besides the wireless division in case you didnt know. I dont sell phones for a livng. I know for a fact they are expensive. Do you think I care that they are the biggest mobile carrier? Makes no difference to me; I will be taking my big fat pension from them shortly so I appreciate all that green you are providing them with! All you VZ fanboys are great for business! I can work there and still be objective enough to know they are overpriced. And to top it off you lied in your post- 700 minutes is 100, not 80; Friends and Family not avail on 700 plan. You lied above and said you had F&F! 100 (plan) + 30 (3 added lines) + 120(4 data plans) = 250. Minus 20 for 2 extra smartphones and you are at 230 without tax and insurance. Thats for 700 shared minutes. The “average sucker” I wrote of before isn’t getting your 22% discount! You are being disingenuous at best, downright lying at worst! Other carriers plans offer more for cheaper, stop twisting the facts!

  109. It most certanly is available on 700 minutes,but is only 5 numbers. I get ten as a preferred customer. They called me and offered. But your right, I am on the 100 dollar plan. 20 dollars more. So it is 50 each a month for the smartphones, and 4 for the dumbphone. My bad. Funny you call mea liar. You say how working for verizon you work on cell towers. Then you work for vzw. Nice try though. Troll. Jdog, nexi, whatever your name is.

  110. And if you do work for verizon outside of vzw, then you have no access to what istechnically a differant companies internal documents. Especially as a tech.

  111. And it is also funny you say the proof is in the pudding, but when the pudding is put in front of you(with whipped cream on top too boot) you go on a rant about how you dont care. 9 times out of 10 my ass.

  112. Where did I ever say I worked for VZW? Apparently your reading skills are just as bad as your math. I just did 10 minutes of research at VZW website to see your inaccuracies. Obviously you are clueless to how cell sites are maintained and by whom. I won’t try to educate you on that. VZW is not a separate entity, it is part of Verizon Communications (VZ on NYSE). “Dude” I am laughing all the way to the bank on your dollar. For what you overpay for in a year, those tmo boys could buy an 3 ipods to tether free to their rooted phones and still come out ahead of you! Your loss, not mine ;)

  113. Oops typo, I meant IPADs….and yes the SIZE of VZW is meaningless to me as a consumer…certainly its nice as an employee of VZ, but that has very little to do with their overpriced phone plans…

  114. I was off by 4 dollars, sue me. I said under 200, it is 204. I know what my bill is, and what is included. I also know tmobile doesnt work for me. They are an urban carrier, with a tiny footprint. TMOBILE DOES NOT WORK WHERE I LIVE. Get it. THEY DON’T FUCKING WORK. Im done with you.

  115. And stop acting like you are an employee. You obvuously are not.

  116. Oh I am definitely an employee whether you like it our not. Why so angry? I dont have tmo. Just cause I pointed out you overpay? Take your anger out on VZW not me! I apologize for making you appear dimwitted ok? Happy now?

  117. How am i overpaying? 50 bucks a smartphone, with the ONLY. Carrier that is an option. THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS ANY KIND OF A. NETWORK THAT WILL WORK FOR ME. Your dense dude, or your a troll. Either way, Im done with you. And, wether youlike it or not, I dont beleive you work for verizon. Nor do I care. Good day sir.

  118. Hey dont be mad at me cause I busted your bubble. Fact remains, other carriers give more for less cost; case closed!

  119. For the tenth time, NOT AROUND HERE THEY DONT. Idiot.

  120. Ok then we agree. I agree that Verizon is the biggest mobile carrier (how that makes it the best you still havent explained) and you can agree they are overpriced…..

  121. Overpriced? At 50 bucks a phone. You cheap bastard. They are the biggest, not only in subscribers(more people agree withme, and they put there money where their mouth is),but also in coverage area(that means I can use it in more places{practically anywhere }). They are also more reliable( meaning my important calls wont be dropped). I dont carecare how”cheap” something is, if I CANT USE IT. You are a douchebag, with no common sen sense. Tmobiles coverage map is 100 dots, no comparison. Value, pfft. Useless to ME.

  122. And more “pudding”, tmobile has been missing their growth estimates.

  123. So because GM is the biggest I should buy one? WalMart is the biggest, so I should shop there? Big doesnt mean better “dude”! Your logic makes no sense. And by the way, your post the VZ earnings thread was wrong too. (Where you gush about not selling your stock). VZW doesnt have stock! It belongs to the parent company which is Verizon Communications! You are clueless and I suggest you stop worshipping Ivan and Big Red, cause its really pathetic! You are in need of psychological examination….were you abandoned as a child and looking for acceptance? There’s other alternatives besides your fruitless search for a big happy family….but I do thank you and all the other people who pay my salary. Thank God for people who live In the boondocks….

  124. And i own it. How bout this. Your house vs my house. Your house is 300 sf, mine is 1500. Are you really a genius because you save five bucks? You have zero reading comprehension skills. And are about as dense as they come. Get over it, tmobile sucks compared when considering where they work. Another comparison. I have a chevy impala, you have a camaro. I can use my impala ANYWHERE, you are stuck on highways only. Fucking troll.

  125. They are bigger in SERVICE AREA.

  126. And, I said a LONG time ago, I wished tmobile was an option for me. Realistically, they are not. BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO SERVICE HERE. I could care less who you use, where you shop, or what you drive. Go with what works for YOU. Just like I do. And, what works for ME is vzw.

