Motorola Messenger App Spotted on DROID Bionic – BBM for MOTOs?


Another case of old news becoming new news: the Motorola DROID Bioinic devices on display at CES had an app called Motorola Messenger installed on them, and no one noticed. Better late than never, though. It looks like Motorola may want to pull a RIM and provide a comprehensive, feature-rich messaging experience for Motorola users. I’d love to call it “BBM for Android” but this is Moto only. And Android users already have their own BBM – it’s called Google Talk. (Though it’s not as great, admittedly.) We’ll definitely be looking to try out the app the next time we touch this device. We promise. [via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. What’s a “Bioinic” :P

  2. Ok coolish. I hope sure hope there’s more Droids to pick from soon

  3. Sweet…more stuff to uninstall right out of the box!

  4. BBM is the only feature I miss on my Incredible. Google Talk never cut it. Ping Chat has been the closes thing thus far but I just doesn’t do groups or scheduling anywhere near as well.

  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. no more proprietary messengers!!!!

  6. I really don’t understand the BBM withdrawal that former BB users go through, or why anyone would want to use ANY proprietary messaging app. I had a Blackberry for almost a year at some point, and not once did I use BBM. Can some former Blackberry users please elaborate on the need for such a thing?

  7. Have had a BB for over 2 yrs and never had need for BBM. Email & Txt msg has worked fine. I prefer to communicate across hdwe/OS/carrier specific lines. Not sure of the value of a hdwe/manufctr dedicated or resticted msngr app.

  8. do any of you use Kik, i think its pretty good

  9. The sooner 3/4 of the carriers stop screwing people on text charges the sooner we won’t need BBM or this Moto Mes.

  10. BBM was created for texters who did not want to pay for an unlimited text plan. BBM allowed you to communicate with other Blackberry users in a way that felt more like IMing then texting. Blackberry did this in an effort to create exclusivity and a sense of community among users. Unfortunately this missed the mark. There were never enough BB users to justify the program.

    On the other hand the Android market is huge. There is a chance that Google can succeed where BB failed, if they offer it as a Google app for all Android users. Otherwise it still end up as another root and boot left on the cutting room floor.

  11. its all about that google voice!

  12. Last month my plan had 3000 texts. For 10 bucks, I got my moneys worth.

  13. How is this messenger different/better then GTalk? Sounds like only works to talk to other Moto users.

  14. For all you BBM_bashers…Well, lets just say you must not have very many friends. BBM on Android will never be what BBM currently is on RIM. If you have never used it? You will never understand the power of it. Comparing all the “other” IM and TXT programs cannot hold a candle to BBM. Droids are for people that spend more time “surfing” than working. I have 390 workers that rely on “instant”/”Confirmed” delivery of messages and group integration/ongoing conversation/colaboration and not one user wants a “Droid”. Touch screens are for college kids people.

  15. ^”Touch screens are for college kids people”
    Says the iPhone users that are in corporate America..right. Next to RIM, the iPhone is the next most used phone on corporate America.
    The iPhone has a model with a physical keyboard? When did this happen?

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