Jan 21st, 2011

Just like Rovio presented us with Halloween and Christmas versions of the runaway success we call Angry Birds, the team is gearing up for the holiday of love with a special pink-tinged version of the game. In the video clip below from DW-TV we see the Rovio gang hard at work on all sorts of fun new edition to the Angry Birds lineup, stating “The designers and game developers at Rovio are currently working on new versions of their game, like this update in pink, due to come on the market on February the 14th – Valentine’s Day.”

It isn’t revealed outright which platforms will get the Valentine’s edition, but it seems pretty much a lock that Android will get it at some point in February. That’s good, because we’re running out of new levels of Angry Birds to slave away at until three stars are achieved.

[via PocketLint]