LG Optimus 2X Benchmarked Against Nexus S, In-Depth Video Tour


Germans are getting uber excited (see what I did there?) about the LG Optimus 2X – which is being called the Optimus Speed over in that part of Europe – and have been covering this thing as extensively as one could hope.

At SmartDroid, they put the device up against the Nexus S and ran them through several benchmarks. Needless to say, Froyo on the LG Optimus 2X outclasses Gingerbread on the Nexus S. No surprise there, what with that dual-core Tegra 2 processor and all.

More interesting is this 20 minute video tour of the device from LG Germany themselves. I can’t understand a word they’re saying – hoping some of you German-speaking folks might be able to lend a hand or two – but it’s nice being whipped around the phone and seeing just how speedy it is. Take a look at the video above, and if you’re in Germany, you can pre-order the thing from Amazon right now for 499 euros. [Thanks, Jojo!]

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  1. To bad I’ll always be running the new Android hotness, no dual core required. Before you say it, 99% of people can’t root their phone so that isn’t a solution for all Android users. I can root a phone in minutes but it is nice to have a phone that does not need to be rooted.

  2. I will be jealous if I see that a dual core has way better battery life.

  3. I would like to see a side-by-side comparison using Smartbench.

  4. Nexus S Quadrant Score by @simms22 3858. http://twitgoo.com/1tr5kw
    Enjoy your crappy first-gen “Dual Core” by LG.

  5. Will people stop using Quadrant already? I’ll never trust Quadrant scores again. Use SmartBench like the guy above says. It seems to be much more accurate across the board, unlike Quadrant which favors some chips (like Qualcomm’s chips). I suggest blogs like Phandroid stop posting Quadrant benchmarks videos, too. You’re not benefiting your readers if they get mislead by inaccurate benchmark scores, and then make a purchase decision based on that – like buying an Adreno 205 based phone thinking it has about the same gaming capability as a Galaxy S, which in fact it’s graphics performance is two times weaker.

  6. Now that is impressive

  7. They are just the first ones.. Wait for the actual manufacturers like HTC and Samsung to utilize this. LG doesn’t know how to make smartphones.. They’re even running advanced task killer..

  8. I do agree with Lucian but all benchmark tests are inaccurate in some way. One good test is smartbench which says that Samsung is much better for gaming (not even close) but the new Qualcomm chips are alot better for day to day activities.

  9. “I can understand a word they’re saying – hoping some of you German-speaking folks might be able to lend a hand or two”

    you can or can’t??

  10. Can’t – sorry about that.

  11. Actually quite funny, because my Nexus S gets about 8200 CPU score.
    And tegra 2 also has dual channel memory which is also cheap as f***

  12. Now a quick summary: This is NOT the final build, doesn’t run 2.3, it runs apps faster, it has aprox 2 GB internal ROM, an internal SD AND an external SD.

  13. he says nothing we didn’t already know. i like the overall speed and responsiveness of this thing, but no real buttons -> #fail. It is very uncomfortable to switch on the display with a button that is on the top of the device. that’s why one of the most requested features for the nexus one is trackball wake. a notification light would be nice too.
    the reviewer does mention battery life, but only repeats official specs, so he does not seem to have had enough time with the handset to make a qualified statement.

  14. What this guy is saying is that this is a very nice phone and he likes all the features, he is very impressed with the flash video and likes angry birds. he also has a very funny cat that licks himself. The GPS works well. Google maps is a neat and you can find your local cafe with it. He likes to play racing games a lot even though he is not that good. the simpsons is neat and you can watch trailers of there very old movie.

  15. information about the RAM quantity?

    512? Realy? like >1year phone…

  16. He said the phone has 7hours talk time over 3g and 10 over 2g. He also mentioned that the phone wasn’t the final product. It has an internal memory of 8gb of which about 5.5gb is available. it supports up to 32gb. it records 1080p and it can also run 1080p videos. resolution is 480×800, 4inches. weights 147g he says the phone feels sturdy build well, the back cover has a sort of rubber coating to sit well on the hand, the side is made by plastic and the faceplate made from a metal. lg put a custom launcher which includes widgets made by lg also lg apps, an alternative market dnla support. widget controls on top and music control on top bar. media files are scanned on both memories. he says the apps open very quickly. it supports agps. this version of the phone is running froyo. it has a front facing camera … oh it also has a mirror app to make sure you look your best, using the front facing cam.

  17. Will this have Gorilla Glass like the SGS?

  18. if he have 1gb of memory and a gorilla glass, this phone is was Murderer!