  127. And, I may not live in a LARGE city, but it is hardly the boondocks.

  128. And you dont work for verizon. You are the. Same troll that was on last night. Using yet another name.

  129. No I do work for Verizon, as I’m beginning to think you are jealous of that! Its ok for you to have blind love for Verizon. So because you have no choices, you begrudge those of us who do? You have one service provider that you are stuck with, so you have brainwashed yourself into believing something that isn’t true? I have no loyalty to any mobile carrier! I dont love tmo, sprint, ATT or VZ! I just find it strange that legitimate criticism of Verizon gets you so angry and upset…its very humorous! You act like my statement that VZ is overpriced is akin to me insulting your mother! VZ is a greedy company, why do you treat it as if its your mother? You got issues!

  130. Must stop feeding the TROLL.

  131. Im an android fan, I will be reading your silly posts and laughing my ass off at your pathetic love of Ivan and big red. This is really entertaining. Hey maybe if you head over to youtube you can find some new “rule the air” commercials to enjoy. That would really make your day now wouldnt it?

  132. Troll, you dont work for verizon. Because you would know i was right when I said technically a differant company. Vzw is a joint venture between verizon communication, and vodafone. Verizon wireless handles ALL aspects of cellular. Seeings how you say you dont work for vzw, rather verizon, you lied. You also lied when you claimed to have access to vzw internal documents as a verizon tec. You are the same troll, that is a tmobile fangirl, that uses differant names to talk shit to people for no reason, other then attempt to troll. You have no valid poibts, and continuosly ignore the facts laid out to you. I dont have any loyalty to vzw, other then the fact they are the best option for me, and millions more people. Far more people than tmobile. Again, your the same troll and im done with you. People like you are pathetic. You change your name, but you still spew the same crap, word for word. Good day maam.

  133. You can insult me all you want, I am a VZ employee and know more about the company than even a fanboy like yourself couldn’t learn in 50 years of trying. If you work for a large company like I do, you would have a better knowledge of these “internal” documents that you claim to be an expert at. When you work for a company for 24 years like I have, you tend to make acquaintances of many people from all different departments. I dont claim to know your idol Ivan personally, but I do know many people in many departments, wireless included. VZW DOES NOT have its own stock! You are a liar if you say you own shares of VZW! I dont advocate on behalf of any carrier, my observations are unbiased unlike yours. Your “facts” are nothing but delusions of your sick mind. You probably are composing love letters to Ivan right now….weirdo!

  134. My phone put the w jackass. You dont work there. Your the same troll. Ill let you have the last word. They fall on deaf ears.

  135. Once again, thanks for your undying support of my employer, its people like you who make it possible for me to retire in about 5 years. Keep paying that cell phone bill! ;)….its also great for my 401K!! Not one post I have written has fallen on deaf ears, and this one won’t either!

  136. @Chris, it must suck working for a company you despize. All you post is the same mindless drivvle. And not just in this instance, but in all of them. Your right, verizon is the most expensive. But, even you said their penetration is the best. Considering cell phones are a phone meant to be used anywhere, this is the deciding factor for a lot of people. It is also what has made them the largest carrier.

    @nisme, you don”t have to respond to every comment from every troll. Save your breathe. They don’t care.

  137. @ anon. Nobody cares!

  138. I dont actually despise Verizon, I just pointed out to one misguided fanboy that they are overpriced and that merely because they were the largest doesnt mean they are better. I stated that they have a competitive advantage as owners of the monopoly public switched telephone network! My posts are far from “drivvle”. They are cogent and on point. I have no hatred of Verizon or nisme. He/she is just an impressionable and naive person who had very little knowledge of marketing, economics or logical debate. His qualifications are only that he has a passionate loyalty to a company. He is angry and his arguments are clearly not the result of any critical thinking. The post is about VZ charges which is what my comment was about. In his warped mind, he takes passionate offense with my truthful comment about VZ being overly expensive. I would expect you to side with him as it seems like I am having a debate with a 9 year old girl who has a crush on justin bieber. Everyone loves an underdog, and this page is full of V fans and apologists. Enjoy your day mgnmchrgr!

  139. 30 posts say otherwise.BTW, I too, have ten friends and family numbers on a 700 minute plan. The rest of his math is easily verifiable to new customers from reading their advertised promotions right on their website. Some people see value even when they spend more. You obviously think value means cheapest.

  140. No, I never said cheapest. Those are your words! I just dont understand the passionate love of a company who’s primary purpose is to separate you from your money. It says alot that you would take offense to my rational and truthful posts rather than the emotional rambling tirades of nisme; I would say that classifies you as a VZ apologist as well. At least it took you less than thirty posts to agree that VZ is expensive, your fanboy buddy still is in denial! But to the more intelligent reader, I am sure they get a few chuckles out of him….and I’m sure more apologists will follow you. They tend to get very emotional when someone dares to rightfully criticize VZW.

  141. I don’t agree with you, as his numbers are verifiable. You started off the arguement calling him names, when you should have kept your mouth shut. However, it won’t take me thirty posts to realize you are just a troll, and these too will be my last words to you. “GOOD DAY SIR”

  142. LMAO, you probably are nismes buddy! Or nisme himself…..Goodbye and good riddance!

  143. You said the same thing in post 118 nisme….nice try disguising yourself….

  144. I think that is why he quoted it genius. Keep going though. This thread is entertaining.

  145. I would but at this point only nisme and his three aliases are reading it, and its slightly above his intelligence level….i am sure he will post some love to ivan on another thread soon…

  146. I don’t understand anyone who’s life is so empty that they have to form an emotional attachment to phone or company. It must be very sad when a negative comment about the cell phone you carry or the wireless company you choose actually effects your self esteem.

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