LG Optimus 2X Now on Sale in Korea, White Version Coming Soon


While European countries are left with nothing but pre-order options and while those of us in North America are wondering if and when we’ll be seeing the device, Koreans have the opportunity to go out and purchase the LG Optimus 2X right now. Yay! But the story here is the white version of the phone that this beautiful Korean lady is sitting next to – one Engadget says should be available sometime in February. (The phone, not the girl.) The phone is available right now via SK Telecom. [via IT Today (Google Translate)]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Which 3G bands?

  2. One on the left is pretty fine

  3. Since this phone will also release in Europe, I would bet UMTS bands 900 and 2100 at minimum. Maybe also 1900 MHz like many phones have to get limited coverage in North America.
    However only 2100 MHz is needed in South Korea.

  4. She needs to pull that skirt just a little bit higher :P

  5. they should have a red version in korea ..eh

  6. The phones are bigger than the girls!

  7. hmm.. so it’s a Korean phone that was released in Europe first? odd~

  8. forgot to mention, either way, it’s a nice phone ^_^

  9. jc… you’ve read wrong.

  10. wow, hawt.

    oh and cool phone as well

  11. hope kim jong il doesn’t want one :(

  12. @jc30 no, it’s released in Korea first.
    @Jarrad Kim Jong Il is North Korea, LG is South Korea

  13. @Adrian: ..dude, whats the point of correcting a joke (regarding kim jong)

  14. looks quite different from the early shot http://phandroid.com/lg-optimus-2x/

  15. Hopefully AWS since TMO is already getting G-Slate.

  16. @ace +1

    @adrien I think he knows that.

  17. whats the price ?

  18. What’s the chances of this thing coming to T-Mobile. Cross my fingers…

  19. all korean girl looks the same…..

  20. What’s up with the buttons? In the photo attached to this article, there seems to be one larger button in the middle. But on all other press coverage I’ve seen it’s had 4 touch-sensitive buttons. Hmm..

  21. What is the big deal about ‘white versions’ of phones? All it does it make it look like it was a device lifted from the film of “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Woo!

  22. That one on the left is much better, look at the specs!

  23. @zi

    speaking as a westerner who has lived in asia I can confirm that we all ‘look the same’ to them also.

    but come on. they don’t, and we don’t – you idiot.

  24. I was excited about this phone until I realized that its set up for HSDPA and not HSPA+. that really ruined it for me

  25. @Jimble +++++++1!!!!
    u r so right especially the “idiot” part i agree with u LOL @Zi u moron don’t say something like that SOME people might take it offensive (i capitalized SOME)

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