  19. Talk about biting Apples’ style. The keyboard is an exact replica of ios.

  20. I am not impressed. Web broswing seemed sluggish, LG app launcher also felt slow. And I don’t understand what’s the point of playing HD video on WVGA screen. Unless someone is very eager to watch HD videos from phone through HMDI out on TV, which I doubt. The phone screen is too small for such “superphone”. And there no such demanding apps/games that would use that power in phone. There is no need for dual-core CPU, Tegra2 GPU and half-gig RAM to call a friend, browse internet or watch Youtube. Still most games are dumb and apps are, well, just tiny little apps, not requiring that much power. My one-year-old HTC Desire does the same and I am happy with that. I see where this is going and I think this is not the right direction. I am not planning to buy a phone with quad-core CPU, Tegra 5 or Geforce GTX (or whatever) and 4 gigs or DDR5 RAM in the near future. But I would consider this for a tablet. Well, that’s just my opinion.

  21. @wycka and for people without HTC Desire and for Contrat Free, (same price), LG Optmius 2X is the same for your usage (your usage is like my usage, no game, or very small, web, call, agenda, little camshoot, view in the dark some time, hour and meteo, yes, and some time google reader).

  22. Ich habe viele sehnsucht fuer diese Handy! (I want [long for] this phone!)

    I was going to try and translate this a little but it seems others have done it for me, which is good since I cant understand native speakers that well lol

  23. Very Nice! Nonetheless, I’m still very in love with my NEXUS S still and will only buy the NEXUS line from now on. I’m sure the next NEXUS will have dual processors. Besides, having a NEXUS guarantees I get the latest updates!

  24. @wycka, Agree with u 1000%. did look sluggish at times and total overkill on hardware. the racing game he was “showing off” in the video runs great on my phone too. Great point wycka

  25. where is the video (hdmi)mirroring to tv . This is another reason LG optimus 2> anything made by samsux.

  26. Nexus S user here. My previous phone was one Nokia N900 (600mhz cpu clock) and I use to overclock it to 1Ghz. The difference was very clear, faster in absolutely everything. Now, I’m very happy with my Nexus S and I, just to try, flashed Trinity 1.3Ghz overclocked ROM on it. I got 3.200 on Quadrant Benchmark but strangely, I couldn’t feel the speed improvement like on my Nokia N900. Maybe cause the phone is already very fast but going up prom 1.650 to 3200 on Quadrant was just nothing special. I’m back to stock and I’m very happy with my phone. Some screen response issues sometimes, but lock/unlock fix this. Looking for a permanent fix.

  27. Hopefully, now.., All those people who keep writing that Android, and Froyo, are unable to take advantage of dual core processors, because “the OS is not designed to handle dual core”.. will shut up.

  28. this phone owns all other on the market right now. And this test was made on android 2.2 for the Optimus 2x and 2.2 can only run 1 core so…

  29. samsux lmao i love it

  30. @nico I surely understand that this phone would be a good purchase for a new customer, the price is not that big. But for me it’s not worth changing my phone :)

  31. @wycka my girlfriend have a Desire and like you, don’t wan’t change until next year (and of provider contrat)
    I can understand ;) HTC Desire, like the Nexus One, are superphone and reference for the market (Galaxy S and other have a hardware better but not «upperfull»)

  32. Dual cores are good but skins on Android are still very bad. I saw a video that a WP7 troll posted on Engadget the other day and the LG-2X was super laggy when using pinch to zoom in the gallery. Seeing as my Nexus One was way smoother, we can easily see how bad skins are when a dual core can’t make them work right. As many people have stated, Android is not made to be any better on dual cores(yet). If that was Google’s plan then why release the Nexus S with one core. Look at the Nexus One as an example, all the updates through 2010 ran super smooth on that phone and Google gave them to devs to use to make apps for. The manufacturers are just getting everyone hyped up so that they can sell more phones with “dual cores” (buzz word), it is just like with the whole 3D TV hype right now. How many people went out and bought a Samsung phone last year because it had a “fast” processor and in the end that didn’t mean crap, they can’t even use apps to sd that came with 2.2.

  33. If needed, i can provide translations for the video.

  34. Even with a dual core the Motorola Atrix is still Laggy.
    I tried this with my Nexus S and it kept up pretty good, these damn skins have to go.

  35. but nexus s was released with gingerbread (2.3) and gingerbread can run 2 cores, so i think it was a misstake by google not 2 make it a “dual core”

  36. @02Xloveu I don’t think Google ever confirmed that but I might be wrong. I do think that if anyone can confirm this then Google did make a mistake by not making it dual core. Actually I think it is only Honeycomb that can use dual core so I wonder how many of these new dual core phones will get Honeycomb. Its just like when people kept making crappy tablets from non tablet versions of Android, except the Tab.

  37. I have heard Android 2.4 (still being called Gingerbread) will support dual core.

  38. All android versions above 1.6 support dual-cores.
    And most of the scores come from the optimized 3d tests and the I/O.
    Totally invalid 100%

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