Jan 21st, 2011

When we finally got our first real looks at Honeycomb – and even before then – we believed Google may want to eventually combine the two, with the phone version of Honeycomb and beyond taking a lot of style cues from what we know as Android 3.0 today. That still remains true – Google still wants that to happen, according to a talk with one of their engineers had with TechRadar.

But will they do it? That’s the question they aren’t keen on flat out confirming or denying, at this point.

Right now it’s a tablet operating system.

I think that coming together is a good idea. What we’re trying to do here I make a base platform that’s so good, that others only need to add native elements in their core areas.

This uncertainty – while understandable – is frustrating for us. Personally, I have no problem with the way Android 2.x looks as it is. I’ve always been a fan of stock Android over OEM customizations. But if two completely different versions of Android (in function and style) are floating about, I’d want there to be SOME degree of uniformity.

I say that knowing Google TV is unlike any other implementation of Android for phones or tablets out there now, but that’s TV. A tablet is really an extension of your phone and I think Google should work toward bringing the experiences as close together as possible. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments section below.