Vodafone Offering LG Optimus 2X Free in the UK


Pre-order this, off-contract that, we realize many of you were waiting on carrier contract pricing for the LG Optimus 2X. Thankfully, Expansys – a popular UK retailer – has revealed that they’ll be offering the LG Optimus 2X free through Vodafone for tariffs starting at 30 pounds per month. If you opt to throw your dollars into the bucket for this now, you won’t be able to grab your phone until March 21st. Still, free beats paying outright if you don’t mind being tethered to a contract. [via Unwired View]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This has been on Expansys’s website for quite some time and the headline really isn’t quite right is it.

    Vodafone are not offering anything, Expansys are reselling their contract and funding the phone out of their referral fee.

    Very common tactic in the UK that has nothing to do with the Networks.

  2. Why can’t we gets deals like that in the US?

  3. When and who will carry this phone in u.s?

  4. The Vodafone deal sucks. Enjoy paying £35 for only 500mb data.

  5. I have always wondered why your carriers seem to gouge you quite so much.

  6. Terrible network. No point in having a snazzy phone if you never get signal.

  7. Free phones in the UK is the Norm I’m not sure why this is news…

  8. in canada we gotta pay for the phones and get stuck with a crappy plan with crappy signal strength :D least you get the phone free lol

  9. £30 for 24 months is really not that great… unless you’ve had an iPhone before (cca £45 or more for 24 months) in which case it can be considered a bargain I guess.

  10. completely agree with Omar, phones are always free in the UK. Phones always say ‘Free from £.. per month’ on their listings. Vodafone are the best and they’re the only British network.
    The reason why deals aren’t available like this in the US and Canada is because we have a VERY (too high) high population density so running networks in the UK is a lot cheaper than in the Americas

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